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Blog Tour & Eliza's Giveaway: Rush (White Lace,#1) by Gina Gordon

Title: Rush 
Series: White Lace,#1 
Author: Gina Gordon 
Release date: 12th May, 2015

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Everly Parker is about to graduate from law school, always busy, and can’t stop rushing through life. Her late grandmother left her a bucket list of meaningful, can’t-miss experiences, but she hasn’t completed a single one. Then searing-hot Max Levin bursts into her world. As a casting director for a porn production company, Max is loaded, cocky, and all wrong for Everly. Still, she’s tempted enough to cross the first item off her list: Go out with someone you’d never give the time of day.

Inheriting a porn empire isn’t every guy’s dream (well, actually, it probably is), but Max isn’t complaining. It’s just that until he meets Everly, he has no idea what he’s been missing. As the pressure mounts to take over the family business, Max can’t help wondering what would happen if he chose Everly instead. So far, his life has been a wild ride, but only Everly promises the greatest rush of all: love.

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I’ll admit, after reading the blurb, I did rush to a few judgements about this one. Our hero Max Levin is Vice President at White Lace Productions, the biggest producer of adult films in the country. He is is due to take over the helm of the business from his father and has access to all the money and girls a young twenty something year old man could wish for.

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Frankly I was expecting Max to have a whiff of “Eau de Douche” about him but was pleasantly surprised by how my preconceptions were quashed. Someone else who had the same unfounded judgements as myself was our heroine, Everly Parker. Rather than preconceptions, Everly’s troubles are managing her parents expectations of her. Life seems to be passing Everly by but armed with a list she is left by her late grandmother she aims to change that.

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After a chance meeting filled with instant attraction, Max takes it upon himself to help Everly accomplish her list. It took me a little longer to get into the story than I would have liked but once I did, I enjoyed direction it took. Max was the stand out character for me and once Everly warmed up to him the steam factor increased also, which lets face it is never a bad thing.

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The premise of the list and lessons learned could be deemed as rather cliché but it was such fun that by the end I was fully paid up passenger on the happy ending express.

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When her dream of becoming a mafia princess didn’t pan out, Gina Gordon went after her second dream: becoming a writer. And she hasn’t looked back. A self-proclaimed happily-ever-after junkie and cupcake connoisseur, Gordon loves spinning contemporary tales of knee-bending first kisses, unconditional love, and super-hot sex. She lives in Milton, Ontario, with her husband and their lovable dog.

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