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Christie's Review: Losing Control (The Kerr Chronicles) by Jen Frederick

Losing Control (Kerr Chronicles, #1)

Title: Losing Control
Series: The Kerr Chronicles
Author: Jen Frederick
Release Date: June 17, 2014
Rating:5 stars
Cliffhanger:Mild one

”I say who I sleep with and whose bed I’m in-and right now, you aren’t even in the same conversation.” 
“I am the entire conversation.”

The steam in this book just about blew my top off. It blew my skirt back, It caused some tingling, some heart thumping, and some wiping of my brow may have been involved. WOWZA!!! Ian was THE MAN!! He was powerful, mysterious, dominating, decisive, and utterly generous with a tender side. He is exactly the type of hero I love. Once he's claimed his woman, no man would dare to encroach on his territory-or he will suffer the consequences. Very quickly, we see this side of Ian's personality-he always gets his way. Period.

"Are you always so confident and knowing? It's not very attractive."
"Then I guess you'll have no problem resisting me."

Wrong! (And he knows it.)

When he and Tiny meet, she's delivering a package to him and they have an unexplainable reaction to each other but tangible nonetheless by both of them. Without words, they see in each other's eyes that they are connected: souls, destiny, whatever you want to call it. There's an unfamiliar sensation felt by both. The only difference is, he's immediately ready for whatever this is between them. He makes snap decisions and goes with it with all he has. Tiny is faltering in her life that is currently in shambles though and she's scared. She runs. This is where his nickname "bunny" comes from. He's the predator-and she's the prey. She doesn't stand a chance.

Game on.

Tiny (Bunny) is going through the worst time in her entire life. She's struggling to do whatever it takes to make ends meet. And it has to be immediately. Her mother's illness has returned and now their lack of money has put a stop to her will to fight. What would she sacrifice to give her hope and comfort? Anything. There's no law she wouldn't break and no line she wouldn't cross. But would she do what Ian requires? Would she agree to taking part in his plans of revenge, no matter what the cost? That answer comes easy. She's loyal and giving to a fault. And her mother is her best friend who needs everything she's got. And she's going to give it to her. Tiny is extremely smart, but because of a reading disability, she has limited options for work. She has a strength of will that overcomes everything that falls in her path though and I loved that side of her personality. The one thing she can't seem to vanquish though is her unwanted, overpowering desire for Ian. He's everywhere, all around her and he's upfront with her: he wants her, and eventually he will have her.

"I wanted to delay making love to you until I was completely sure you were with me-mind, body, and soul-because yes, Tiny, you are mine. And this isn't for show."

I'm going to fuck you so hard tonight that you will be left with only one thought. One concept: You belong to me."

Ian seduces her with everything he's got. In the bedroom he took charge, talked dirty, and I was melting in a puddle. Holy hell. The man could do no wrong in my eyes.

He worships her, he supports her and he helps carry her burden that's been hers alone for years. Because of that she's extremely independent and she doesn't like taking the littlest thing from him. She wants to stand on her own feet and not depend on anyone. But little by little he melts her heart and breaks through her tough exterior. He shows her mother respect and courtesy and to see them together, growing genuinely close ultimately causes her complete surrender. He says he'll never leave her-can she trust in that? Because her world would crumble if everything falls apart.

Ian's hiding a mysterious past however and he's not ready to share his motivation for his need for revenge. He's pulled her into it but he can't divulge many details. He's clearly emotionally wounded in some way and they were a comfort to each other and someone they could depend on. Is she ensnared in something that she may come to regret? She's not sure, but at this point, there's no turning back.

Final thoughts: I've read several books by this author in the past, but this is now by far my favorite of hers without question. This has just cemented her as an auto-buy author and most especially the next book in the series. I absolutely consumed this book cover to cover without pause. One of the things I felt made the book stellar was the author's outstanding attention to detail and characterization. Sometimes the structure or idea of a story can be good but it may fall flat in the details and ability to drag your emotions inside the story. This was not the case here. This was a powerful story of a girl who's pulled back from the edge of despair. But is he her savior or her downfall?

It didn't even have a complete HEA and I still gave it 5 stars. I'm usually running for the hills if I hear that or throwing something when I don't get one. That should tell you how much I enjoyed this one. Loved, loved, LOVED. I want more. I am so unbelievably thrilled that the next book is in HIS POV. Dying while waiting.


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