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Christie's Review: This Sky by Autumn Doughton


Title:This Sky
Series: Standalone
Author: Autumn Doughton
Release Date: August 12, 2014
Rating:4.5 stars
Cliffhanger: No

Gemma Sayers has spent the last six days rotting in a hotel room, wallowing in a noxious combination of gin, junk food and self-pity. She’s no stranger to disappointment but nothing could have prepared her for the chaos that unfolded when her celebrity boyfriend publicly humiliated her. Now the fairytale is officially over and Gemma is determined to put the past behind her and strike out to find a new dream. Just a few teeny-tiny details to work out: she’s currently broke, homeless and unemployed.

Landon Young has his own worries. Surfer by day and bartender by night, he doesn’t have the interest or the time to be anyone’s happily-ever-after. Weighed down by the memory of what happened two years ago, Landon can barely keep his head above water.

This Sky is the thoughtful and often funny story about broken trust, an unexpected love and the hopes we keep sewn in the linings of our pockets.

Autumn Doughton is a bonafide artist with words. I enjoyed this story, but most of all, I loved the writing in this book. I'm a sucker for metaphorical writing that resembles poetry and that is exactly what you find in this story. There is such a richness to Autumn's writing, I want to sink into it and never come up for air.


There is such a beauty in her words that transcends your average story. She takes the simplest phrase and turns it into a work of art. She paints a picture for you in sharp Technicolor. If you're not a fan of highly lyrical and introspective dialogue and more a fan of straightforward and simple, this will not be the book for you. But if you're like me, and would rather feel the words rather than just see them, than you might want to check this one out.

This book is about two people who are very much in a transitional phase in their life. A metamorphosis, if you will. And they're definitely not looking for love. Gemma has just had her entire life turned upside down-her boyfriend of two years cheated on her and because he's a semi-famous actor, the whole embarrassing fiasco was plastered all over the internet to her shame. She's broke, heartbroken, and feeling generally lost. But at least she's got a sense of humor about it.

Folks, welcome to Heartbreak City. Last week, I was elected Mayor.

She's feeling downright negative about her life overall and isn't sure how she's going to get herself back on track.

Some caterpillars become moths.
That's me.
A moth.

Moving in with her best friend is hopefully a step in the right direction-she packs up her pet chinchilla and heads on her way. One humiliating meltdown, and a run-in with a stranger who comes to her rescue, and she's arrived. But who would have guessed that the sexy stranger who came to her aid is now living a few doors down...and she's about to find herself face to face with him very soon.

Landon is pretty lost himself. He thought by chasing his one true passion, he'd find hope.
He thought by chasing his oblivion in the waves, he'd erase his debilitating childhood memories from his mind and start fresh. Until it all came crashing down on him. And he's back home wondering where that leaves him now.

Things are shifting.
They're smoking.
Dissolving into air.
Soon, what will be left of me besides echoes and negative space?

I just loved these two together. They were at similar crossroads in their life but when they got together, they had this quirky way of communicating, they found humor in the little things, and had more in common with each other than with anybody they've ever met. They melted my heart, time and again. They had these deep seated feelings for each other but they didn't rush into anything and there was NO insta-love in sight. It felt natural and easy. And it was sweet and beautiful. Even though they tried to keep things simple, life has a way of flipping things upside down.

Landon was a hero with lots of book boyfriend material. He was so incredibly sweet with Gemma. I loved that the dual POV allowed me inside his head, because he had some amazingly beautiful thoughts about our heroine.

She's so gorgeous that it squeezes something inside of me. I'm lost, pulled down by the rush of the tide, forgetting to make myself take in oxygen.

Will Landon be able to find his way back to his one true passion?

Will the solace and peace they find in each other me more than a temporary fix?

I really enjoyed Gemma and Landon's story and the overall breathtaking way in which it was presented. This is definitely not one of those books that are easily forgotten. While the basic story was simple, the storytelling was astounding. But most of all it felt genuine and sincere. This is a really sweet coming of age story with plenty of humor and emotion. I would highly recommend this book if you like this style of writing.


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