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Eliza's Review: Sincerely, Carter by Whitney Gracia Williams

Title: Sincerely, Carter
Series: Standalone
Author: Whitney Gracia Williams
Release date: 30th April, 2015
Rating: 3.5-4 "just friends" stars
Cliffhanger: No

Just friends.
We’re just friends.
No, really. She’s just my best friend... 

Arizona Turner has been my best friend since fourth grade, even when we “hated” each other. We’ve been there for one another through first kisses, first “times,” and we’ve been each other’s constant when good relationships turned bad. (We even went to colleges that were minutes away from each other…)

Throughout the years, and despite what anyone says, we’ve never crossed the line.

Never thought about it.
Never wanted to.

Until one night changed everything.
At least, it should’ve ...

Just friends.
We’re just friends.
I’m only saying this until I figure out if she’s still “just” my best friend…

 photo 7E6A9B04-4C22-4EE7-BFA6-3968F28AB719_zpsmxorazfc.jpg

Sincerely, Carter is a story that spans, hate, friendship, lust and love.
Depending on which one them you ask Carter and Arizona meet in the fourth fifth grade and instantly fall in hate with each other.

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The deliciously, vicious notes these two send to each other are not only so extremely entertaining but the beginning of a friendship that confuses and perplexes those around them in their adulthood, as it's purely planktonic. Girlfriends and boyfriends come and go but there is always Carter and Ari, each other's constant.

It's the summer before they go their separate to pursue their careers, Carter in his education in Law and Ari culinary school in France. It should be like any other summer except for no significant reason at all Carter and Ari start crushing on each other.

He ran his hands through his jet black hair and I suddenly envisioned myself helping him with that, envisioned myself running my hands across his abs and lower-down to his perfectly defined "V" that trailed down to-
Oh. My. God...
I immediately looked away.
But then I looked at him again. I couldn't help myself.
How could I not have noticed this?

It's both unexpected and unwelcomed for them. But not me! The anticipation alone was electrifying and when they slid into the next phase of their relationship it's nothing but scintillating. Notice I say "Slid into the next phase," I say that because to me there is no significant conversation or real acknowledgement of it. It just happens and continues to just happen, until it's happening. And of course this brings confusion and conflict when the summer is over.

 photo 021E5EC5-4B35-4A43-87F3-1DED932E98BA_zps2qncjild.gif

I've read the 'Reasonable Doubt" series by Whitney G and loved it. It would be incredibly tempting replicate that success and make Carter Andrew 2.0. Thankfully Whitney did not give into that temptation. What I did notice with reading this is Whitney's character and humor comes through in her books. No, I've never met her before but Carter and Ari are so much fun it's hard to believe they didn't get it from their creator.

 photo 5F373706-2C67-4FDD-BCB3-A2A53FEC84FE_zps2oxw9d1k.gif

The reasoning for my lack of a 5 star rating is like always I like to see my couple be a couple. The ending felt a tad rushed and I'm hoping that could mean there is more to come from them in the future. (Even if it's a novella, I'll take that!) Also because the connection between these two is so genuine and unique when they admit their true feelings it didn't have the fireworks I expected. Nonetheless, Sincerely Carter cements Whitney G's place on my auto buy list and I'm looking forward to more from her.

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