A MONSTER LIKE ME by Pamela Sparkman

Heart of Darkness series #2

HELLO STRANGER by Lisa Kleypas

The Ravenels series #4


Companion to the Full Tilt series

MEMPHIS by Ginger Scott

A standalone sports romance

UNWRITTEN by Jen Frederick

Woodlands series #5

Cross My Heart by L.H. Cosway

Hearts series #5.75

MOONSHADOW by Thea Harrison

Moonshadow series #1

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cover Reveal: Seeking Her by Cora Carmack


Title: Seeking Her (Losing It #3.5)
Author: Cora Carmack
Release Date: 28th January 2014


A few months after being honorably discharged from the military, Jackson Hunt is still struggling to adjust back to the real world. He needs to get a job and find a sense of normalcy if he’s going to keep his own demons at bay. The job that falls into his lap, though, is anything but normal.

Bodyguard (and baby-sitter) to spoiled-rich-girl Kelsey Summers isn’t exactly what he’d been looking for, but it’s a chance to travel, to get away from the home that has felt stifling ever since his return. It would be a pretty sweet gig if it weren’t for the fact that Kelsey’s father doesn’t want Kelsey to know she’s being followed. Hunt feels guilty (and a little bit creepy) as he watches her from afar. She’s vibrant and infuriating, exciting and reckless, mysterious and familiar. When he sees her falling into the same patterns that he suffered years ago, he decides it’s time to stop watching and help her instead. But getting to know her is more difficult than he thought, especially because the more he knows her,the more he wants her.

 About Cora Carmack

Cora CarmackCora Carmack is a twenty-something writer who likes to
write about twenty-something characters. She's done a multitude of things in her life-- boring jobs (like working retail), Fun jobs (like working in a theatre), stressful jobs (like teaching), and dream jobs (like writing). She enjoys placing her characters in the most awkward situations possible, and then trying to help them get a boyfriend out of it. Awkward people need love, too. Her first book, LOSING IT, is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Review: Night Owl by M. Pierce

Title: Night Owl 
Author: M. Pierce
Release Date: September 6th

Love is unstoppable...

At twenty-eight, Matt Sky has the perfect life. He has a beautiful girlfriend, a massive inheritance, and four national bestsellers -- all penned under his airtight alias, M. Pierce.

At twenty-seven, Hannah Catalano has a train wreck. Her boyfriend is a deadbeat and her job is abysmal.

Matt and Hannah meet online as writing partners. Their relationship is safe, anonymous, and innocent...

Until Matt sees a picture of Hannah.

Hannah's picture sparks an attraction Matt is powerless to ignore. When circumstance brings Matt and Hannah together, the strangers begin a love story that's passionate, poignant, unforgettable, and unstoppable.

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

DNF-ed at 45%

I know there is supposed to be no rating, but I couldn't stop myslef

I don't know how it even happened that I finally gave in and started reading it. All this excitment and swooning totally clouded my judgement. I knew I'd be having hard time with Night Owl and yet I was stupid enough to actually 'read' this *facepalm*. I think my brain had an accident and turned off for awhile. There is so no other explanation, why I would torture myself. I wish I could forgot picking it up. I know, I know... If the wishes were horses, begars would ride... and so on.

Contains spoilers

What didn't work out for me?


I can't believe Matt started cheating on his girlfriend of two years, because he found a chick on the internet that made his dick hard. What a fucking asshole!


They meet on the internet, write, jerk off together, have phone sex and start having 'real' sex.
There is no feelings - no love, no caring, nothing. Only lust, FOR A FREAKING PERSON THEY DIDN'T MEET!!!!!!!!! They have sex, and more sex... you get the jazz, mind you I've read only 45%.

3. SEX.

Well having sex without kissing someone before is... totall turn-off. Kisses are, in my opinion sexier and more important than the 'insert penis into vagina' thing.

"Despite last night and the best sex of my life, Hannah and I hadn't truly kissed yet."

Still, I tried. I really did. But even Matt's dirty talking (and I'm a slut for some smutty talk) wasn't enough to make me read longer. After the scene in the strip club I was done. Shoul've done it earlier, though. I don't even want to know how it ended, but if I had to guess, it probably went like this (view spoiler).

The best thing? Laurence the bunny. I have a rabbit (a pet, get your mind of the gutter!) myself and love, loove him.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Cover Reveal: Beautiful Failure by Mariah Cole

final beautiful failure cover 2-2
Title: Beautiful Failure
Author: Mariah Cole
Genre: New Adult Romance
Expected Release Date: December 12, 2013


If you're looking for a heartwarming story about a girl who falls deeply in love with a troubled boy who changes her life— a sob story with pretty metaphors and a million ways that'll tell you how "broken" she is, STOP. Don't read another word of this.

I'm not that type of girl.

My name is Emerald Anderson and I'm not going to bullshit you: I flunked out of college after my sophomore year, I've been fired from every job I've ever taken, and I've never had a fully functioning relationship in my life.

I wish I could say that I had a cheerleader in my corner, someone who says, "No, Emerald—You're great and you are good at something!" but I don't. My grandparents are completely oblivious to my life, and my mother's dying words to me were "You're going to end up just like me one day. A beautiful nothing."

She was right.

As I decide to start my life over and take two jobs that will forever change me--one from the inside, and one from the outside, I keep my mother's words close to my heart so I can keep the sexy and mysterious Carter Black away.

He's the first man who's ever pursued me, the first man who seems bent on finding out why I am the way I am, but he's wasting his time.

I'm not broken. I don't need to be fixed. I'm perfectly fine being a beautiful failure..


*subject to change before publication*
My mother was a whore.

Her name was Leah Isabelle Anderson—“Leah Belle” for short, and she was one of New Jersey’s most sought after escorts.

With deep green eyes that could take any man’s breath away, and skin so porcelain and smooth that it looked too perfect to touch, she was breathtakingly beautiful. Often compared to a supermodel, her raven black hair fell past her shoulders, and her naturally long eyelashes were always coifed to perfection.

Growing up, I had no idea what she did with the men who picked her up in their shiny and expensive cars—the men who wore thousand dollar suits and patted me on the head while saying, “Your mom is really something special.”

In a way, these strangers became the closest thing I had to a family since I never knew my father: Her regulars, Christian and William, sent me gifts every Christmas. Arnie bought me my first bike, Steve taught me how to change a tire, and her most ruthless suitor—Vincent, took me shopping for designer clothes once a month.

Leah Belle—she never ever let me call her “mom,” wasn’t exactly a mother to me; she was more like an older friend. An older ‘I’ll-be-there-when-it’s-convenient’ friend.

She missed every elementary school play, every middle school writing competition, and never gave a damn about my grades. At first, the involuntary loneliness bothered me, but after I created an army of invisible friends and easily accessible fantasies, I came to terms with her neglect and happily accepted any attention she was willing to give me.

When I became a teenager, she started to hang around me more often—promising that she would do better, promising that she would make sure that “from here on out, [we’d] be best friends.” Since she’d run away from her parents after having me at sixteen, she made a point to never lecture or discipline me. But, she did teach me three very important lessons:

1.) “Always put tons of effort into the way you look. You need to be beautiful on the outside, no matter how fucked up you are on the inside. If you ever feel sad or depressed, suck that shit up and add more mascara.”

2.) “Don’t make friends. Make sponsors. If you can’t get anything out of someone or use them for a specific purpose, kick that person out of your life ASAP.”

3.) “Beauty wins over brains every time. Your body will always be your most important asset. Remember that.”

For my fourteenth birthday, she poured me my first shot and offered me a short line of coke, saying, “Welcome to life, Em!”

I shook my head at the coke—I’d read about the effects, but I happily took the red shot glass from her hand.

“To the best fuckin’ daughter in the world!” She lifted her glass in the air, waiting for me to do the same, and then she ordered me to toss it back.

The initial burning sensation was painful—disgusting, but in the years to come, that bitterness tasted better and better, and I looked forward to the two of us drinking together. It was the only time that she gave me her undivided attention.

In those moments, I would tell her about another writing competition I’d won or how I’d received more early college scholarships. When it was her turn, she would tell me about “turning tricks” like other parents told their kids about a day at the office.

“I can’t tell you how weak Ben’s dick was today,” she’d say. “I mean, I feel like I should be charging him double for the weak ass fucks he puts me through.”

“You don’t enjoy it with him? Ever?” I’d ask.

“No. Never with him. But he’s a sponsor, I’m getting his money, and that’s all that matters. I just lie there, scratch his back, and say ‘HarderHarder’ to make him think I’m into it until—”

“Until he cums?”

“Yep.” She’d pass me a cigarette before sighing. “With him and a few others, I usually have to take a few shots beforehand to numb my mind. With the really good ones, all I have to do is relax. Sex can be fucking incredible when it’s done right…”

One particular Friday, after she let one of her regulars take me shopping for a Chanel bag, I unlocked the door to our home and saw droplets of blood all over the floor.

“Leah?” I set my shopping bag down. “Did you get another nose bleed?”

No answer.

I headed into the kitchen, looking for her usual remedies—hot tea and Q tips, but she wasn’t there.

“You here?” I walked around our living room and checked all the rooms upstairs. Confused, I pulled out my cell phone and called her.

No answer again.

I shrugged and opened a bottle of vodka, tossing back a few shots. I figured she’d left with one of her sponsors for a quickie and would be back by the time our favorite show started.

I decided to take a shower before it came on and headed into the downstairs bathroom.

The second I hit the lights, my heart fell out of my chest.

I wanted to believe that what I was seeing was simply a sick joke by my imagination—a twisted fantasy I’d snap out of in seconds.

Pale and blue, Leah’s body lay lifeless in our tub. Her left arm was dangling over the edge, and the small velvet bag where she kept her cocaine was dangling from her fingertips.

Scattered across the floor were hundreds of prescription pills and empty orange bottles that bore the names of strangers. On the vanity, there was an empty syringe and a folded note that read “For my Em…”

Trembling, I rushed to her side and pressed my finger against her neck, hoping for a pulse.


I tilted her head back and tried to breathe life into her—pressing her chest with my hands every few seconds, but it was no use.

She was gone.

I sank down to the floor in tears—cursing her, hating her, for doing this to me. To us.

I had no friends to call, no family either, so in my numb and dazed state I somehow managed to call 9-1-1. While the operator attempted to calm me down by asking me to take deep breaths, I walked over to the vanity and unfolded Leah’s last note:
I know you’re confused right now, but I want you to know that I love you. I love you so fucking much… You were the only thing that made my life worth living, and I wish I was strong enough to keep that in mind…
I’m not.
I’m tired of living a lie and I haven’t been happy in a very long time… I just can’t take it anymore…
I’ve fucked up a lot of things in my life, but the biggest regret I have is the way I raised you…I’m so sorry… This is going to be hard for you to believe—especially since I’m gone, but I need you to forget all that shit I taught you. Right now.
Fuck using your looks to get what you want. Go to college and do some good shit with your life, like write or something. You’re a good writer, you’re very smart, and you need to use your brain to get ahead. Can you promise to do that for me, Em?
Then again…It’s probably too late and I’m willing to bet that you’ll end up just like me: A beautiful nothing…
It won’t be your fault though. It’ll be—

I stopped reading and flushed that note down the toilet. Her last words were clearly written out of sadness and they were only compounding my pain.

As far as I was concerned, Leah had raised me the best she could and she was far from a “beautiful nothing” in my eyes. In fact, I cherished every single thing she’d taught me.

Even though I was beyond hurt that she’d selfishly left me all alone, I was determined to remember her at her best and for everything she was to me:

My mother.

My best friend.

My role model.


About the Author

Mariah Cole is a Starbucks addict (hazelnut shots please!), New Adult author, and an incessant daydreamer. Known for pushing the envelope, she’s an avid reader of indie books and is always looking to chat with readers and authors alike.


Connect with Mariah

Author Goodreads | Author Facebook | Beautiful Failure Goodreads



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Thursday, November 14, 2013

ARC Tour and Giveaway: Ink my Heart by Jean Haus

Title: Ink My Heart (Luminescent Juliet, #2)
Author: Jean Haus
Release date: November 12, 2013
Publisher: Skyscape 
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tour organized by: AToMR Tours


Amazon I Barnes & Noble I Goodreads

Book Synopsis

Even if he weren’t the lead singer of the popular college band, Luminescent Juliet, Justin Noel would have his pick of women. And he does pick. Nightly. Tattooed, blonde, and green eyed, he flashes his dimples and females swoon. 

Except for one. 

Tattoo artist, Allie Landon, rarely dates, and especially not men like Justin. Though he’s hot enough to melt off permanent ink, she’s done with the bad boy type. But when the ex who broke her heart wants to reunite, desperation has Allie introducing her latest client as her boyfriend. Justin’s more than happy to play the part. He’s completely intrigued by the sexy artist and college student. 

However, Allie’s life isn’t what it seems. There’s little room in it or her shattered and confused heart for Justin. But as Justin remains persistent, ignoring the growing attraction—both physical and emotionally—between them becomes more difficult than tattoo removal.

*New Adult. Recommended for mature readers due to language, drug references, and sexual situations*

Ink My Heart by Jean Haus

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ink My Heart is a nice, funny and extremely pleasurable follow up to In The Band. I’m a sucker for a great rock star romances and there is literally nothing in this world that can make me stop reading about bad boys and singers with tattoos. Call me crazy, but I looove to dream about having my own rocker.


I just adore when books I read are exceptional intertwine of emotions, music and sweet, sweet love. I simply breathed this book. I was astonished of how easily this college romance took me on crazy ride, that left me breathless and extremely giddy.


Ink my Heart is Justin’s story. He’s the singer of Luminescent Juliet and stereotypical man whore. But when he meets the sexy, fierce tattoo artist Allie, his life changes. Something inside him clicks and for the first time in his life, Justin craves only one woman. Instantly she was ‘it’ for him.

Allie isn’t easily sweep away from her feet. Life thought her to protect her heart and giving it away to bad boy rocker isn’t exactly wise idea. She’s more than reluctant to take another chance in love. Her heart was once broken.


I devoured this delicious novel in few hours, and I'm still smiling over some of the scenes involving Justin’s sexy ways. The pacing in Ink my Heart was just right and all the other issues surrounding both characters were not that farfetched, which made me fall in love with Justin and Allie even more.

Overall, Ink my Heart is sexy, pleasureable, full of angst and great between the sheets action and I highly recommend picking it up for every fan of music filled, sensual stories with nice, romantic plot and tats! It’s another rock star romance that gave me big, nice fix of my rocker addiction.

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About The Author


Jean Haus writes young adult and romance novels. She reads a lot too. Anything with a bit of romance has the possibility of being loaded on her Kindle. She even does a bit of cooking, which is actually quite good. She also golfs in the beautiful summers of Michigan with her awesome husband and son, but she cooks way, way better than she golfs.

Author Social Media Links:

To see other stops on the tour for reviews, guest posts, and excerpts click here

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cover Reveal: Lick by Kylie Scott

Title: Lick (Stage Dive #1)
Author: Kylie Scott
Release Date: Now Avaiable



Waking up in Vegas was never meant to be like this.

Evelyn Thomas’s plans for celebrating her twenty-first birthday in Las Vegas were big. Huge. But she sure as hell never meant to wake up on the bathroom floor with a hangover to rival the black plague, a very attractive half-naked tattooed man, and a diamond on her finger large enough to scare King Kong. Now if she could just remember how it all happened.

One thing is for certain, being married to rock and roll’s favourite son is sure to be a wild ride.



Kylie is a long time fan of love stories, rock n roll and B-grade horror films. She demands a happy ending and if blood and carnage occur along the way then all the better. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and one delightful husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review: Tease by Missy Johnson

Title: Tease
Author: Missy Johnson
Release Date: 20th November


*****This book contains scenes of a sexual nature. Genre: Erotica*****
Male escort.

That got your attention.

Some of the most powerful and well known women in the country pay to have sex with me, some of them married. Some are into more than just straight sex, which is why they call me. Bondage, power play, submission…nothing is off the table. I will do anything for the right price.

The stories I could tell you about a certain high profile congresswoman, or that innocent blonde actress. Trust me, she’s not so innocent.

Guys would kill for my job. I’m living the fucking dream. Meaningless sex, no relationship hang-ups and I’m rolling in the dough. Life is perfect, just the way it is.

Until I meet her.

She changes everything.

She makes me want more than I’ve ever wanted for myself and she believes in me. But she also thinks I sell insurance. I can’t stop what I do, but I can’t give her up.

Eventually, my two worlds are going to collide and when they do, shit will hit the fan.


My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Minor spoilers ahead (not really big, though). I’m sorry, but it was quite hard to review Tease without giving something away. 

Tease is a complete one eighty from previous Missy Johnson’s novels, and quite frankly it’s nothing like her sensual new adult reads that held a hint of sweetness in it and were very well thought. Tease while still catching interest with slightly taboo blurb and extremely sexy cover, isn’t stunning, beautiful romantic story. Nope. There is nothing sweet, romantic or sensual about it.

I’m really shocked with how this story went. I can’t say I expected… that. Tease is more than erotic. It is almost one 100% smut. Yes, there is so many sex scenes with so many different partners it was quite hard to catch up. I was uncomfortable and didn’t really feel any positive emotions toward Coop, the main character. I was appalled that he not only didn’t feel wrong about being a prostitute but felt so comfortable with fucking for money that he still had sex with his clients while being with Mia. That was a big, fat NO from ME.

As fun as it was reading about Coop’s sexual adventures that were very steamy and Hot with capital H, I wanted more from this story than sex. Also, Coop’s personality kind of reminded me of Jack from Seduce. Both of them were cocky playboys with identical sense of humor or almost the same way of thinking. Not very clever mix.

I literally didn’t know anything about Mia. She only existed on few pages of this book and I couldn’t grasp her personality or even get to know her story. I was astonished when this book ended before I felt any romantic vibes from them.

Overall, I wanted more from Tease. Smut was not what I wanted to read. I expected a romance with fabulous twist and just a little bit more of a real plot.

Why two and half stars then? What can I say, before it started pissing me off, I thought the sex was off the charts hot! Missy Johnson knows how to write steamy smut that make my girlie parts happy ;)And as always I'm very curious how her next book going to be. I already have my eyes set on her other new release.

*ARC kindly provided by an author, Missy Johnson in exchange for honest review *

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Four Seconds To Lose by K. A Tucker


Title: Four Seconds To Lose (Ten Tiny Breaths #3)
Author: K.A Tucker
Release Date: 4th November



When a gorgeous young dancer walks through his door, a strip club owner must decide whether to follow his rules or his heart in the third novel by the author of One Tiny Lie and Ten Tiny Breaths.

Owning a strip club isn’t the fantasy most guys expect it to be. With long hours, a staff with enough issues to keep a psych ward in business, and the police regularly on his case, twenty-nine-year-old Cain is starting to second guess his unspoken mission to save the women he employs. And then blond, brown-eyed Charlie Rourke walks through his door, and things get really complicated. Cain abides by a strict “no sleeping with the staff” rule. But being around Charlie challenges Cain’s self-control…and it’s been a long time since any woman has done that.

Twenty-two-year-old Charlie Rourke needs a lot of money, really fast, in order to vanish before it’s too late. Taking her clothes off for men makes her stomach curl but Charlie tells herself that at least she’s putting her acting and dancing skills to good use. And though her fellow dancers seem eager to nab their sexy, sophisticated, and genuinely caring boss, she’s not interested. After all, Charlie Rourke doesn’t really exist—and the girl pretending to be her can't get distracted by romance.

Unfortunately, Charlie soon discovers that developing feelings for Cain is inevitable, and that those feelings may not be unrequited—but losing him when he finds out what she’s involved with will be more painful than any other sentence awaiting her.


My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Four Seconds To Lose is third book in Ten Tiny Breaths series, and this time around we are able to see more of broody, mysterious strip club owner, Cain Ford. The man I was pinning after from the moment I learnt about him. He just sounded so yummy and alpha enough to drool. I couldn’t contain my excitement when I finally had Four Seconds To Lose on my ereader. I expected something out of this world sexy, sensual and romantic.

My internal romance junkie wanted to read epic romance that will blow me away. Unfortunately, this time KA Tucker did not completely satisfy me. I had several big issues and as much as I wanted, no needed to feel butterflies in tummy, tingles all over my body, but I didn’t.


Charlie is in very bad position. She has to hide and do things she doesn’t want to do. Her life is like horror scenario. Everything seems to be fucked up and she has no idea how to cut the strings to her previous life. When she becomes a new addition to Penny’s Palace, Cain’s strip club, Charlie quickly captures the attention of the not approachable boss.

Cain is tried of being in business. Constantly working, living with guilt and lost love he’s a wreck. After Penny died, something in him died too.


This story didn’t seem to captivate me enough to hold my interest for a very long time. It certainly wasn’t bad or boring, it just didn’t have the same spark Tucker’s ealier book had. I missed the incredible sexual chemistry and pure honesty Ten Tiny Breaths had or the easy, funny vibe Livie’s story emitted. I hoped for more. A lot of more in chemistry department or the depth. I don’t know, I just had a feeling it lacked of something.


I wasn’t a big fan of Charlie. It was really hard for me to connect with her. I was also frustrated when Cain constantly tried to compare Charlie to Penny. It was irritating. Sometimes, I caught myself on thinking it’s love triangle with dead person. It was a real turnoff.

Overall, Four Seconds To Lose was disappointing read. Still nice, suspenseful and entertaining, yet not as incredible as Tucker’s previous books. I hoped for a little bit more.