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Blog Tour with Giveaway and Christie's review: Perfect Rage by Nashoda Rose

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Book Title: Perfect Rage (Unyielding, #3) 
Author: Nashoda Rose 
Genre: Romance 
Release Date: July 26th 
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book blurb
The third and final installment in the Unyielding series from the New York Times Best Selling Author Nashoda Rose.

This is Connor's story.

Unstable. Unpredictable. Consumed by perfect rage. I was fighting who I’d become and what I’d done.

There was nothing I cared about except her. She was fuckin’ mine. But I’d forgotten her—my shutterbug. And I lost her.

Until now.

I’d do anything to possess her again. Anything to keep her safe. Protect her against my biggest opponent.

The monster.


Full-length novel: 93,000 words Must be read in order: 

Perfect Chaos (Unyielding, #1)
Perfect Ruin (Unyielding, #2)
Perfect Rage (Unyielding, #3)

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Portrait of sexual woman, bent in bed
Portrait of sexual woman, bent in bed
Portrait of sexual woman, bent in bed
meet the author
brim Nashoda Rose is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Toronto with her assortment of pets. She writes contemporary romance with a splash of darkness, or maybe it’s a tidal wave. When she isn't writing, she can be found sitting in a field reading with her dogs at her side while her horses graze nearby. She loves interacting with her readers and chatting about her addiction—books.
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There was every possibility that I'd set my expectations at an unattainable high with this book. There's always one in a series that you anticipate the most, and count the days until you get your hands on it. That one that oozes with potential and has you desperate to see the story realized. So it goes without saying that I went into it with some trepidation. But only a few pages into this highly addictive story and my fears melted away. I knew this book had had me in its tight grasp and wasn't letting go. Perfect Rage was without a doubt my favorite of the Unyielding books.

If you've been following the series, you know that Connor has been freed from the evil people who controlled him. The Vault has been dismantled, and the forces holding him from his loved ones have been destroyed. So that should tie everything up in a big red bow, right?

Wrong. The drug that was pumped into him to force compliance is filtering out of his system after many years. And with that release comes nightmarish memories. Ones that are so hellish that he's riddled with guilt and wrecked by his own actions under the Vault's sinister hands. But all of this is eclipsed by the one emotion that keeps choking him and keeping him from his newfound freedom. Rage.

This book is told in flashbacks and dual POV, helping you understand perfectly the type of man Connor used to be before being abducted, and the road that took him to who he has become. His beautiful month meeting Alina, the horrors they suffered, and the agony of trying to reconcile not being able to protect the woman he loved. This book had me all over the place emotionally. There was angst galore, I was consumed with every piece of their history and seeing them fight to hold onto each other through the storm.

At any moment, life could throw a hook and drag you under, but if you had that one person to hold onto, the fight to the surface was easier. That person was your reason to breathe.

Connor was cruelly suffering, his life in ruins, and yet nothing was as important to him as the woman who dominated his thoughts and dreams. Alina was his reason to keep going. He was so utterly protective even in his broken state, he put her safety and happiness above all else. At the core, he was still the same man with values and morals, even the Vault couldn't eradicate the essence of who he was. He just had to find a way to conquer the anger boiling inside of him.

"I am dead," I shouted as the control broke and the rage pumped through my veins. "I'm fuckin' dead, damn it. There's nothing left of me except raw, jagged pieces of a man I hate."

This book was just the total package. It was everything I was hoping for and more. Passionate, agonizing, and poignant. I was rooting for these characters every step of the way, craving a light at the end of their tunnel. And that epilogue? Absolutely beautiful. I couldn't ask for me, it left me feeling so at peace with the harsh realities they battled for so long.

If you haven't started on this series, you're really missing out. This is such a well developed storyline, filled with depth and guaranteed to wring every emotion out of you. After reading the first two in the series, I was already a fan, but this book has cemented Nashoda Rose as an auto-buy author, no questions asked. I can't wait to see what she has to offer next.


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