Saturday, September 28, 2013

Review: Only Between Us by Mila Ferrera

About The Book:

Title: Only Between Us
Author: Mila Ferrera
Release Date: 3rd September

Last semester, Romy escaped from an abusive relationship with the guy she’d thought was the man of her dreams. This semester she’s putting herself back together, determined to reclaim her passion for art and for life. When she signs up for a painting class at the local art co-op, the possibility of passion becomes very real -- in the form of her teacher, Caleb. Both mysterious and seriously hot, Caleb bares his soul on his canvases, and Romy’s fascinated by what she sees.

Caleb is just trying to keep his head above water. Caring for his traumatized, unstable sister is getting harder every day, and his paintings are so dark and bleak that no one is buying. Teaching classes at the co-op is no longer enough, and now he’s going to have to sell more than just his art to the wealthy, sex-starved women in his classes. But when Romy comes along, she makes everything more complicated. She sees the truth in his paintings -- a truth no one else has realized, until now.

Romy and Caleb might have a real shot together -- one that could heal them both. But when ghosts from their pasts re-emerge, determined to keep them apart, will they be strong enough to hold on to each other?

My Thoughts:

Rating 5 stars

Only between us is about Romy who escaped from terrible, toxic relationship, that changed her life and destroyed vital parts of it. Now, she has to pick up the pieces of life that Alex had stolen her. Little by little and step by step Romy comes back to the things that were a part of her, before Alex. With help of her friends, Romy finishes her degree and for the first time in very long time starts to paint.

Romy is strong and kind character, there isn’t a whiney bone in her, which made me like her very much. She’s not typical New Adult heroine, because even with her past and fear she’s trying to rebuilt her life, without too much drama. Her great passion for painting, made her enroll in painting classes where she meets Caleb. Sexy and struggling artist who has many difficulties. Everything is on his shoulders and every day is a fight to survive and protect his damaged sister. Still he manages to take care of his mentally disturbed sister the best he can, which was admirable. He never complained, never told a bad word about her. It was heartbreaking to see how much he could sacriface for her.

One Between Us is one of those books that are nice and pleasureable read, yet still heartbreaking. It’s a great story about dealing with problems without causing too unrealistic drama or lack of commnication between main characters. I’ve enough of dishonesty in book relationships, so it was really nice to see a couple who were honest and believed in others words. That made Romy and Caleb’s relationship realistic, beautiful and good.

I also loved how wonderfully author showed Caleb and Romy’s love for art. It was incredibly passionate, sweet and tasteful. It was nice to see how much art means to Caleb, and the way Romy can see into his soul by looking at his work made me swoon.

The only issue I had is predictability. As much as I enjoyed it, Only Between Us is very similar to other contemporary romances. I suppose this book should be hotter and more twisted.

Everything in Only Between Us is real and sincere. Every page is filled with enaging story about facing obstacles and never letting go of things that are important. Extremely likeable characters and the fact this book has alternating point of views, made it more complex and heart shattering.

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