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Blog Tour: He Belongs With Me by Sarah Darlington


Title: He Belongs With Me
Author: Sarah Darlington
Release Date: March 4th, 2014
Rating: 3.5 stars

He Belongs With Me

Identical twins, Maggie and Clara Ryder, both grew up with Leo Maddox, billionaire playboy, apparent alcoholic, and heir to his grandfather's world-famous Maddox hotel empire. Their roles were cemented long ago: Maggie, as his best friend and Clara as his childhood nemesis.

But when a simple twist of fate changes everything and both girls start to fall for the lean, mean, ridiculously sexy and seemingly spoiled Leo... which girl will win his heart?

Throw in a little mischief, drama, and one smoking-hot bartender and lines are sure to blur. But one thing's for certain, neither good-girl Maggie nor rebellious Clara will be satisfied until they each figure out where they belong.

*NEW ADULT ROMANCE. Recommended for 17+ due to sexual situations and adult language*


This is a story about two sisters.  They’re twins. Both are beautiful, smart and completely different. Both have some serious problems and don’t like each other much. Both are in love with the same boy, but when someone else enters their lives things get even more interesting. 

He Belongs To Me it’s definitely not a story about two sisters and their love for each other. 

Let me start by saying that I had fun while reading this novel. It sucked me right in from the start. Why? Because He Belongs With Me is one of those incredibly cute, read for pleasure new adult stories that grab your attention and make for a very nice evening.

It was funny, exciting and definitely full of drama. Despite this assets, it wasn't the best read, though. I had few issues with it. Some things wew definitely too much and left me confused. Sometimes it was like watching few episodes of teenage soap opera in Glee style. Can you see where am I going with this?

When you watch one or two episodes the show can be fabulous, but when you watch a marathon quiclky some things start to be tiresome or just too much.

I can’t say I was bored. He Belongs To Me delivered many melting moments, funny episodes and  This is a light read that can  be devoured in one sitting, as the characters and storyline are so very interesting and the plot seems to never slow down. Thanks to being written in dual point of view we get to stories in one package and it was very easy to connect with the heroines.

I recommend this book to you if you look for something sexy, easy and entertaining

Sarah Darlington is obsessive by nature.  When she gets an idea in her mind, it becomes impossible to shake.  Take her debut novel, HE BELONGS WITH ME, for example.  Before deciding to write New Adult Romance, she wrote three different versions of the same Young Adult Novel where her main characters were teenage superheros from an alternative universe.  It never worked.  It drove her crazy.  Then she dropped the superhero bit, added some spice, and suddenly everything started to click.  She found her niche.  And if it hadn't been for her obsessive nature she never would have learned how to write in the process.

Sarah lives in Virginia, is married to her high school sweetheart, and is currently spending her days chasing around a very active toddler.  When she gets a chance to breathe, she writes.


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