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Eliza's Review: Entangle by Veronica Larsen


Title: Entangle
Series: Hearts of Stone, #1
Author: Veronica Larsen
Release Date: 1st December, 2014
Rating: 4.5 "I'm in" Stars
Cliffhanger: No

It begins small. His smoky blue eyes striking hers until the air between them flickers. Her whispered suggestion blows the spark into a flame. A guarded heart. A relentless pursuit. An insatiable chemistry that yields to a torrid affair. Alexis Stone I tried to do things the right way. I wore the big white dress and rode off with Prince Charming. Then Charming changed his mind. See, that's the part they don't tell you; he can change his mind. These days, I don't put my heart in anyone's hands because I don't even know where I've left it. Enter Leo. Blue-eyed specimen of a man, stirring me awake in ways I never thought possible. I think I should indulge myself for once. Because one time is all I need. Then he goes and weaves simple, deliberate movements into pure, gilded pleasure. And I'm hooked. I'm so blinded by desire I barely notice the gaping hole opening underneath me, the one that's sure to swallow me entirely. Because every time I've dared to get close to someone, they've cracked me wide open. Why should this time be any different?

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Alexis has been hurt in the past and although she's vowed to never allow herself to be put in that position again, the hurt in her past affect her decisions in her present.
In all aspects of her life she has control, she runs her own company, is her own boss, has employees and answers to no one. With poor excuses for parents and a previous painful divorce, the only constant good thing in her life is her sister, Emily. Alexis is successful, hard working and beautiful and would definitely be a catch, if she were willing to be caught.

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Leo is a new employee and unlike the others who are intimidated by her, he is rather intrigued. They at first seem to try and suss each other out and had the back and forth banter I really enjoy, all the while the while trying to temper down the mutual attraction they have for one another; until they can't and decide on a ..."single, one-time thing.” one night turns into many more and what should have been a simple proposition becomes complicated when past and present insecurities rear their ugly heads.

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I think I’ve felt it early on. His feelings for me have been a relentless force all along, pushing and pushing for me to move. I can’t deny I have feelings for him as well, despite my furious attempts to the contrary. But is it love? Do I love Leo?

I was completely caught of guard by how quickly I fell in love with the story. It had the perfect balance of sex, emotion and content. I felt it was brilliantly understated, somber sometimes even but bold in its impact. The author's
words tell the a great story of lust, fear and love, all the while setting an engaging scene.

I’m going to love you every day for the rest of my life. I’m not just going to love you, I’m going to love every version of you, everything you will become, everything you will grow and change into. I know that because, for as long as you let me, I will be by your side, changing with you, growing with you.

Do I want to read more from Veronica Larsen? Am I hoping for Emily's Book?

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~ARC kindly provided by publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.~


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