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Review: American Witch by Thea Harrison

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Thea Harrison comes the first in a new spellbinding trilogy…

Series: American Witch #1
Publication date: April 29, 2019
Genre: paranormal romance

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Power can change a person…

For months Molly Sullivan endures the inexplicable: electrical surges, car breakdowns, visions. She even wonders if she might be the cause… and wonders if she might be crazy. Then she discovers her husband has cheated on her. Again. Now Molly realizes she is a newly awakening witch and a woman pushed over the edge.

Revenge can shape a person…

Josiah Mason is a Powerful witch and the leader of a secret coven with a shared goal: to destroy an ancient enemy who has ruined many lives. Josiah lost years to this man, and his sole focus is revenge. He’s prepared for every contingency—except encountering a beautiful new witch who understands nothing of the immense Power building within her or the attraction she wields over him.

Danger can bring them together…

When divorcing her husband, Molly uncovers a dangerous secret he’s willing to kill to protect. She turns to Josiah for help, and they discover a connection between Molly’s husband and Josiah’s enemy.

As they work together, a spark ignites between them that threatens to become an inferno. But Molly is done compromising herself for any man, and Josiah’s mission is his top priority. And the enemy is cunning, cruel, and drawing ever closer.

As the danger escalates, so does the tension between them. Is a lasting relationship possible? Will either of them live long enough to try?

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About Thea Harrison

I write paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and other stuff. I taught myself to read when I was four. That was around the time I tried to ride my tricycle to work. I wasn't sure where work was, but I knew it had to be interesting if people went there every day. Now I combine my love of books with work, and I don't have to ride my tricycle to get there. My Elder Races series began May, 2011. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook!

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American WitchAmerican Witch by Thea Harrison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm a huge Thea Harrison fan, so when I saw she had a book coming out centered around witches that's tied to her Elder Races universe I was giddy with excitement. I read the entire Moonshadow series and several of the Elder Races books, many of which were five star reads. There are some authors you click with, and she's one of them. She's one of my top favorite paranormal authors for her amazing world building, attention to detail, and addictive stories. I enjoyed the fact that while she kept supernatural elements with her main characters, they are human, living in the setting of the human world which is a departure from her norm.

Molly isn't even aware that she has latent witch powers waiting to surface until her philandering husband loosens her control over her emotions which in turn, releases her hidden abilities. Her rage is a powder keg that unleashes all of the fury of a woman scorned and it's a glorious thing to see. You want to give her the biggest high five for how she smartly turns the situation to her advantage and humiliates him in the process. I absolutely loved the beginning chapters and I was immediately invested in how she would reinvent herself in her new life.

    She was almost forty years old and childless, with a patchwork history of working part-time at various socially acceptable jobs and volunteering at socially acceptable charities. She had spent all her adult life trying to fit into the right-sized box.

Josiah Mason is the new DA in town, witness to her embarrassing scene when her marriage imploded, and he just happens to have ancient and powerful abilities of his own. He may have a squeaky clean image and ambition to get elected governor, but he has a secret agenda that he and his coven have been working towards for decades. He's been fueled by revenge for longer than he can remember, and nothing will stop him from finally making it happen. Not even the complication in the form of a fledging witch who may or may not be tangled up in something she isn't prepared to defend herself against. As much as he tries to keep his distance, he just can't stay away from the beautiful woman on the brink of coming into unimaginable power.

I must admit, I wasn't the Josiah's biggest fan in the beginning. He's very self-serving, abrasive, and difficult to warm up to. I was worried for a little while there that he wouldn't be redeemable in the end. He tries to manipulate the heroine every chance he gets, but the good news is that she puts him in his place every single time. Although she is at a very difficult time in her life, no one could ever call her weak. In fact, she's more empowered than she's ever been in her life. Not only was she bullied by her pathetic excuse for a mother, she was used by her husband to complete his perfect cookie cutter image. Now she's ready to take charge of her life, and she isn't allowing anyone to take that away from her.

    She was the most dangerous woman he had ever met, and she didn’t yet know a fraction of what she was truly capable of.

Once you learn about Josiah's past and what he suffered, you can empathize with his need to bring down the mysterious witch who wreaked havoc in so many people's lives. It's not just about getting revenge, he's trying to prevent others from needlessly suffering or losing loved ones. Shortly after the halfway point you really see him softening up towards Molly. He lost his selfishness, going above and beyond to show her that she was now his top priority. Making sure she's safe, happy, and attempting to find a way for them to merge their lives so that they could have a future together.

There is an underlying mystery in the plot regarding Molly's ex and if the shady business he's involved in could be tied to the man Josiah has been hunting. It held my interest throughout the book and kept me turning the pages to see the confrontation that would undoubtedly happen at the end.

In the end, Molly showed her strength and courage, though the scene was a bit anticlimactic as it was pretty brief and left unresolved for future books. Overall, I was really happy with the romance. I wasn't sure if I liked these two together at first, but Thea Harrison brought me around like she always does. I'm really looking forward to reading more installments in the series in the future! I'm hoping Steven, geeky tech genius gets a book because he's the character that intrigued me the most out of all of the secondary characters. This was a solid start to a new series filled with magic, mystery, and plenty of potential to grow.



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