Sunday, January 3, 2016

Patrycja's Review: Crimson Cove by Eden Butler


Title: Crimson Cove
Series: No
Author: Eden Butler
Release Date: 31 December, 2015
Rating: 3.5 stars - 4 stars
Cliffhanger:. No

Ten years ago Janiver stole a kiss from the meanest boy in school.

He never forgot.

Senior year.

One minute before the tardy bell rang, Bane Illes would slip through the door.

He never smiled.

He never spoke.

Each day, that dark, dangerous boy gave Janiver Benoit a glance. And when she could not take another quiet stare, or the warmth that look sent over her skin, she took from Bane something he’d never give freely—one lingering, soul knocking kiss.

Ten years later, her family needs her, and Janiver will have to face the one person she promised herself she’d never see again.

The dangerous wizard that might make leaving Crimson Cove the last thing she wants to do.

I love reading PNR books, but I do it rarely these days. Mostly because the newest releases in this genre don't sound good to me or if they do the authors decide to write them in 3rd POV. And I hate reading in third person (bummer!). Fortunately, Crimson Cove not only caught my attention with its premise but was written in heroine's point of view so it was not brainer that this novel I had to read.

Crimson Cove is a story about a connection of two souls - two halves of one whole. Jani and Bane knew each other for years. As children they where constantly drawn to one another - Bane always protecting Jani, Jani always thinking about Bane. As they grew so did their feelings.

“Sometimes the melding comes through a friendship so kindred that the bond is timeless, and restlessness…joining paramours can never be severed.”

Unfortunately for them they had no future together. Jani was from poor, weak coven, Bane on the other hand was from the oldest coven and was destined to become their leader. One single kiss and melding of their souls changed everything between this couple. Jani had to block Banes memories and run away from him. Ten years has passed and Jani had to come back to her hometown and go down the memory lane along with Bane.

This was really good story. It kept me interested. It has very exciting and fast plotline so I was not bored and quickly went through all of the book. The romance was incredibly sweet and filled my belly with butterflies :) I wish I could get a glimpse into Bane's mind, though.

On the other hand, I crave mystery and suspense. I love to see magical worlds full of surprises and unknown - the weirder the better. I would be more satisfied with Crimson Cove if the author decided to explain how the magical world works profusely. 50 additional pages or so of more complex world creation would not have slow the book down but would have greatly improve it. I know this is Eden Butler's first paranormal story so I'm willing to look past this obvious shortcomings.

Overall it was nice read. A solid and good PNR book. And I would definitely read more!


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