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Review: All The Pretty Lies by M. Leighton


Title: All The Pretty Lies
Series: Pretty Lies #1
Author: M. Leighton
Release Date: November 11th, 2013
Rating: 3 stars
Cliffhanger: No

"Live, no regrets”


Sloane Locke has led a sheltered life. However, with a history like hers, she can understand why her brothers and her father want so much to protect her. She has gone along with it for twenty long years, but those days are over. For the girl who never makes promises, Sloane has made a pact with herself that things will change on her twenty-first birthday. So when the clock strikes midnight, Sloane strikes out to spread her wings and break a few rules.


In addition to inking skin, Hemi Spencer possesses many talents. Controlling himself has never been one of them. It’s never had to be. He’s lived a life of indulgence for as long as he can remember. Right up until tragedy struck. Now, he’s nothing but controlled. He’s a man on a mission, one who will let nothing and no one stand in his way.


Nothing in their lives could’ve prepared Sloane and Hemi for what they’d find in each other—distraction and obsession, love and possession. But the one thing they can’t find is a future. Neither one has been totally honest. And they’ll soon learn that the devil is in the details. In the details and in the lies.

How far will two people go to live in the now when the now is all they’ve g


Sloane is finally twenty one years old and she has had enough of being treated like a child by overprotective father and brothers. Long years constantly spend in the ‘cage’ are over. Sloane needs to spread her wings and live with no regrets. She feels like life is slipping through her fingers and if she doesn’t do something about it she won’t have a taste of real life. 

To celebrate her birthday she’s going to tattoo parlour to mark her body with new motto. She didn’t expect to meet Hemi, a man that will shake her life. 

All The Pretty Lies is one of those books that have a great concept, nice storyline and overall are very pleasurable read. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed reading it, All The Pretty Lies didn’t mesmerize me or hooked me enough to say that I loved this story. Yes, it’s nice enough and I definitely don’t regret picking it up, but for some reason it lacked a few things that would make it masterpiece in my eyes.

I think the time when I was utterly satisfied with a tattoo romance story is over. Now, I need and anticipate more from an author than a bad boy tattoo artist. I crave a wicked roller coaster, panty melting, heart wrenching, hands shaking ride. This time I got a ride on pink carousel. Nice, but not quite memorable.

I was looking forward to more in characters’ creation. I needed a little bit more of a goofy, laughable moments that could brigthen this book and make me swoon, and I also hoped for more steaminess. There were parts where I was thinking that I don’t feel the sexual tension between Hemi and Sloane and then out of nowhere a sexy little gem would pop out.

„You have no idea what you looked like up there. With your hair put up and a few curls dangling down on your shoulder.” Reaching out, Hemi fingers the strands that still rest there. “Your lips so red and kissable.” His eyes rise to my mouth. I have the sudden urge to moisten my lips. “And your breasts, so round and firm. Oh, God!” he groans, “I’ve never wanted to touch somebody so bad in all my life. Not one person. Ever. My tongue tingled just thinking about sucking one of those pink little nipples into my mouth. And when you looked up at me, I could see it in your eyes. You were wishing the same thing. You were wishing I was touching you.” His voice is low and thick, hypnotic. It oozes over my skin like molasses. “Tell me you were wishing I was touching you.”

Overall, All Pretty Lies is a nice, sexy read. M. Leighton completely surprised me once or twice and I had fun reading Sloane and Hemi's story.

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