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Winston Brothers Series #2

HARD RULES by Lisa Renee Jones

Dirty Money Series #1

THE HARD COUNT by Ginger Scott

In our twisted world, a boy from West End is the only shining light.

WILDER by Rebecca Yarros

The Renegades Series #1

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Release Blitz: Dear Agony by Georgia Cates



Dear Agony, 

You've been my shadow, following me through childhood—filling my days and nights with terror and uncertainty. You cleverly disguised yourself as some form of pain or suffering as I grew into a young woman. We were unwavering companions … until I severed our ties. 

I traded homelessness on the streets of New Orleans for a luxurious bed covered by the finest linens.  

I traded dumpster diving for dinner in the finest restaurants. 

I traded myself to a stranger—Bastien Pascal. 

I have a good life within my platonic and mutually beneficial companionship with Bash. 
He’s my friend. My mentor. My roommate. 
Until everything changes. 

I’m not supposed to get goosebumps when his hand brushes my skin. 
I’m not supposed to be eager for his soothing touch following one of my nightmares. 
I’m not supposed to think about what might happen if I reached out to him in the darkness. 

Falling in love with him? Preposterous . . . unavoidable. 

Agony, why are you back with a vengeance to rob me of this life I’ve come to love so dearly? 

I’m finally happy. Don’t ruin this for me.   

Always yours, 

 In this epic love story, Dear Agony forges a connection between an unlikely pair—a beautiful rose entwined in barbed wire and a shipwreck sinking into the darkest depths of the ocean. This agonizing romantic novel poses some gut-wrenching questions: What does a woman do when the man she loves is planning his own demise? And how far will she go to give him something to live for? 



        Dear Agony Teaser 6  

Chapter 14

Bastien’s POV

  Bringing Rose on at PPI has proven to be one of my best decisions ever. Not only is she the best assistant I could have hired, I get to have her near me all of the time. Win-win. But not everyone is happy about Rose’s employment at the firm. Wendy is less than thrilled, but I’m proud of the way Rose handles herself. Kill her with kindness. That’s Rose’s MO where Wendy is concerned, yet she has this clever way of putting the woman in her place. Rose is sitting on my office sofa. She’s in deep concentration reading the paperwork for PPI’s newest property so she doesn’t notice me looking over to steal glances at her. That red dress fits her like a glove, showing just the right amount of leg. And those mile-high leopard-print heels . . . hot, hot, hot. I love having her at the office with me, but damn, she makes it hard to concentrate, especially when she’s working in my office instead of hers. She looks up from the paperwork and opens her mouth to speak but stops when she catches me ogling her. She smiles and her brow wrinkles. “What?” I shake my head. “I didn’t say anything.” “I know. Why are you looking at me like that?” I’m curious to hear how she perceives the way I watch her. “What kind of way am I looking at you?” Her smile deepens and she glances away. “Never mind.” “I want to know. How am I looking at you?” She glances over at me and then down again. “Like you want something.” The woman couldn’t be more right. I do want something. Her. “What do you think I want?” She tilts her head to the side and grins as she nibbles her bottom lip. That lip I want to suck into my mouth and then bite and kiss at the same time because I can’t decide which I’d rather do. “Tell me. What do you think I want?” I’m curious to see how far I can take this conversation. How much I can get her to admit about the way she interprets my gaze. She might be inexperienced, but surely she can see I want her. Rose is so different from any other woman I’ve ever wanted. She’s delicate. Fragile. Innocent. She doesn’t know how to play the seduction game, yet she has seduced my heart, body, and soul. I need her. I want her. I love her.         Dear Agony Teaser 13

  IMG_4677Georgia resides in rural Mississippi with her wonderful husband, Jeff, and their two beautiful daughters. She spent fourteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an author and hasn’t looked back yet. When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing. When she’s being domestic, she’s listening to her iPod and visualizing scenes for her current work in progress. Every story coming from her always has a song to inspire it. Representation: All questions regarding subsidiary rights for any of my books, inquiries regarding foreign translation and film rights should be directed to Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich.

Trailer Reveal: Saving Mercy by Abbie Roads


Series: Fatal Truth Series 
Author: Abbie Roads 
Genre: Dark Romantic Thriller 
Publication Date: April 4, 2017


SavingMercyHighRes copy He’s found her at last… Cain Killion knows himself to be a damaged man. His only redeeming quality? The extrasensory connection to blood that he uses to catch killers. His latest case takes a macabre turn when he discovers a familiar and haunting symbol linking the crime to his horrific past—and the one woman who might understand what it means. Only to lose her to a nightmare Mercy Ledger is brave, resilient, beautiful—and in terrible danger. The moment Cain finds her the line between good and evil blurs and the only thing clear to them is that they belong together. Love is the antidote for blood—but is their bond strong enough to overcome the madness that stalks them?
Pre-Order Now




He drove past a gas station, a fast food restaurant, a person walking alongside the road. His foot hit the brake before his brain had a chance to talk him out of it. Mercy. Her hair was slicked to her skull, her clothes—his clothes—were sucked to her body, doing a shitty job of hiding her curves. At least the T-shirt she wore was black, not white. He pulled over to the berm and watched her in the rearview mirror. She stopped walking, stared at the car—knew it was him—but didn’t move. Could he blame her for not wanting to be around him after what he’d said to her? Not really. And yet, he couldn’t leave her alone and walking in the rain with Payne still out there. Not to mention that she didn’t have anyone or anywhere to go. She still hadn’t moved from her spot. He left the car running, opened his door and got out. The rain slapped him—frigid, bordering on icy, soaking his clothes and dripping in his eyes. The pressure of it hitting the wounds in his bicep and shoulder made him wince. But that was all the attention he’d give to the pain. “Get in the car.” The words came out harsher than he’d intended. She crossed her arms in front of her chest, lifted her head, and somehow managed to stare down her nose at him even though she was almost a foot shorter. “No.” She said the word as if it didn’t matter that they were standing in the middle of a downpour. “Get in the goddamned car.” This time the words came out loud and angry sounding. Like that was going to win her over. What was his problem? “Fuck you.” She looked miserable—all wet and shivery and yet feisty and taking none of his crap. He should soften his tone. He should try to be nicer. He should, but his inner asshole seemed attracted to her inner bitch. “Where are you going? No where. You don’t have any money. You don’t have friends.” His voice softened and filled with some emotion he couldn’t name. “You don’t have anyone looking out for you, caring for you, able to help you in a pinch. You got no one.” He sucked in a breath and when he spoke next his voice was soft and pleading. “Except me.” The moment he finished speaking he wanted to retract every goddamned one of those words he’d spoken. “I’m…Shit…” He ran a hand through his soaking hair. “Goddamn it. I’m a dick. Okay?” He softened his tone. “Now will you please get in the car?” Her shoulders straightened, her chin lifted, and she walked forward without looking at him. He expecting her to stomp past the car, but she yanked open the passenger door and got in. Seconds passed where he just stood here, getting even more wet, and staring at the back of her head poking above the headrest. “Now what?” He asked himself. Just what was he going to do with her? Drop her on Dolan? Yes. No. Yes. No. No. No. The last time he tried dropping her on someone she’d almost gotten hurt. If Mac hadn’t been able to keep her safe, he sure as shit wasn’t going to trust Dolan with her. He got back in car. Every inch of him soaked. He brushed his hair back off his face and wiped the water from his eyes. She stared out the passenger window, refusing to look at him. He reached over and touched her shoulder. Underneath his hand, her body tensed, then trembled. Shit. Was he scaring her? He wrenched his hand off her and wanted to use the damned thing to slap himself around a little. Maybe then he’d get it through his stupid brain that she was fucking frightened of him. Too many words flooded his mind and he didn’t know which ones to say. The I’m-sorry ones. The I-won’t-hurt-you ones. The I’m-an-asshole ones. The I-don’t-know-what-to-do ones. She turned to him. Rain slicked her cheeks. Or was that tears? Her beautiful eyes were the color of tropical waters—deep and fathomless. He held up his hands in a show of surrender and she flew across the console at him. He closed his eyes, braced for the blows, but none came. Instead, slender arms wrapped around him, her hair, cold and wet dripped against his chest, but her cheek over his heart was warm—so warm. Maybe he’d had a stroke or something because this felt like she was hugging him. And that couldn’t be. Could it? He opened his eyes and looked down at her. Yep. She was wound tight around the front of him. And suddenly his brain let him feel the total sensation of it. Of being held tight as if he mattered to her. He let his arms fall around her and squeezed, pressing her tighter to him. Damn, this felt good. She felt good. It was oddly comforting to have her clinging on to him so tight. He closed his eyes and memorized the pressure of her arms around him and the way her hands pressed into his back. The subtle ripple of her spine and ribs underneath his fingers, the way her skin felt warm against his when every other part of him was cold. If he’d been given a Stop Time button. This was the moment he would’ve used it. Here, holding her—the gentle lullaby of rain playing in the background—was the only perfect moment of his entire life.  



About Abbie Roads

IMG_2582Abbie Roads is a mental health counselor known for her blunt, honest style of therapy. By night she writes dark, emotional novels always giving her characters the happy ending she wishes for all her clients. SAVING MERCY is the first book in her new Fatal Truth Series of dark, gritty, romantic suspense with a psychological twist.  
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Review: Jordan Reclaimed by Scarlett Cole

Title: Jordan Reclaimed
Series: Preload #1
Author: Scarlett Cole
Release date: February 28, 2017
Cliffhanger: No
Rating: 4 stars


Jordan Steele’s life began when he was ten. When he was taken from his parents and a house that was never a home. When he met his brothers, the other lost and abandoned boys in his group home. When he learned what friendship and family and love looked like.

Now he’s made good, touring the world with the band he and his brothers formed in that crowded group home. No one but his found family really knows the man under the fame and fortune, the scars he hides behind the rockstar lifestyle. Until he sees her through the windows of the National Ballet, dancing, and suddenly the world doesn’t seem so dark.

Aleksandra Artemov ticks all the ballet boxes. Father a legendary Kirov dancer. Check. Prepping since birth for classical ballet. Check. Compulsive control over the food she eats. Check. Principal dancer at The National Ballet of Canada. Check. But what she craves is freedom.

She craves Jordan.

Everything about him should terrify her. His size, his tattoos, his edge. But he doesn’t. He stirs her very soul. Jordan has nothing but himself to offer her, and he's never been good enough for anyone. Can he figure out how to face his own demons before he loses his light for good?

Buy: Amazon | B&N

Preload isn't just a rock band, it's a band of brothers. All survivors of their own personal tragedies and misfortunes in childhood, they bonded as foster children and haven't been apart since. Jordan is perhaps the most scarred emotionally in the group, and the most fragile. At the age of nine, he had already survived more than the average person does in their lifetime. The child abuse he endured is a horror story that is all too real in this world. The kind of history that one never really leaves in their past.

Jordan never really does well with change, especially when it comes to his bandmates. Having them all together in one house gives him a sense of safety and support. But now that one of his brothers is engaged and making moves to start his new life with his family, Jordan is overwhelmed with anxiety. Comfort comes from the least likely place, on a walk during a cold winter's night. Seeing a ballerina dancing through her studio window, he's struck by her beauty and talent. And a strange blend of unfamiliar emotions consume him.

[...] the sense of calm she instilled in him as she danced was a quiet that he wasn't used to. She was his light. And like a moth to a potentially lethal flame, he couldn't step away.

To him, she is everything that is pure and good in the world. He couldn't even dare to hope that he was worthy of someone like her, but that doesn't mean he can stay away. What's even more surprising is that she sees him, really sees him. With the song he created and left for her, she choreographs a dance for him that seems to look right into his soul. All of his pain, fear, desperation, and darkness was right there before him in her every movement.

Right from the start, I loved how these two connected. They are both such opposites in almost every way, but yet they are able to understand and accept one another for who they are. He is severely emotionally wounded, and she is living her life for her father's happiness, not her own. Together, they immediately felt an inexplicable harmonious balance. It really felt effortless. Though he had his fears that he wasn't worthy and tried pushing her away a bit, she wasn't having any of it. There was no unnecessary drama, just two people trying to navigate their unfamiliar emotions and learn to trust each other.

Jordan is an extremely unique and complex character. Highly gifted musically, tall, bearded and tatted, he's a scary looking guy. But his intimidating surface just conceals a lost little boy. Someone who was abused, neglected, and unaccepted. Finding Lexi was like finding an oasis in the desert. He soaked up all the love she had to give and it flooded right back out at her.

Lexi was a girl with the world at her fingertips. She lives and breathes to dance and try to make her father happy. But it's a losing battle. He uses guilt trips and manipulation to mold her in whichever direction he wants her. Struggling for acceptance and trying to achieve perfection, she walks a dangerous path that could destroy everything she's worked for. I really felt for this girl. She never had anyone who was on her side, someone with her best interests at heart. Her desperation and isolation were things that I think she identified with in Jordan.

I thought this book was quite different than any other rockstar book I've read. It was an unusual coupling with these two, and I really appreciated how the author made them work so well. I enjoyed meeting the other bandmates and will be interested to see how they all overcome their own demons. The Preload boys have lots of interesting things in store for us.

Give him an audience of twenty thousand and he was fine, but a single woman . . . this woman . . . had his heart racing.


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Release Blitz: If You Were Mine by Melanie Harlow


If You Were Mine, an all-new sexy and emotional standalone from USA Today Bestselling author Melanie Harlow is available now!


If You Were Mine

by Melanie Harlow

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Theo MacLeod wasn’t supposed to be the one.
Tall, dark and handsome suits me just fine, but the cocky grin, know-it-all attitude, and mammoth ego? No thanks. I only hired him so I wouldn’t have to sit at the singles table again. It was just pretend.
He wasn’t supposed to kiss me.
My heart wasn’t supposed to pound.
We weren’t supposed to spend the night together—the hottest night of my life.
One night turns into a snowed-in weekend away, and even the blizzard of the century can’t cool the fire between us. I can’t get enough—of his smile, of his body, of the way he makes me feel.
We’re nothing alike. He’s a daredevil, and I’m a nervous Nellie. He’s a drifter, and I want to put down roots. He’s an opportunist with a checkered past, and I’m a Girl Scout volunteer.
But none of it matters when I’m in his arms.
I know he’s made mistakes. I know his wounds are deep, and he doesn’t trust easily. I know he doesn’t believe he could ever be enough to make me happy, but he could.
All he has to do is stay.

Read Today!

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About the Author:

Melanie Harlow likes her martinis dry, her heels high, and her history with the naughty bits left in. When she's not writing or reading, she gets her kicks from TV series like VEEP, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Homeland. She occasionally runs three miles, but only so she can have more gin and steak. Melanie is the author of the HAPPY CRAZY LOVE series, the FRENCHED series, and the sexy historical SPEAK EASY duet, set in the 1920s. She lifts her glass to romance readers and writers from her home near Detroit, MI, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and pet rabbit.


Connect with Melanie:

Twitter: @MelanieHarlow2
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Blog Tour with Giveaway: The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott

Title: The Butterfly Project
Author: Emma Scott
Release Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 

Tagline: "Where you are is home..." 


At age fourteen, Zelda Rossi witnessed the unthinkable, and has spent the last ten years

hardening her heart against the guilt and grief. She channels her pain into her art: a dystopian

graphic novel where vigilantes travel back in time to stop heinous crimes—like child

abduction—before they happen. Zelda pitches her graphic novel to several big-time comic book

publishers in New York City, only to have her hopes crash and burn. Circumstances leave her

stranded in an unfamiliar city, and in an embarrassing moment of weakness, she meets a guarded

"Where you are is home..."

young man with a past he’d do anything to change...

Beckett Copeland spent two years in prison for armed robbery, and is now struggling to keep his

head above water. A bike messenger by day, he speeds around New York City, riding fast and

hard but going nowhere, his criminal record holding him back almost as much as the guilt of his


Zelda and Beckett form a grudging alliance of survival, and in between their stubborn clash of

wills, they slowly begin to provide each other with the warmth of forgiveness, healing, and

maybe even love. But when Zelda and Beckett come face to face with their pasts, they must

choose to hold on to the guilt and regret that bind them, or let go and open their hearts for a shot

at happiness.

The Butterfly Project is a novel that reveals the power of forgiveness, and how even the smallest

decisions of the heart can—like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings—create currents that strengthen

into gale winds, altering the course of a life forever.

The Butterfly Project Excerpt:
“Why do you stay if it’s so hard to live here?” I asked.

Beckett took a drag from his cigarette, as if he were buying time before answering.
“Brooklyn, born and raised,” he said finally, still not looking at me. “Where else would I go anyway? Different city, same struggle.” He finally brought his gaze to mine. “So you’re getting out?”

“On the bus, tomorrow,” I said. “I can’t stay. I was here for a job interview—sort of—and it fell through.”

“What was the job?”
“You’ll think it’s stupid.”
“Yeah, I probably will.” His smile was dry.
I laughed a little. “Smartass. I draw graphic novels.”
He stared at me blankly.
“Long-form comic books that tell one continuous story,” I said. “Like The Walking Dead?”

“Exactly. I have one mocked up and I came here to pitch it to a few publishers. They all rejected me. Well, one half-rejected me, but it doesn’t matter. I can’t stay in the city long enough to make any changes, and I wouldn’t know what changes to make if I could.”

Beckett studied the cigarette between his fingers. “Why can’t you stay?”

“Where do I start?” I ground out my cigarette under my boot heel. “My poor planning? My dwindling funds? The fact I was robbed today? Or that I was naively hopeful the publishers would adore my work and sign me on the spot? Take your pick.”

Beckett shook his head, his mouth turned down in his grimace. “Wait, go back. You were robbed?”

I nodded and waved away the last of the smoke, wishing my failure could be as easily dissipated. “I came here like a wide-eyed twit with a dream, and I crashed and burned.”

“You tried. That’s more than most people do.” “Tried and failed.”
“So try again.”

“I wish,” I said, letting my gaze roam over the dingy back alley. “I feel like I’m so close to breaking through. That last publisher gave me some hope. If I could pull a few weeks out of my ass, I’d have a chance. But it’s impossible. I have to go back to Nevada.”

“You don’t have friends or family nearby?”

Yes, and only two hours by train.

“No,” I said, and decided I’d said enough to a total stranger. The last thing I needed was the terrible homesickness to well up again. I stood and brushed off the ass of my pants. “Anyway, it is what it is. Thanks for the smoke.”

“Were you hurt?”
I turned, glanced down at Beckett. “What?”

“You said you were robbed,” he said, his voice low, his eyes holding mine as if he were forcing himself to hear this. “Did they hurt you?”

“No, I... No. I wasn’t there. It was a break-in.”

He leaned against the wall and his sigh plumed out in front of him in the cold air. It sounded relieved. “I’m sorry, Zelda.”

I frowned. “Not your fault. Like I said, the city kicked my ass. The sooner I get the hell out of here, the better for
all involved.”

Beckett ground out his smoke and got to his feet. He was at least six-two, yet it didn’t feel imposing to stand in his shadow. It felt...

Safe. I feel safe with him.

“Do you know how to get back to wherever you’re staying?” he asked.

“The same way I got here, only in reverse,” I said, covering my unsettling thoughts with sarcasm.

Because that was safe for me. 

Author Bio:

Emma Scott writes romances with flawed characters, characters with artistic hearts: builders, poets, and writers of various makes and models. Emma loves to write book lovers; those who have found refuge, companionship, and escape in books, much as we all do in real life. She digs realism, honesty, authenticity in storytelling. She also loves to write about enduring love, soul- deep love, in as real a setting as possible, but with big smooshy HEAs. Emma believes in diversity, open-mindedness, and inclusion. She adores sweetness mixed with steam, love conquering all, and above all, hope. Love always wins.

Where to find Emma:

Facebook: Twitter: @EmmaS_writes
Instagram: @EmmaScottWrites

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Release Blitz with Review and Giveaway: Meant to Be by Melody Grace

Title: Meant to Be
Series: Sweetbriar Cove #1
Author: Melody Grace
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 24, 2017


Come take a trip to Sweetbriar Cove: the small town where true love is guaranteed.

Poppy Somerville believes in happily-ever-after. It’s the reason her romance novels have won devoted readers all over the world – and why she’s broken off her engagement just weeks before the wedding instead of settling for less than true love. Escaping to her aunt’s beach cottage in Sweetbriar Cove, Poppy is looking for inspiration to break her writer’s block and finish her new book. She just wasn’t counting on the handsome, gruff contractor making such a racket next door…

Cooper Nicholson doesn’t believe in soul-mates. He thought he’d found his forever once, and the world proved him wrong, so when the cute brunette comes storming over and demands he keep the noise down, romance is the last thing on his mind. But his new neighbor is full of surprises, and soon, their chemistry is too hot to ignore.

As they grow closer, they discover fiction has nothing on the plot twists life has in store. But will Cooper find a way to let go of the past and risk his heart again? And can Poppy find her happy ending – on and off the page?

Find out in the new sweet and sexy small-town romance from New York Times bestselling author, Melody Grace!

The Sweetbriar Cove Series:
#1 Meant to Be – Feb 2017
#2 All for You – May 2017
#3 The Only One – August 2017

Purchase Links


Author Bio

NYT bestselling author, a SoCal transplant, and sexy romance junkie ;) I never say no to ice-cream...

Author Links

Poppy Somerville is a believer of happily ever afters, soulmates, and fairytale romance. In fact, she makes her living off of providing these things to others. As a romance writer, she has always stood firm in the ideals she promoted. She may not have had a life altering kind of love or been swept away with passion like in her books, but she knew that they were out there somewhere. When she breaks things off with her fiancé and flees to her Aunt's beach home in Sweetbriar Cove, she isn't so sure of anything anymore. Her doubts are causing an unfortunate case of writer's block, and she's hoping that a change of scenery and solitude will help her sort out her head.

What if the love in her books were just fiction? What if she’d thrown her shot at happiness away on a fantasy?

Cooper Nicholson is the owner and contractor of the house next door, making an ungodly amount of racket from the moment she arrives. After storming over to give him a piece of her mind, she realizes that they are already well acquainted. During her summer visits as a child, he used to pick on her and call her pipsqueak to her everlasting annoyance. It seems he's going to continue his habit of ruffling her feathers as an adult as well.

Cooper has no animosity towards her, in fact he finds her pretty cute, if a bit delusional. As far as he's concerned, the type of love she writes about is unrealistic and misleading. The loss of his father and his mother's abandonment have left him bitter to the concept of love. But his main issue ended up being that he wasn't able to make his one serious relationship work. He laid all the blame for the break up on himself for years, simply because she told him that "A relationship shouldn't be so hard" before giving up on him. I can understand being hesitant to try again, but his self-recrimination didn't really make sense to me.

A reluctant attraction grows and moves towards flirtation. But she is just fresh from a broken engagement, and he's still hung up on the mistakes of his past. Not only that, but once her book is completed, she has no reason to remain in town. They tried keep their boundaries in place, but they soon found that things don't always work out as planned.

He’d lost his mind even reaching for her in the first place, but damn if it hadn’t been the best ten seconds of temporary insanity he could remember.

I could empathize with Poppy, I thought her struggle to have faith in her career after her failed engagement was a valid one. She also wasn't one to pity her own situation, she didn't lick her wounds for long before she was working to overcome her setback. Cooper was a bit gruff at first, but her influence soon softened him up and brought out his more affectionate side. I thought their drive-in date was really cute and really enjoyed their interactions with some of the townspeople.

Overall, I did like the first installment in the Sweetbriar Cove series, I just didn't love it. I'm used to some considerable heat and butterflies from this author and in this case I wasn't completely feeling the spark. Additionally, the conflict at the end left a little to be desired.

(view spoiler)

I will admit that these two had me feeling a tad underwhelmed. Despite my few frustrations, it was still a sweet little light read. And this new set of characters certainly intrigued me enough to follow future installments so I will be keeping the next in line on my radar.


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