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Christie's Top 10 Reads of 2014

When it comes to choosing my Ultimate Top 10 books of the year, for me, it's not an easy task. 2014 held so many fantastic books from well known and loved authors, debut authors, and new-to-me authors. I've read books that broke my heart and put it back together again. I've read books that made me laugh myself silly and wear a big grin on my face for hours on end. And I've read books that have kept me frantic and tense and on edge in the most captivating way. As hard as it was to choose just 10, the following are the books that touched me and left a mark on me that will never fade from my memory. I love each and every one of them in their own specific and special way. 

Number 10:

This is Falling by Ginger Scott was a simply wonderful New Adult book that made me smile myself silly. It was a sweet and heart meltingly good College romance that I absolutely adored. It's not often I give New Adult 5 stars these days. Not because I'm not a fan, but at this point, I've read so many of them, it takes a lot for me to say that a book stands out and shines in this genre. Nate and Rowe accomplished that. It had all the angst of young love and the kind of quick bantering that just makes you feel good. This one's not to be missed if you're into the New Adult genre.

                               Number 9:

Ten Below Zero was my second read by Whitney Barbetti and while not everyone was able to see past these two harsh main characters, it was a solid 5 star read for me. It was one of those books that was completely uncomfortable to read at times, I didn’t know how to feel about either the hero or the heroine, and I was scared as hell about my heart being ripped out at the end.  It deals with difficult topics, facing a life threatening disease, and learning to heal from a horribly traumatic and scarring experience. It may have been difficult, but it was powerful and I'm so glad I was brave enough to read it. If you’re looking for something that will stir your emotions and make you feel, this one will definitely fit the bill.

                               Number 8:

Losing Control by Jen Frederick was an intensely passionate Contemporary Romance. It was erotic, it made my heart pound in excitement, and it made me anxious to unravel the mystery behind the man. It had so many elements that I crave in a book and all of them written superbly well into one exciting package.

It had love, revenge, secrets, and plenty of steam. What more could you ask for?  I’ve read many of this author’s books, but I have to say, this series may be my favorite. 

Number 7:

Sweet Addiction was J. Daniels debut book, and it was a smashing success in my opinion. It’s a fairly simple premise: A wedding hook up that leads to more intensity, obsession, and possession than either bargained for. This book was so hot, I was a little worried my kindle would set afire. It. was. phenomenal. It packs a huge punch with adorably funny secondary characters, sizzling hot chemistry, and plenty of angst. If you’re looking for something fun, sexy, and highly entertaining, this is your book. It’s one that has a firm place on my favorites shelf.

                              Number 6:

The Hook Up by Kristen Callahan was a new to me author. This is her first New Adult book and it had an enthusiastic reception all over Goodreads. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first to read it and I knew immediately that there was something special about this book. It's one of those books that completely stun you with how much it makes you feel. This sports romance romance about two college students came out of nowhere and took the romance world by storm. I adored this couple and I highly recommend it to anyone, even if you're not normally a reader of New Adult, it's very likely you will love this one.

Number 5:

Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan was unlike anything I’ve read before. This book touched me deeply with it’s beauty and pain tightly wrapped together. The hero was not one I would ever have imagined loving so much, but his sweet vulnerability and utter devotion to the heroine blew me away. This book will make you think, make you feel, and give you one hell of a book hangover. It’s an absolute MUST READ.

                                            Number 4:

Six of Hearts is another sensational read by L.H. Cosway.  I have nothing but glowing praises for this author. She never fails to amaze me and deeply touch me with her endearingly unique characters and her plots that keep me captivated and always, always keep me guessing. There's nothing predictable or cliché about anything L.H. Cosway does but Six of Hearts with it's tale of revenge, illusions, and love was masterfully done. It swept me away and left me giddy and thrilled in every way.

                                              Number 3: 

Thin Love by Eden Butler gave me such a rush and made me feel. It's a sweeping love story about two lovers' tumultuous relationship tragically separated by meddling family members. It had an abundance of passion and intensity and emotion. This is another book I was wary of reading after seeing how angst filled it was, but I don't regret reading it for a minute. This book holds a little piece of my heart. The characters were crafted with care and the message and story is one that will resonate for a long time to come. 

Number 2:

Beauty and the Mustache

  Penny Reid cannot write a bad book in my opinion. At least that’s been my experience with each and every book she creates. I completely devour them from cover to cover but Beauty and the Mustache was a standout even for her. Penny’s trademark eccentric characters that we know and love from the Knitting in the City series were in attendance as well as a whole slew of mustache’d and bearded mountain men. It was introspective, it was lovely, but most of all it was bursting with romance with a poetic hero to swoon over. Check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

Number one:

Nocte by Courtney Cole

That stunning cover alone merits an award in and of itself. But the story inside....sheer suspenseful, mysterious perfection. I LOVED Nocte. It tore me apart with it's maddening secret and sinister and evocative story. It gave me chills and made my heart pound in anticipation of the ending that I knew would shatter me. And shatter me it did. It was about tragedy and insanity and it may very well wreck you. But you'll love every minute of it. This was hands down the most exciting book of 2014 for me. 

The following are books that I give the title "honorable mention" I loved each and every one of these, they are all special to me and I couldn't completely leave them off my favorites of the year. They are in no particular order.

Stolen Breaths by Pamela Sparkman
Dearest Clementine by Lex Martin
Offside by Shay Savage
Incinerate by Tessa Teevan
Still Life with Strings by L. H. Cosway
Winter by Nikita Rae
Layers by Sigal Ehrlich
A Love of Vengeance by Nancy Havilland

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  1. Excellently expressed, Christie! I've read three of the books and have another two on my to-read shelf. Thanks for your valuable opinion!

  2. Thanks, Virginia! I liked reading yours as well! You were a lot more detailed than me, I just barely got my list posted before New Year's (4 hours before). It was incredibly hard choosing so few favorites, wasn't it? I hope I have the same problem this year. ;) <3