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Blog Tour, Excerpt, Giveaway & Eliza's Review: Mendacious by Beth Ashworth

Mendacious by Beth Ashworth

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1. Not telling the truth; lying.
2. Based on lies.

At the young, naive age of twenty-three, Alex Lewis believed in the deepness of his love and the strength of his marriage to, Libby, his teenage sweetheart. Married for three years, but struggling financially to keep a roof over their heads, Alex thought his wife would stand by him till the bitter end. But she didn’t. His world crashed down around him.

Fast forward seven years, we meet Alex Lewis again. In the time since his divorce, he has matured significantly. Now the founder and domineering CEO of A L Investments, a multimillion-pound Investment and Management Company, he couldn’t be more different. The high-flying career he has managed to carve conceals a raw and vulnerable side just under the surface. The scars from his ill-fated marriage run deep, leaving him distant, cold, and alone.

So when his path with Libby crosses and an opportunity for revenge presents itself, Alex jumps at the offer. His mind is determined to make Libby feel the pain he has suffered over the last seven years… but his heart and conscience are fiercely battling against him.

The love of his life is back once again, but who can win in this mendacious game of revenge?

(18+ This book is intended for mature readers. Strong language and graphic sex scenes)

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But what can I say? I’m Alex Lewis after all. The multi-millionaire with a jackhammer-sized cock. There’s not a woman alive that doesn’t want a piece of this. And that’s the fucking problem. I don’t want any of them.
All because of one girl. She ruined everything by burning her mark deep inside my chest. She was the girl I’d trusted with my life, and in return, royally fucked me over. I had decided there and then I’d never let it happen again. Every move would be calculated precisely. Each encounter would be strategised to perfection.


Meet the Cast


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Although Alex Lewis is a successful business man, his greatest failure has been the dissolution of his marriage after being blindsided by his wife's betrayal seven years prior. A recent development brings her back into his life and when the opportunity for revenge presents itself, he grasps it with both hands.

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Quite early on it's fairly transparent that Alex's feeling of anger towards Libby in fact mask his pain. He lashes out constantly, indiscriminately; It's evident in his bitterness towards her and the fact that he's hell bent on destroying her regardless of how many times he protests he has moved on.

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Sometimes his bitterness borders on brattish and he really could have benefitted from a kick up the backside. Told exclusively from Alex's POV, I found it difficult to relate to Libby as she didn't really make much of an impact for me.

On a whole I expected it to be a darker read, for Alex to be a more callous and vengeful character which wasn't the case. I was genuinely interested in Libby's reasons for leaving and after going through the charade of plotting and scheming, when the truth is revealed its self I have to admit it was rather underwhelming. But alas, the path to true love never did run smooth. Just ask these two.

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Twenty Fun Facts about Beth Ashworth

1. My friends and work colleagues think that I am THE laziest person on the planet. Seriously... I don’t like to do anything.
2. I swear like an absolute trooper. Leave your politeness at the door in my house...
3. I carry my Kindle wherever I go. You never know when you are going to be delayed right?
4.       I have a VERY sweet tooth. (Two root canals at 23... Ouch!)
5.       I’m terrified of the dentist.
6.       I’m also terrified of spiders.
7.       Did I mention heights as well?
8.       My now Husband and I had a long distance relationship for over a year before he finally moved in with me. (Five years together and still as strong as day one!)
9.       It was always a dream of mine to own a pair of Christian Louboutins. Now I have had them over a year and I am too scared to wear them. The red is too pretty!
10.   I am part of the most amazing group of girls. My Smut Sisters are my besties and I love them! Within the small group of us, we bring authors, readers and bloggers together. We talk, we laugh, we support, we beta read, we gossip and we watch porn together. (Seriously... we are now past the point of no return)
11.   Video games are my obsession. I kick arse at Call of Duty... For real!
12.   Justin Timberlake is my boo <3
13.   As much as I love top 40 hits and big music artists, I am also a huge fan of K-POP. Girls’ Generation, SHINee, 2NE1, EXO, 2pm... Love! Love! Saranghae!
14.    I had still have an unhealthy obsession with Christian Grey.
15.    I have a twitter, but I’m not as hooked with it as I am Facebook.
16.   Twinkies and Mountain Dew are craved daily.
17.   I hate tea and coffee... bleh!
18.   Self-publishing my first book was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.
19.   I’m an only child.
20.   I get over emotional at practically everything. Books, films and television programmes can have me in tears with the slightest of things. I need to learn to suck it up... I know.

Beth Ashworth was born in Manchester in 1990, but shortly moved to the modest city of Coventry where she was raised and still resides now.

As an avid reader from a very early age, Beth has always been keen to put her words onto paper. As a child she was always found with either a book in her hand, a pen and notepad or a computer games controller.

Starting off by initially writing alternate endings to her favourite Jacqueline Wilson books from around the age of ten, Beth has continued to grow and love her passion for books.

Eventually, after many unfinished books and short stories, she finally decided to follow her passion and write books that she hopes people will love.

When she isn't reading or writing, Beth loves to spend time with her husband and friends.

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