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Review: Ocean Kills by Jade Hart

 Title: Ocean Kills
Author: Jade Hart
Release Date: 5th December 2012
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Around the world, murderers and rapists pick off the innocent. Killing loved ones, separating families, and ruining lives.

As an eight-year-old girl, Ocean witnessed her family’s massacre and something altered inside her. Twisting her genetic code… unlocking an ability to teleport.

Ocean Breeze was never destined to be normal, especially having been named after air-freshener. She’s a shadow, a ghost—a dark saviour of the innocent. Armed with a switchblade in her bra, and a box-cutter in her pocket, she hunts the filth of the world.

Callan Bliss is a Sydney police officer whose skill-set is far above that of a normal cop. All his fellow officers see is a hard worker who loves to catch perpetrators and surf, but that’s because they don’t know about his past. When Callan arrests a suspicious-looking prostitute, he comes face-to-face with a self-confessed vigilante, and suddenly, his secrets aren’t so easy to keep silent.

Ocean hates the police with a passion, and has no intention of being held captive by a cop, even if he is sexy as hell. Teleporting from under his nose, Ocean hunts her next target—a man responsible for the largest sex ring in South Africa—and now he’s about to die. But she doesn’t count on Callan giving chase, nor the body-quaking lust that consumes them. However, Ocean's dark hobbies take precedence over what her heart wants—her thirst for murdering is killing her too, and not even Callan can save her.

Ocean Kills is sexy - smexy, funny and incredible thrilling book debiut by Jade Hart

Ocean Kills is the first book in the Ocean Breeze series by Jade Hart and an amazing new adult novel. I had the opportunity to read the ARC of "Ocean Kills" which made my day a lot of more enjoyable than I thought it could turn out to be. Actually when I got an e-mail from the author with attached ebook I screamed in joy and started reading it immadiately. Who cared about history exam, which in fact I probably failed? Freaking no one. Espacially not me. I read it almost all night, muttering to myself I’ll read only one more chapter, one more… and ended reading it to the very last page. Do you guys know that feeling, when your eyes are burning and you’re so freaking tired you cannot think straight but still on your face is this psycho grin? I went to school and slept in my lessons, but that didn’t really matter! History exam could take me down to the hell, and still  I wouldn’t regret it.

„My name is Ocean Breeze. Yep. Ocean freakin' Breeze. It was my mom's attempt at some posh-sounding name. She was inspired by—get this—a bottle of toilet air-freshener”

Ocean Kills is a story about 24 year old Ocean Brezze, who’s family were murdered on here eyes when she was only a little girl. She was raped by the same two men who have done it. And this incident ruined her life. From that moment she wanted only venegance. The strange ability to teleport made it a lot of easier. Ocean started to kill everyone who hurt other people. Killing become her obsession. She was like a freaking Robin Hood in skirt with a knife instead of bow! Ocean was intense, kick ass character with witty sense of humor and let’s underlined it she liked to castrate men. Yeah. I kind of flipped when I read that she actually, you know, cut of some guy’s dick. I’d live without this little detail (hmm… I kind of hope it was little…). But her life was married only to the Job she done, to the moment when she was arrested, because of prostitution. Let’s only say that meeting sexy smexy cop began new set of problems for Ocean. Now, she didn’t want to get away from pair of handcuffs, she wanted Officer Bliss to used them on her… ‘Stop that, Ocean. You're dirtier than a truck driver.”
Yeah, Ocean better stop that, because I’m starting to be dirtier than you and that truck driver!

Oh my Gods! I loved everything in this book. Seriously, can’t wait to read second one and see a lot more of Callan, hot-as-fuck, Officer Bliss. „Him! Oh my God. Him”

Ocean Kills gets from me 5 sweet pink daises:

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