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Hidden (Hiding From Love #1) by Selena Laurence

Title: Hidden (Hiding From Love #1)
Author: Selena Laurence

Release Date: 17th July

Rating: 4 stars


Nick Carlisle comes to Hawaii to hide—from what happened during his service in Afghanistan, from relationships, from his future. Lyndsey Anderson came to Hawaii to hide too—from the man who abused her, from the sacrifices she made, from her dark past. But when Nick meets Lyndsey, Hawaii gets a whole lot hotter, and they find they can’t hide their hearts. As Nick fights to come to terms with what he’s done, Lyndsey struggles to forgive herself for the choices she’s made. But when the dangerous past threatens the beautiful present, can they survive to learn how to love? And who will finally reveal what’s hidden?

Hidden is delightful summer read, that will take you on a sweet journey to Hawaii and warm your heart with charming romance. So if you are looking for pleasant beach read Hidden has your name on it!

Reading Hidden moved me from my green walled bedroom to romantic Hawaiian beach. In a matter of seconds I totally forgot about the fact that it’s raining outside and that I probably won’t see real sea in a long time. I was so captivated by this spectacular setting that everything else didn’t matter as long as I was reading Nick and Lynsdey story.

Main characters moved to Hawaii to escape. Both of them have serious problems and issues that make them isolated and scared of life.

Nick came back from Afghanistan, a terrible place which had changed him forever. Now, he’s trying to pick up the shattered pieces of his heart and mind as well as find a place to live.

Lynsdey is running from her past and struggles with choices she has made. Working as a waitress and going to college is her way to escape. She alienates herself from people and is avoiding commitment.

But when the two of them meets everything changes. Hawaii only gets hotter.

Overall, Hidden is highly recommend for fans of light summer reads with enjoyable plot, funny characters and steamy scenes.

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