Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review: Chosen Heart (The Hart Series #1) by Ann Stewart & Stephanie Nash

About Book:

Title: Chosen Heart (The Hart Series #1)
Authors: Ann Stewart & Stephanie Nash
Release Date: 8/8/2013
Category: NA/ Adult
Rating:  4 stars

My Thoughts:

“I can't be held responsible for what I do, when my mind doesn't comprehend my heart's desire.”

Chosen Heart is definitely intriguing and sweeping of feet romance story, that every romance junkie will eat up. This is a pure entertaiment and sexy, loveable read. Before beginning I was a little bit sceptic, because I thought Chosen Heart plot has nothing fresh in it and there wouldn’t be anything I could be surprised by. I’m really glad I was wrong, though. I had a great time, while reading Stewart and Nash’s book and some revelations definitely astonished me. And, well when something can purplex me, then I can honestly say book is well thought and great written. Especially when the usual plot with work affair has few wonderful twists and turns that can make it refreshing.

This is Elyssa and Alexander story. Both of them are carring great weight on shoulders, and meeting each other only complicated their complicated enough lifes. Feeling instant attraction and undeniable lust toward each other makes them go crazy. Especially because they are working in the same office. Fighting with feelings they’ve never had, struggling with terrible mistakes of the past, Elyssa and Alexander have to make hard decisions.

I really liked how Alexander was created. Sexy buisnessman in suit and tie, with yummy alpha male streak, still yet, amazingly caring and tortured, enigmatic man. Something in him makes ladies be moths to his flame, and I wasn’t an exception. I fell for his smirk and cocky attidute in instant.

I also found Elyssa likeable and realistic character. She wasn’t whiney or annoying, which made reading Chosen Hearts pleasurable experience.
Together they were so smokin’ hot that I devoured every steamy scene, while grinning like an idiot and the perv I am.

This is a really entertaining read for all the ladies that are likely to get hooked on some sexy, dominant man and adore to read about passionate love that isn’t only rainbows, fluffy bunnies and unicorns.

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