A MONSTER LIKE ME by Pamela Sparkman

Heart of Darkness series #2

HELLO STRANGER by Lisa Kleypas

The Ravenels series #4


Companion to the Full Tilt series

MEMPHIS by Ginger Scott

A standalone sports romance

UNWRITTEN by Jen Frederick

Woodlands series #5

Cross My Heart by L.H. Cosway

Hearts series #5.75

MOONSHADOW by Thea Harrison

Moonshadow series #1

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cover reveal: Little Wolf by Amélie Duncan


Title: Little Wolf
Genre: Erotic Romance
Author: Amélie Duncan
Release Date: December 9, 2014

When twenty-three year old Tala Velsik appears in a last minute performance art piece, she has no idea that public nudity will be the least of her worries. Wearing nothing but silver paint and a pair of antlers, her body is bared to hundreds of eyes, but one penetrating stare simmers through the others. His look is so heated, Tala wonders if she might burst into flames on the spot.

Adrian Caro is one of the world’s most famous photographers, but with striking features and a body made for sin, most would guess he belonged in front of the camera.

Of course, the last thing Tala needs is romance, even with a walking Adonis. Mounting bills, a dead end job and a set of childhood memories most therapists would pale at; love is low on her list. Assuming, of course, her new admirer allows her to have a say in the matter.

Shocked yet thrilled by Adrian’s passionate domination, Tala can’t help but feel she’s standing on quicksand. For all his wealth, fame and talent, Adrian is tormented by his own demons; hiding secrets big enough to destroy them both.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Cover Reveal: Lies Unspoken by Lisa DeJong

Lies Unspoken (Flawed Love)
Designer/Photographer: Mae I Design & Photography

Pre-order on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1yC0yvH
RELEASE DATE: December 14th, 2014

I tried hard not to fall for the bad guy.

My new roommate, Blake, is a jerk—an unemployed artist with a chip on his shoulder. I can’t stand him unless his hands are on me. He makes me desperate for him, and everything he makes me feel.

And then there’s my new boss, Pierce--successful, charming, and extremely good-looking. He goes after what he wants, but what does he see in me?

I try to stay away, but I end up in the arms of exactly who I was hiding from. And when I find out what’s being hidden from me, my heart twists in ways it never should.

I thought I knew him.
I didn't.
The way he kissed me.
The way his hands traveled every inch of my skin.
I thought it meant something, but as it turns out, it was all lies unspoken.  

Lisa De Jong is a wife, mother and full-time number cruncher who lives in the Midwest. Her writing journey involved insane amounts of coffee and many nights of very little sleep but she wouldn't change a thing. She also enjoys reading, football and music.

Cover Reveal: A Necessary Sin by Georgia Cates

A Necessary Sin - Book 1 of The Sin Trilogy
Release Date: Dec 29, 2014

Bleu MacAllister is consumed. A horrific childhood incident has caused every decision in her life to revolve around bringing a monster to justice. With years spent studying The Fellowship, an organized crime brotherhood of liars, thieves, and killers, Bleu will rely on her skills as a special agent to cut Thane Breckenridge off at the knees. But walking hand in hand with retribution means risking collateral damage, in the form of Breckenridge’s son Sinclair—until Sin becomes so much more than Bleu bargained for. She’s always known this undertaking would place her life in danger—she never imagined her heart would be as well.

The Next Sin – Release Date – Feb 9th, 2015

One Last Sin – Release Date – March 23, 2015

Georgia resides in rural Mississippi with her wonderful husband, Jeff, and their two beautiful daughters. She spent fourteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an author and hasn’t looked back yet.

When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing. When she’s being domestic, she’s listening to her iPod and visualizing scenes for her current work in progress. Every story coming from her always has a song to inspire it.

Representation: All questions regarding subsidiary rights for any of my books, inquiries regarding foreign translation and film rights should be directed to Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich.


Release Day Blitz, Giveaway, and Christie's review: All I Want (Alabama Summer #2) by J Daniels

Title: All I Want
Series: Alabama Summer #2
Author: J Daniels
 Release Date: November 24, 2014

Luke Evans is a heartbreaker.

I didn’t want to give mine to him. Not when he kept me out.

He gave me enough, just enough to make me fall in love with him. I say this to convince myself. But I aknow the truth.

I would’ve fallen in love with him at a distance.

Handing my heart over to Luke was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I was naive when I wished for more, when I hoped he wanted the same things I did.

I try to hate him. I try to forget him.

But it’s not that easy. 

Love is a ruthless bitch, and I’m her latest victim.

Tessa Kelly is a man-eater.

When she sets her sights on you, she doesn’t just consume your heart, she goes for your soul.

What we had was perfect, real, and all I would ever want.

But she destroyed it.

She destroyed us.

I try to hate her. I try to forget her.

But it’s not that easy.

Love is for people who have hope, and I have none.

Links to Buy


Also Available

#1 Where I Belong


Two months ago
Jesus. Fuck, no.
There are absolutely zero good-looking men at this thing. Besides Reed, who disappeared an hour ago with some giggly brunette, and the man I refuse to acknowledge. Weddings are supposed to be a breeding ground for nameless hook-ups, and I’m shit out of luck at this one. So instead of getting drilled in a concealed corner somewhere, my dress bunched around my waist as a stranger becomes familiar with my sounds, I’m having to find other ways to pass the time.
Eat cake.
Hit up the open bar.
Eat more cake.
Dance with Nolan.
Get cake with Nolan.
Steal Mia away from Ben.
Watch Mia get carried off by Ben.
And now this.
Sitting at an empty table, watching as Ben, Mia, and Nolan all slow dance together. Nolan’s in between them, rubbing Mia’s growing baby bump, while Ben can’t seem to keep his eyes off his new wife. I’m crazy happy for them, but right now, I can’t watch them share another perfect family moment in front of me. I need a break from this. Just a few minutes to get some air.
I step out of the tent and head across the lawn toward the Estate House. I’m walking aimlessly, not having any destination in mind. I just need to get away from all the love for a second. Love is great when you’re with someone. It’s better when it’s reciprocated. But it fucking sucks when that shit is one-sided.
And that’s the only way I’ve known it.
I walk down the side of the building and turn right to go around the back. As soon as I round the corner, I see him.
He’s leaning against the building behind some shrubs, head back, eyes closed, lips slightly parted. His sandy-brown hair is cut shorter than normal, almost buzzed completely, and it does really annoying things to his face. Like show it off more. Those ridiculously gorgeous features of his are on display for my eyes right now, and I don’t have to avert my gaze because he doesn’t know I’m watching. He has no idea I’m staring at his sharp, angular cheekbones, the fullness of his mouth, or the bump at the bridge of his nose that I see as this perfect imperfection.
God, I fucking love that bump.
His face tenses as his arms move to the front of his body, and I let my eyes roam to the reason for this change.
The blonde I recognize from the wedding is on her knees with his cock lodged in her mouth, deep throating it until she gags. His hands are in her hair, encouraging her, pulling her closer until she practically swallows him whole. I lift my eyes to that face I was just secretly admiring seconds ago. It’s no longer tempting me to keep my presence unknown. Because there’s no way in hell I’m going to let this shit happen right now.
Fuck him, and his face.
I step in front of the bush and make a fist, clearing my throat into it. Luke’s eyes shoot open and he grabs the blonde’s head, sliding her off his cock. She releases it with a pop and a grunt of disappointment. Apparently, she isn’t finished. But she looks pretty fucking finished to me.
Luke tucks himself away quickly. “What the fuck, Tessa? What are you doing?”
I look from him to the blonde. “Oh, sweetie. You might want to go disinfect. He’s got the herp.”
Slutty blonde parts her lips as if she’s waiting for another cock. She stands and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand, glaring in Luke’s direction. “Oh my God. Are you serious? You have herpes?”
Luke’s wide eyes train on mine. “What? No I don’t!”
“He’s really sweet about it though,” I say, looking sympathetically at the blonde. “He pays for my Valtrex every month.” I turn my eyes to Luke, letting out a swooning sigh. “So romantic.”
Blonde shoves against Luke’s chest. “You’re disgusting.”
“I don’t have fucking herpes!” Luke adamantly vows as he tightens his belt.
I watch, basking in my victory as blonde trudges through the grass, getting her heel caught in the process. She stumbles a bit, glares at Luke over her shoulder, and disappears around the corner.
“I can’t fucking believe you just did that,” Luke says, prompting me to whip my head around to look at him. He buttons his suit jacket up and steps closer. “What the hell is wrong with you?”
What happened between us.
And the fact that you’ve obviously moved on without any difficulty.
I close the gap and he freezes, his hand flattening against his jacket. My gaze flicks from his crotch to his face, and I mask all the hurt of seeing this asshole with another woman behind the fakest smile I’ve ever worn.
“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with me. You, on the other hand, might want to go to the clinic. If you didn’t have an STD before that whore touched you, I’m sure you have one now.”
I turn and storm away before he can give me a comeback. But more importantly, before he can see the smile fading from my lips.

J. Daniels was born and raised in Maryland.

After putting her kids to bed, she escapes into her cheeky world where some of her characters kiss, and some of them do a lot more than kiss.

She is an avid reader and enjoys everything from unconventional romance to fantasy novels.

Author Links

Have I mentioned the crazy author love I have for J. Daniels? It's hardcore. Gawd, her books are intense. Passionate. Sexy. Even with some things I could nitpick out of her stories, my emotions are all aflutter over my reading experience in the end. Every time. She makes me like things in books that I don't normally especially like. Any author that can do that has the magic touch. I started out with her Sweet Addiction series and fell for her writing style immediately. With it's perfect blend of humor and sexy, I was all over it. In her latest, All I Want, she took a detour from the sweetness that she usually gives us with flair. She went with a grittier storyline this time around with two stubborn, hurting characters stuck in a love-hate vicious cycle. This isn't your mother's bedtime fairytale story.

Tessa is a bitch. There's no other word for it. She's feisty, crass, and badass. There's a backbone of steel in her and a mouth ready to rip apart anyone who crosses her. God, I just loved her. Always with a ready comeback and literally impossible to fluster.

One of my favorite Tessa moments:

When Luke's neighbor invites herself to lay in his bed and wait for him, Tessa isn't afraid to give her a piece of her mind.

I hold my hand out, palm up, motioning toward the bed.
"You know, we just started a load. Now those STD riddled sheets are going to have to wait at least an hour before they can be disinfected." I sweep my gaze down her body, grimacing.
"Heavy disinfected. And honestly, I'm not even sure bleach can handle this situation."

If you read Where I Belong, you know that Tessa is Mia's best friend and Luke is Ben's friend and partner (they're cops). Tessa and Luke had a "thing" but after a pregnancy scare, she dumped him without an explanation and this began their painful descent into misery.

God, why can't I stop thinking about him? Why? What the fuck is it? I just want to go one day without his name poisoning my thoughts.

The underlying reason for their separation was the fact that Luke kept her at an emotional distance. He's unable to allow anyone into his life and get close to him. As much as he wanted to let Tessa in, his mother's death and his father's alcoholism have left their scars on him. Now they're both in hate with each other. At least that's what they keep telling themselves.

After a year of being single and celibate, Tessa is ready to clear the cobwebs from her girly bits. She's been hesitant to date after her heart was ripped out and stomped on. Who knew that her date that she met on an online dating site would eventually be the catalyst to send these two stubborn people into each other's arms again? The road isn't smooth even from this point, but once Luke lets go of his protective hate around his heart, all bets are off.

And the chemistry between them was nuclear. They set each other off like an explosion. There was a lot of back and forth, angsty, angry, obsessive, and passionate feelings between these two people. Luke was a lot more stubborn than she was with getting his act together though. He caused a lot of unnecessary pain and turmoil because he got spooked. There were times I wanted to reach into the book and kick his arrogant, rude self in his junk. But those moments of tenderness broke through and I was like, okay Tessa, I get it.

Everything else this man does is deliberate, calculated, but not kissing. That's where he loses control. Something snaps, breaking his discipline while he steals every memory of any other kiss out of your head. It's honest and real and fucking beautiful the way he gives you all of him when he's always held back.

There isn't anything sweet or easy about this couple. They're both strong and dominant and dancing around trying to top each other. But they fit each other flawlessly, I can't imagine anyone else matching either of them better. J Daniels, you made me like the asshole hero, how'd you do it? You're a miracle worker. Bring on the next book.


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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog tour, Giveaway and Christie's review: Hitched by Karpov Kinrade


HITCHED, the first book in the deliciously schmexy Red Shoe Memoirs series by wife-and-husband writing duo Karpov Kinrade, is here!†

WARNING: This book contains a lot of sex and a lot of swearing. Now go enjoy it.

Get it on Amazon | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Nook
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"Hitched is a deliciously fun romp in the sheets with a swoon-worthy man.† If you're looking for a sexy read, look no further." †- Courtney Cole, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author -

He called me "wife." This man standing naked in front of me. Tall. Dark. Sexy as sin... He's my husband?

Disjointed images from the night before, the night I can't entirely remember, float into my mind. Meeting him in the bar. Sharing tidbits of our lives. I own a company that plans bachelor parties. He's a pediatric heart surgeon. We both live in Las Vegas, but we come from very different worlds.

And then I remember that kiss. The way his lips brushed against mine, gentle at first, then harder, deeper, with more urgency. Sex in the elevator. Hot, forbidden, delicious.

I remember the way he made me feel. The way our bodies fit perfectly together. But I don't remember marrying him. And now, he won't let me go. Dr. Sexy who saves children for a living. He wants the summer to prove we are meant to be.

I can give him a summer. But can I give him a lifetime?

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...or it changes your life forever.

Kimberly Kinrade and Dmytry Karpov
Karpov Kinrade is the pen name for the husband and wife writing duo of bestselling, award-winning authors Kimberly Kinrade and Dmytry Karpov.

Together, they write all things sexy in romance, mystery and paranormal that will get your blood boiling and keep you turning pages.

Look for more from Karpov Kinrade in the Call Me Cat trilogy, the Seduced Saga and the Forbidden Trilogy. Read all about their extensive book list at www.readKK.com.

They live with three little girls who think theyíre ninja princesses with super powers and who are also showing a propensity for telling tall tales and using the written word to weave stories of wonder and magic.

Find them on their website | Facebook | Twitter | Epic Fan Perks Newsletter


As I sink into the luxurious heat, my body breathes a sigh of relief. The tension and stress from the last few days drains out of me, and I close my eyes and lean back, enjoying the music, the sips of wine, the calm.

But it doesn't take long for my mysterious future ex-husband to creep into my mind, undoing my reverie with memories of our torrid night together.

His hotel room had an extra large bath, one we used to full avail.

He undressed me slowly, his long fingers and strong hands caressing my body with each movement as I stood still, breathing deeply, taking in the moment. I stood naked before him while he was still fully clothed, and the disparity between us sent waves of erotic charge through me.

As I pull this memory up and view it like a movie in my mind, my hand dips under the soapy water and between my legs. I spread my labia and tease my clit, slipping a finger inside of me as I remember him doing the same that night.

His hand over my mound, finger exploring my wet center, my pussy aching for more of him. I could see his cock through his slacks, hard and demanding, and I wanted to free him from that constraint, but I also wanted to continue enjoying this moment as he worshiped me with his eyes and explored me with his body.

I rub at my clit, fingering myself as I use my other hand to tease my nipples. I want this to be him touching me, his fingers, his hands, his tongue and mouth. His cock. But I settle for the memories as I bring myself closer to climax. He knelt in front of me, his mouth positioned at my pussy as he flicked a tongue out and lightly licked my clit. My body shuddered, knees weak as he pushed his tongue deeper into me, fingers digging into my hips, holding me tightly against his mouth. My hands fell to the top of his head, to his thick dark hair as he pleasured me beyond reason. The bath filled with water as I came hard in his mouth. He finally let me undress him, just before lifting me up and placing me in the steaming bath. He got in beside me, then pulled me onto his lap, impaling me on his hard cock.

My wet pussy took him in greedily, eagerly, and our bodies rocked together in the water, his hands exploring my breasts, waist, hips, his fingers finding my sensitive, swollen clit and sending me over the edge again, quickly this time, as I came on his cock.

I'm nearly there, the memory of him inside me tipping the scale as I come to thoughts of him, alone in my bathtub. And I realize then that getting him out of my mind is not going to be as easy as signing a few papers.

I was so excited when I saw this book, everything about it appealed to me. It seemed like a fun and easy read about an impromptu wedding that leads to a real marriage and it was a new author for me to try out. I knew it was going to have a sort of fairytale feel to it after reading the blurb; an event planner has a drunken Vegas wedding to a pediatric heart surgeon and afterwards he's determined to not let her get away. The theme with her leaving behind her red shoe in the book was clearly a modern cinderella spin. Obviously, I knew this was going to be a far-fetched plot starting out, but the way it was presented was leaving me shaking my head over just how much. However, if you're just looking for a light read that's total escapism with a good amount of steam, this may be the book for you.

Katie meets Sebastian one night when she's blowing off some steam with her two friends at a bar in Vegas where she lives. She's building up her party planning business and working overtime trying to get a foot into the celebrity parties where she could really make a name for herself and achieve success. She grew up in a small town with small minded people and she and her brother always knew that they were destined for more. I loved the heroine's drive, ambition and independence. She wasn't looking for a man to swoop in and make her life perfect for her. I'm pretty picky about my heroines and I can't say that she really bothered me much except perhaps for the amount of time it took her to give the Hero a chance. She was determined to push him away and the guy was pretty much Prince Charming come to life, so she was kind of insane for taking so long to come to her senses. Her stubbornness almost cost her everything.

Yes, he was the most amazing sex I've ever had. And yes, he's an amazing catch in a sea of slimy serpents, but he's not for me. We're from two different worlds. It would never work."

When she and Sebastian meet, they have an instant attraction-if only she could remember more than bits and pieces of their wondrous night. Everything is a bit of a blur and that sizzling sex that she somewhat remembers? It wasn't the only spontaneous and reckless thing she did.

To her shock, she wakes up married to a stranger and the only thing she can think of is getting an annulment as quickly as possible. Her new husband seems to be taking the whole thing in stride however. He's not quite as distressed as she is....what he is is determined. Determined to change Kacie's mind and help her see how well they fit together. This is where the story lost me. I just couldn't suspend my disbelief that they met, had amazing sex, a life-altering talk "getting to know each other" and then proceeded to believe that they were in love with each other. In one night. I guess I was expecting them both to get to spend a lot of time together after the "I do's" before that happened but he basically "knew" immediately that she was meant for him and I wasn't feeling that.

I loved how devoted Sebastian was to convincing Kacie that they belonged together. He was very supportive of her needs and her career goals which gave me hope that they could make a future for themselves work. Not only that, but he grew up in a home where his mother was the big money earner so he already sees marriage equality between a husband and wife as a positive thing. His parents are still together and as happy as ever. Kacie's main hesitation in pursuing their relationship is the fact that she's scared that her goals and independence will be pushed to the side once the "I do's" become real. Once she sees things clearly, she pulls out all the stops in showing her love. I really enjoyed the ending-the heroine did some much needed groveling and used a sweet and romantic gesture to show Sebastian how she felt about him. Overall, I liked the basis of the plot, but personally, I would have liked to see a stronger foundation in their feelings for each other. Regardless, it was still a fun read and it had some enjoyable humor. When you're in the mood for something light, pick this one up, it might fit the bill.


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