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Blog Tour with Review: Raw Deal by Cherrie Lynn

RAW DEAL by Cherrie Lynn
E-Original published by Swerve
Publication Date: January 24, 2017
ISBN: 9781250126368
Price: $3.99

Savannah's brother was killed in a cage fight with Mike "Red Reaper" Larson after a savage punch to the head.

When Mike shows up at the funeral, he’s nothing like Savannah expected. Gone is the fierce, brutal beast she’s seen in the cage. In his place is a beautiful man torn with guilt, seeking forgiveness, and willing to do anything to ease her pain.

Her family doesn’t approve, but her heart doesn’t stand a chance. Irresistibly drawn together, neither of them can deny the intoxicating desire unleashed between them, turning their pain into the most exquisite pleasure.

But every time Mike steps into the cage, Savannah knows she could lose him too. She can’t go through that again, but how can she let go of the one man who sets her body and soul on fire?

About the Author:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author CHERRIE LYNN has been a CPS caseworker and a juvenile probation officer, but now she writes contemporary and paranormal romance on the steamy side. She's also an unabashed rock music enthusiast, and she is fond of hitting the road with her husband to catch their favorite bands live. Cherrie lives in East Texas.

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Mike and Savannah had the type of forbidden romance that brings on some exquisite angst. The FEELS, guys! This is what I'm always searching for in my hunt for a good romance. I want to be swept away and overwhelmed with the raw emotion and need that these characters have, and they had it in spades. I love how untraditional this story was. The plot was a brave one to tackle, and Ms. Lynn pulled it off with flying colors. There are so many ways you could get a story like this wrong, but I'm happy to report that I was one very satisfied customer. This couple brought together by a horrible tragedy found something infinitely precious at the most unlikely time.

How do you look in the eyes of the man who took your brother from you without hate? Savannah does exactly that.

In the brutal world of MMA, you know a blood bath is likely, but you never think your loved ones will leave you so suddenly. This has now become Savannah's reality. On the day of her brother Tommy's funeral, Mike Larson was the last person she was expecting to see. What was even more surprising was the fact that his savage public persona didn't match up with this humble man in front of her. Wracked with guilt and looking for absolution, he would give anything to make things better for her family. Predictably, she is torn right from the start, wondering if she should even give him the time of day. But there was a genuine ring to his words and actions-and no hope of forgetting him.

She wanted to talk to him because, despite all of her internal protests, he’d been a comfort to her. His words, his voice, especially the way he’d held her hand as they parted ways. The hand that had beaten her brother to death had held hers as if it were something precious.

Mike was a man who lives and breathes to protect his brothers, and fighting was his way out of the poor childhood handed to them. Poverty and a druggie mother brought dangerous people in their lives and he became their only protection. Fighting was his ultimate salvation, but now it brought nothing but pain. All he could see was the face of the man whose life he unintentionally took. People fear him now more than ever, but the one woman who showed him compassion and generosity left him in the most turmoil.

If he wanted to be perfectly honest with himself, some of his sleepless nights had been more about hoping she was all right and wondering if he would ever hear that voice again than any personal torment he was experiencing.

Make no mistake. You will fall for Mike's protectiveness and sweet side, but he is not a soft man. He's dominant to the core and still more than a little uncivilized. Just a warning: do not read this thing in public because when the sexual tension between these two combust, you will too. For obvious reasons, they fought the hard fight to resist their developing attraction. The public, her family would never condone it or forgive her. They both struggled with the morality of it all, but in the end it could only be suppressed for so long.

When we’re skin to skin, she thought, he’ll incinerate me. God help her, she wanted to burn. Burn until there was nothing left of her heart and mind but ashes, no room to think, no time to second-guess.

I loved the complexity of their relationship. The idea of finding love from the source of such pain was truly a beautiful story to watch unfold. These characters handled all conflict with maturity and grace-it was so utterly refreshing. The hurdles they had to overcome were insurmountable, but I had every faith they had what it took to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Passion, tenderness, and devotional love. That is what you will find in Raw Deal. Get in on this new series from the start. There are more Larson brothers to come and I'm already eager to see where this author leads them. Sign me up right now, I'm ready.

“You have me.”
“As long as there’s breath in my body, darlin’. And beyond.”


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