Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review: Catch by Solagne Poirier

About The Book:

18043610Title:  Catch (Assassins #1)
Author: Solagne Poirier
Release Date: 12th September

Sometimes, being in the wrong place at the wrong time is where you need to be for the good things in life to fall into place.

Max Brady is a 25 year old, fresh out of college, ambitious woman that doesn't take crap from anyone, and often uses men before tiring and disposing of them. She’s landed her dream job at the internet search engine company Fiddle. Unfortunately, she is stuck working as an assistant to the company’s CEO, but she’s hopeful that if she plays nice, one day she’ll be promoted.

Catch is an assassin. He’s been working this job for twelve years and now with his family taken care of he is ready to retire. All he wants to do is complete his last assignment, collect his large sum of cash, and then disappear to a nice, quiet place in another country.

When Max makes the huge mistake of sleeping with her boss, she decides to copy some files from his computer to hold as leverage in the event that he may try to fire her. Little does she know, the files hold secrets that can take down her boss and the entire Fiddle company.

That decision changes the course of both of their lives.

Catch is hired to kidnap and kill Max, but instead he chooses to save her life. They go on the run as he tries to formulate a plan to remove the hit on Max, because he believes that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. As they spend more time together, Catch’s motivation for saving her life changes with his realization that if anything happens to Max he may be unable to live without her.

This book is HEA.

***Due to sexual content and language it's not suitable for young readers.***

My Thoughts: 

4.5 stars

This is hot, temperametal read, with yummy alpha male and badass girl on the run.

Catch is fantastic read that reminded me of watching action movie with great, strong romance. Full of sexual chemistry, amazing humor, bad guys and guns, Catch got me hooked! There wasn’t a minute, when I was bored or wanted to skip pages. I was glued to the story and nothing could make me stop reading. This book is the exact reason, why I love reading so much. I just love the feeling of escape from the real world, into one full of possibilties, and Catch transported me there.

Max is fierce woman, that can kick some asses. Her temper and sharp tongue will be the death of her… Literally.

This woman can’t stop sticking her nose into someone else’s buisness, which after a night spent with her boss, was a catastrophe. Afraid of being fired, after she finally gave up what’s between her legs to James Kelly, CEO of Fiddle, Max thought it was a great idea to break into his office and find something to blackmail him with, but when she was copying files from his computer onto her memory stick, she didn’t think there would be information worth her life. Now, James Kelly wants her death and the best way to do so is to hire professional assassin.

Ruthless, dominant and recluse Catch finally decides to retire. Max will be his last hit, and then he’s outta here. When he gets the job, he thinks that kidnapping his victim is a little bit weird, but when he learns why Kelly wants her death he can’t do it, This beautiful red head with temper is Innocent and there is no way he will kill someone who doesn’t deserve it. Even assassins have morales, right?

Deciding to help this annoying, frustrating woman, Catch causes some big trouble. Now, Max and Catch not only have to run away from Kelly, but from group of furious assassins and from the feelings they share toward each other.

Sexual tension and explosive chemistry is everywhere. Sparks are flying, breathing’s rapid… And Catch and Max are fighting. Every time of a day and night. The more possesive Catch got, the more provocative Max started to act.

He and his alpha male ways with red headed temper of Max make dangerous mix, that can burn them. But is there a way to stop the want of their bodies? Nope, there definitely isn’t *fist pump*.

Catch is phenomenal read, that will satisfy every lady in need for some kick ass action and action between the sheets. This is hot, temperametal book, with yummy alpha male and badass girl on the run, will blow your mind! This sensual story will hold you captive to the last page!

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