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Blog Tour: Hearts Of Fire by L. H Cosway


Title: Hearts of Fire
Series: Can be read as a standalone
Author: L H Cosway
Release Date: March 9, 2015
Rating: 5 stars
Cliffhanger:. No
HEA: Yes

The Circus Spektakulär is proud to present Jack McCabe: Fire-breather, knife-thrower, risk-taker.

My house burned down when I was just a boy, robbing me of both my parents.

Now I breathe fire, eat the poison that almost killed me.

Crowds come to see me night after night. Men for the spectacle, women for the thrill. I’m an oddity to be stared at and desired. With each flame I spit, I risk my life.

I wear scars on my body that will never go away, but the scars inside my head are far more difficult to overlook.

My brother doesn’t know me, and if I have it my way he never will.

Life was going exactly the way I’d planned until Lille came along. She wanted to run away with the circus, have an adventure, but this world was never meant for her.

I try to keep her safe, because she doesn’t know the dangers that are out here on the road. She doesn’t know the monsters that lurk behind the bright lights of the ring. In truth, I could be considered one of them.

We were fashioned from different cloths, never intended to mix. So I watch her. I try not to touch, even when her eyes invite me.

Join us in the Spiegeltent and let us give you a show. Allow my Lille to draw a picture for you in paint and sweat and skin.

The truest love is always the hardest to let in.

This is a standalone romance that tells the story of Jack McCabe, Jay Fields’ long lost, presumed dead brother. It is not necessary to have read Six of Hearts in order to enjoy Hearts of Fire.

“Oh,” I said and tightened the towel around me again. When I turned, Jack’s gaze wandered from my wet temples, along the side of my cheek, and down my neck before finally settling in the region of my chest. I felt touched. Hot and flushed. I looked up at him from under my lashes and he met my eyes then. There was something intense about the way he looked at me, but again, it could have all been my active and fatally hopeful imagination.

“Got a nice little look at you earlier,” he said and I seriously thought I might die of mortification. My skin prickled with awareness.

“What?” I replied, my voice so, so quiet.

He didn’t say anything for a second, just hummed low in his throat and it was the sexiest sound I’d heard, possibly ever. Then he took my hand into his. I’d taken the bandage off, but I still had a red burn mark down the centre of my palm. Holding it up, he seemed fascinated as he ran a finger down it gently. It only stung a tiny bit, and the combination of him touching me and the sting caused a strange tingling between my legs. Yep, my vagina was definitely on Team McCabe, even if my brain was waving around big red BEWARE signs like a maniac.

His mouth moved and there was something intrigued in his expression, like he just figured out he’d aroused me and it both interested and surprised him. He moved closer, eating up my space…and just stared at me.

And man, could he stare. I felt like he was telling me a silent story and it was captivating.

“Could I get by you, please? I need to go get dressed,” I said, breaking the quiet. It could have been minutes or hours that I was standing there, but I’d never know. Time moved in strange patterns when I was around this man.

There is something absolutely magical in how easily and beautifully L. H Cosway seems to steal my breath away. Every time when I’m reaching for something written by her, I know that I am going in for amazing ride. By now, I am sure she will never be able to disappoint me. She’s far too perfect for that. That woman is an amazing writer. Her books are simply the best mix of romance, heartbreak, adventure and humor. Her newest release, Hearts of Fire is no exception.

Hearts of Fire is one of the books I listed as ‘The most anticipated releases of 2015’. After having the pleasure of reading Six of Hearts and meeting the intense, sexy illusionist Jay Fields, I had to learn more about his long lost brother Jack. What’s more, the book is set in circus and if that doesn’t make your mind going crazy with ideas and possibilities then I don’t know what can.

I was pumped when I finally could crack this novel open. My heart was beating so fast and I think I got the crazy look going on. I may or may not have squealed like a pig. Very happy little pink pig.

“I thought maybe that was a good philosophy for life. Experiment with your colours, but don’t experiment too much, or you’ll destroy the natural beauty.”

This story focuses on Lille, a twenty one year old girl who’s under the thumb of her overbearing, controlling mother. She’s caged in her house, doing exactly what her mother tells her to do, while secretly dreaming of finding a way to break free. She wants to spread her wings and become an artist. She wants to enjoy life; make mistakes, breathe, have an adventure, do something stupid, fall in love, get her heart broken.

The opportunity to escape falls into her hands when The Circus Spektakulär visits the town she lives in. When the ringmaster asks her to join it, Lille barely thinks about it. She packs her things and runs away. She never thought she would get her life altering adventure while being a part of circus.

Jack McCabe is a part of The Circus Spektakular. He’s a fire-breather, knife-thrower and risk-taker. He’s also intense, broody and very recluse. His past made him untrusting toward people. He built high walls covered with wire around his heart to protect himself from the pain. No one ever was able to wreck them and get close to him. No one but Lillie. The girl who slowly, brick after brick demolished the walls protecting him.

As the two get closer and closer together, the sensual ‘push and pull’ kind of dance begins. Lille knows she wants that man, while Jack knows he shouldn’t want her. As they start out as friends the sexual chemistry between them heats up everything around them and then finally makes them burn as well.

“Somehow, by joining our bodies, we lit each other up.”

This beautiful tale of Jack and Lille pulled me in, caught my attention, stole my heart.

I loved every single detail. From the main characters, that were polar opposites to heart skipping plot, Hearts of Fire was absolutely unputdownable. I’ve read it in mere hours unable to stop devouring it page after page. This story holds so much intensity and it’s just blazing hot. It created an inferno of emotions inside me. I was feeling every single thing the characters felt; the high and ups of love, the breaking open wounds from the past and then the brothers reunion… sigh.

I fell in love with Jack! He’s intensity was blazing. He charmed right from the start.

There were few things that made me stop for a second and ponder; I was not sure exactly what to think of them, but they didn’t stop me from loving the story. For example, when Jay finally showed up, he stole the spotlight. I was too busy swooning over Jay to focus on Jack. After finishing I felt sad about it. It was Jack’s story, he should be in the center of my attention.

I would love to tell you more, but I believe that there books that are to be read and not read about. Hearts of Fire is one of them. I want you to pick it up, lock yourself in a room and consume it.

Hearts of Fire


L.H. Cosway has a BA in English Literature and Greek and Roman Civilisation, and an MA in Postcolonial Literature. She lives in Dublin city. Her inspiration to write comes from music. Her favourite things in life include writing stories, vintage clothing, dark cabaret music, food, musical comedy, and of course, books.

She thinks that imperfect people are the most interesting kind. They tell the best stories.

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