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Review: Seize Me by Crystal D Spears

Title: Seize Me
Author: Crystal D Spears
Release Date: 11th July
Rating: 5 stars
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Winter Belov was the sweet innocent one in her crime family, the dutiful daughter that never disappointed her father. One day, her father does the unspeakable. When he turns his back, Winter flees across the country, taking her life savings with her, determined never to enter that sort of lifestyle again.
No longer innocent, she now lives in Nevada. Lana is her best friend and the only family Winter has. Together, they are two of the best exotic dancers in the county. While working a shift, Pyro, Lana’s long time crush, propositions Winter. He begs her to do a private gig at Breakneck. She accepts, with the condition that Lana dances with her.
When Winter’s eyes lock with Braxxon Breaker's, the President of Breakneck, she realizes she is no longer free; she has been seized. He is everything she is running from but at the same time, everything she wants. Braxxon will not take no for an answer, and purposely disrupts Winter’s life.
Rivals of Braxxon’s club are vicious and they do something that will have him out for blood. Winter's and Braxxon’s relationship is anything but a normal one. If they want to be together, crimes must be committed, friendships will be broken and people are going to die.
What happens when all that chaos mixes with Winter’s father locating her? It will be a bloodshed when Winter and Braxxon seek revenge and take no prisoners.


This novel contains explicit language, sex, drugs, abuse and sexual situations.

For readers 18 & up!


Dark. Dangerous. Sensual. Fucked up.

Seize me is crazy read that will take you over the edge of sanity, because nothing in this book is normal or ordinary. Every page bleeds dark emotions and angst that will twist you or even repulse you.

Gritty, raw and full of angst Seize me will hook you from the very first page. You will love it or hate it, because with this novel, there is nothing in between. Before purchasing and reading you have to decide if things like rape, drugs, sex, violence and murder won’t put you off. So READ & LISTEN to the warning! Seize me is very controversial and could be very unpleasant for readers who do not take this issues lightly.

I know she’s the only one that exist. She was made for me. I need my Angel in Hell.”

Winter Belov comes from criminal family. Broken and psychologically damaged by her father, she decides to run away across the country from the evil, criminal world. Now, she’s trying to live the best way she can. To pay her bills, she becomes an exotic dancer, which leads her to President of MC Breakneck, Braxxton Breaker.

Brexxton wanted Winter from the second he lied his eyes on her magnificent body in angel costume. After that nothing could stop him from having her long legs around his waist. Not even another MC club, Russian mafia or other men. He’s sexy, alpha male, who makes heart beats faster and panties to dampen.

"Ever since that day you danced into my life, I've done nothing but breathed your air. I'd suffocate without you."

After running away from Russian mafia Winter becomes involved in MC problems, which makes her feel trapped all over again, but what could she say no, when sexy President of Breakneck wanted her naked in his bed?

Now they have to deal with everything that is thrown their way and makes their relationship off limits.

Seize me is fantastic read, yet dark and sometimes really unpleasant. There are nasty things that made me slightly uncomfortable, but in the same time they made Spears’s novel more real. Seize me a great mix of criminal world, MC ways and romance, which is incredibly sensual and erotic. Scorching hot scenes make Breakneck world exciting and stimulating.

"How slow," I ask wrapping her legs around my waist and lifting her into my lap, causing her to moan with the change of position.
"So slow I can feel you enter my soul," she whispers.

Overall, every fan of angst or MC should consider Seize me a Must Read.

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