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Review: Weak For Him by Lyra Parish


Title: Weak For Him
Series: Weakness #1
Author: Lyra Parish
Release Date: January 15th, 2014
Rating: 3 stars
Cliffhanger: Yes

"Have you heard the saying, 'sex sells'? Well, I'm the supplier."

Finnley Felton sells sex.
Jennifer Downs is a virgin.
With the help of lady luck, the two meet.

Money. Bright lights. Sex.

Jennifer is made an offer: sell her virginity to the highest bidder and transform into one of Finnley's girls. But she finds herself weak for him, and doesn't fully realize what she's agreed to until it's too late.

Will she rise to the challenge and play by the rules in a land where money is king and love is prohibited? Or will she lose herself and values in the attempt?

Weak for him is not considered a "dark" read, but does have unlady-like language, adult subject matter, and s-e-x-ual situations.

Weak For Him was electrifying. Sexy. Adventurous. Bizarre. Overpowering. Incontrollable. Strange. Deliciously Insane. Odd. Mind fuckable. Confusing.

It made quite the impression on me, not always the good one, yet it is good thing that I felt that way. Why? Because my curiosity was quenched, my need for dominance satisfied, my mind felt very well used, and despite some issues I had, I will say that Lyra Parish wrote promising for the future debut novel. Maybe not the best, I Can’t Live Without Not Knowing What Will Happen Next, but she definitely goes in that direction and maybe someday I will be fangirling about her books.

This is odd story. It starts very interesting and promising, but somewhere along we reached the border between Realistic/I’m Skeptical But I Can Believe In It to It’s So Unrealistic I Feel Mind Fucked, and yeah this border was crossed.

There were moments when I was considering if I still liked it despite the ridiculousness of things or was I reading it only to learn how much weird things could get. I feel, I got stuck somewhere in the middle, so three stars is it.

This story follows Jennifer Downs, twenty two year old virgin, that decided to start her new, adult live in Vegas after she lost her only ties to Texas, when her parents passed away. She packed her things and went to a very nice hotel in Las Vegas, while hoping to get a job as an accountant in one of the local companies.

While she was relaxing in her bathroom and bathing, a very handsome man caught her naked. Thanks to the mistake that hotel’s stuff made, while double booking the hotel room, Jennifer met Finnley Felton who offered her a job.

When her gig in accounting company didn’t work out, she decided to take him up on his offer. However, she didn’t know that Felton is a CEO in company offering sexual encounters and he wanted her as an escort and sell her virginity.

Jennifer agreed, as she was smitten with Finn. He definitely shared the same feelings. The bad thing was that relationships between an escort and the boss is prohibited.
What I found unrealistic:

*Why Finnley was in hotel when he lived in Vegas. Why he booked the same room as Jennifer, when clearly he was very rich, and she was not.

*Why Jennifer so quickly agreed to selling her V-card, she didn’t exactly need to do so

*Why relationship between an escort and Felton was forbidden, when in truth he was the boss, so he could fuck who he pleased to.

And there are few more “Why’s” but I don’t want to spoil the book, so I will keep them to myslef.

I just found myslef not quite getting the plot.

Weak For Him was sexy. It had some deliciously hot moments, that I very much enjoyed. Finnley could dirty talked me to oblivion. While he stopped being an asshole, I was starting to like him. The sex scenes were so alluring that I was coaxed into wanting to read more. I was quickly forgetting about the plot holes.

From time to time, I discovered a little gems hidden between pages of the book. I collected and cherished every one of them. Lyra Parish, nailed some things about love and passion.

Overall, I’m looking forward to read more by this author. I want to see Lyra Parish future books and see if she can develop her passion for writing. Weak For Him is certainly sexy, bordering on hot read, that will be immensely enjoyed by readers who are fresh into this category.

ARC, courtesy of an author, Lyra Parish in exchange for honest review

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