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Review: Unconditional by Cherie M Hudson


Title: Unconditional
Series: Always #1
Author: Cherie M. Hudson
Release Date: February 9th , 2014
Rating: 5 stars
Cliffhanger: No.

She has a future she can’t escape. He refuses to let her face it alone.

Twenty-one. The age when adult life begins. In my case, it’s the age I learned my future sucked, big time, and there was nothing I could do about it. Every minute of every day I face the fact my life is only going to get worse. Why? Because I have early-onset Parkinson’s Disease. I’m not going to let it get me down, but I also can’t let anyone close. That’s not fair to them, or to me. Trust me. So that means my heart and my soul, is off-limits.

But then I traveled to Australia on a college scholarship program and life royally screwed me over. Again.

Raphael Jones is an arrogant Australian celebrity, the hottest guy on campus and a pain in my ass. Worst of all, he makes me ache for a life I’ll never be able to have. Especially when he takes me in his arms and does wicked things to my body.

How do I have a hope of surviving ten weeks in Australia when it’s not just the paparazzi who have me in their sights, but Raph as well? Because Raphael Jones is a man who always gets what he wants. And no matter what I say or do, he refuses to accept what I so painfully know: a life and future with me is no life at all.

What an amazing novel! Every time I turned the page, I was flooded with new hilarious situations that made me smile or laugh, swoon worthy moments, toe curling encounters and panty melting events! I can’t even begin to explain how much fun I had while reading Unconditional. It was fantastic surprise and I’m still in awe. The beautiful way in which author mixed terrible thing that Maci had to carry on her shoulders with butterflies waking romance and wonderful, quirky sense of humor completely astounded me.

This story is told from Maci’s point of view. She’s barely twenty two and already has more on her platter than most seventy years olds. She’s suffering from Parkinson’s disease exactly like her mother is. Not only was she diagnosed barely one year ago, she had to take care of her mother from the time she was a little girl. She has seen it all - bad and ugly. She’s seen how her mother changed from normal, happy woman into trembling, shaking mess that can’t even lace her shoes. And she knows the same is waiting for her. That’s why Maci stopped having boyfriends or friends. What’s the point when all of them will leave her or worse stay and see her losing her dignity?

Thanks to not having a social life Maci had time to study and her hard work won her scholarship to Sydney University. As environmental student she will be observing koalas while writing her thesis.

So when she finally landed in Sydney airport she kind of lost her passport, attacked a senior citizen, lost her luggage and.. kissed a handsome boy in men’s bathroom.

The man she made out with is the hottest celebrity in Australia and Sydney University’s student.

Now, Maci is fighting with her disease, observing koalas and telling her heart to stop fucking beat faster every time she sees Raphael Jones, which is a lot.

What did I love? Honestly, I think it was everything that made me love it so much. From the unique and refreshing plot filled with witty banter, awesome, funny dialogues and amazing, quirky characters to beautiful, steamy romance. And koalas of course! After this book this adorable little creatures are my favorite animals in the whole world!

Maci’s wonderful main character. Not only wasn’t she bitter and whiny, which would be expected in her situation, on the contrary she was strong, independent and made fantastic impression on me. Her crazy personality and clumsiness and being a magnet toward troubles only made her even more likeable. I laughed at her crazy logic and insane situations she was thrown into so much, but I also felt my heart breaking for her.

Raphael is not like any other book boyfriend out there. I won’t spoil you and give away details about his insane celebrity status, but damn was it something I didn’t expect. The secondary characters were so fabulous and perfect for this book.

I must say that this is New Adult novel in its best. Why? It has everything, and I really mean it, everything that makes it out of the charts brilliant! It’s steamy, it’s sexy, it’s funny and witty and what’s more the romance in this book is really… unconditionally beautiful.

This book will make you laugh, it will make you hurt and it’ll change you into horny beast. What a stunning roller coaster!

What more can I write her to make you read this book? Because really it is so worth it. I have no idea how to properly describe my feelings, because the only word that scratches the surface of the Unconditional is WOW! I highly recommend this perfect, mind blowing read. I can’t wait to read more by this author and I have a feeling she will quickly fall into my favorite new adult authors.


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