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Christie's Review: Broken Prince by Erin Watt

Title: Broken Prince
Author: Erin Watt
Series: The Royals #2
Release date: July 25, 2016
Cliffhanger: Sweet baby Jesus, yes


These Royals will ruin you…

From wharf fights and school brawls to crumbling lives inside glittery mansions, one guy tries to save himself.

Reed Royal has it all—looks, status, money. The girls at his elite prep school line up to date him, the guys want to be him, but Reed never gave a damn about anyone but his family until Ella Harper walked into his life.

What started off as burning resentment and the need to make his father’s new ward suffer turned into something else entirely—keep Ella close. Keep Ella safe. But when one foolish mistake drives her out of Reed’s arms and brings chaos to the Royal household, Reed’s entire world begins to fall apart around him.

Ella doesn’t want him anymore. She says they’ll only destroy each other.

She might be right.

Secrets. Betrayal. Enemies. It’s like nothing Reed has ever dealt with before, and if he’s going to win back his princess, he’ll need to prove himself Royally worthy.

**References to events in Paper Princess are mentioned, so if you haven't read book one, you shouldn't read my review yet.**

Enslaved. That's what this series has done to me. I'm one of the poor fangirls who naively started Paper Princess with the hope for simply a YA that could grab my attention. Consider me grabbed, handcuffed, and stuffed in a box of endless, torturous waiting just for a few more words to end my suspense. I finally got my twitching, frantic hands on this book and I was like a fiend looking for her next high. I wanted answers, damn it! And for all you out there still waiting, let me put your fears to rest. Many of the questions you have rolling around in your mind are finally going to be answered. The only problem're going to have layers upon layers more to the story to keep you up at night. There's no other word but staggering for this shocker of an ending.

In an attempt to keep this as spoiler free as possible, I'm going to have to write this as more of a report of vagueness to maintain the value of the story. (#SorryNotSorry) You want to be ruined like all the rest of us, don't you?

After the horrible, climactic ending in Paper Princess, we were all left in a state of shock. Would Reed really betray Ella in that way? What would become of her after she storms out of his life and disappears? Would he find her and mend what had been broken?

The book starts you out with some immediate relief with some desperately needed information. We get Reed's POV, and let me tell you, it was just what I needed to get inside of that cryptic mind of his. We really saw a more vulnerable side emerge in this book that softened my heart towards him so much. Ella on the other hand, is one tough nut to crack. Her trust has been broken and once that's gone, she's not easily convinced that she should put herself in a weak position again. Ella is a survivor at heart, and she listens to her instincts. Her instincts are telling her that she never should have laid her heart on the line for the Royal boys. Reed in particular.

The tug-of-war between Reed and Ella
comes back once again in Broken Prince, only in a different form. It's no longer a fight for dominance in the lion's den. It's a battle to prove their true character once and for all. To make the right choices and learn from their mistakes. These boys may be filthy rich and living in the lap of luxury, but in no way does that make their lives comfortable. We learn more about their family history and the depths that the depraved people around them will sink. In their world, it's kill or be killed and these boys became ruthless for a reason. With the poor examples of both their parents, it's not hard to see why they struggled to make the right choices. But you can't help but fall in love with each of them despite their faults and weaknesses.

Ella is no stranger to adversity herself, just on the other end of the social spectrum. Reed had more financial advantages than her, but they similar in so many ways that she couldn't help but see him and connect to him at his core like nobody else could. She came into their world and shook up their lonely and bitter lives. Nothing would ever be the same again.

She brought steel and fire. She made us laugh again. She gave us purpose-at first, it was us uniting against her. Then it turned into us standing beside her. Protecting her. Loving her.

Adrenaline fueled, and set at a frenetic pace, Broken Prince is sure to keep your pulse sky rocketing from beginning to end. All you can do is hold on tight and hope that you survive the inevitable crash and burn from the ending. There's no turning back now, I'm hooked and waiting for my next piece of the story to tide me over. I can't stress enough how much I adore this series. These two authors have created characters that jump right off the pages and come to vivid life in front of my eyes. Not only the main characters, but the supporting characters as well. The storyline is so well-developed and riveting that there isn't a moment of boredom. If you haven't made your mind up to read these, take the leap and get ruined. You are not going to want to pass up this experience.


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