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Eliza's Review: For Fallon by Soraya Naomi

                                           For Fallon (Chicago Syndicate, #1)

Title: For Fallon
Series: Chicago Syndicate #1
Author: Soraya Naomi
Release Date: 26th July , 2014
Rating: 4 "Trust Me" Stars
Cliffhanger: Yes

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I have to admit Luca was the main highlight of my read, I liked him as a character. He’s the quiet, deadly type; Loyal and protective. He has an air of mystery that’s attractive, yet dangerous. He's not the showy Alpha, it's innate; he commands and demands respect.

What appears to be an innocent meeting in a nightclub is in actual fact recon for Luca's line of business. However when they "meet" for both of them it's instant. The physical attraction and the desire for more. They eventually after much agonising from Luca start a relationship and it's intensity is undeniable; although it's marred by the fact that Luca is holding back from her.

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To some degree I underestimated Fallon, she's lead a straight forward life, she has happily married parents she's close too, a job she enjoys and a stable social life with best friend Teagan. As her suspicions rise and she can no longer ignore the darker side of Luca; there's a tenacity in her for the truth which is also later amplified as situations spiral out of her control.

"Redemption is not meant for men like me. Only a constant stream of retribution is what lies in my future."

The build up and momentum of the story is rather slow and I don't mean that negatively. As readers we are already in the knowledge of Luca's dealings rather early in the story, and observe the unfolding of Fallon trying to discover her suspicions no matter how much she initially tries to ignore them. And although we as readers are privy to information Fallon does not have, it's by no means predictable - in fact the action and drama is further accelerated.

 photo AAB8BCB5-6D96-4992-A75E-C1EEA48D39EF_zpslnuh8hdc.jpg

I'm keen to discover where the story will go from here. As much as I would like to think it's a case of a simple apology, the damage that has been done is on a far larger scale that can be rectified with dinner and some flowers.

And so, I wait.


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