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Christie's Review: You Really Got Me by Erika Kelly


Title:You Really Got Me
Series: Rock Star Romance #1
Author:Erika Kelly
Release Date: January 6, 2015
Rating: 3 stars
Cliffhanger: No

Emmie Valencia has what it takes to be the music industry’s hottest band manager. She just needs to prove it. Determined to discover a killer new band, Emmie is ready to make her move. First stop: Austin, Texas.

As a sizzling-hot lead singer, Slater Vaughn has no trouble raising heart rates—but his band’s been flat-lining for years. When Emmie, his bandmate’s sister, crashes with them in exchange for some free management, her industry know-how lands them a spot in the biggest music festival in Texas. But it isn’t just her business acumen that catches Slater’s attention. Emmie is sexy and warm, and—for the first time in his life—he wants more.

But as irresistible as Slater is, Emmie is done with musicians. In her experience, a man can’t be a rock star and someone to trust with your heart—but Slater is determined to show her he’s both.

I don't know if the shine is starting to rub off of the Rockstar romance veneer or what, but I've been finding it very hard to drum up much enthusiasm for this genre lately. I mean, there have been a few exceptions, but I'm just not having a whole lot of luck. The more I read, the more I need something that is going to bring something fresh and unpredictable to the table.

Because reading about the same old bad boy musician turned romantic fool because of the sweet, good girl heroine isn't doing much for me anymore it seems. I'm sure a lot of others would find this plot sexy and somewhat angsty, but personally, I was left needing a little bit more.

Emmie is trying to move her career in the music industry from a big shot's personal assistant to someone who works directly with the artistic talent day to day. But to do that, she needs her boss to see her as someone capable of that and after 8 years in his employ, he's not showing signs of wanting to promote her. Emmie takes a 4 week leave of absence to prove herself to him by finding some talent. She takes off to stay with her brother and his band and when she comes face to face with the lead singer, Slater, she's stunned by his charisma and talent. She's very much attracted to him, but puts him in the friend-zone.

After being cheated on by her ex (also a musician) she's determined to stay far away from anyone in a band. And her main focus is furthering her career-he's not a distraction she can afford.

I had an extremely hard time getting into this story in the first half. To me, it felt like it was dragging at a snail's pace and I tried to pinpoint the source of that. It could be because I just wasn't feeling the chemistry over our MC's. So much of the plot revolved around the heroine's talent search and finding her inner sex kitten.

The hero was very stand-off-ish and viewed her as a plain jane good girl. Then it seemed like once he decided to pursue her, it was like a switch flipped. He was so intensely obsessed with her and determined to make her pursue a real relationship with him. Yes, it was hot and passionate. There were actually some pretty intense moments when they succumbed to their desires. And that's what bumped up my rating some. Because once they really connected, everything kicked into overdrive.

What I didn't like was the unneeded drama with the singer who wanted into Slater's pants, manipulate everyone, and break him and Emmy up. Let me tell you, she got tiresome real fast.

Her meddling and scheming played on Emmy's insecurities and predictably drove a wedge between them. I wasn't surprised when the big bombshell hit, just resigned.

While the book ended on a higher note for me, overall, there were too many plot points that didn't leave much to anticipate or question. You Really Got Me has a decent amount of steam, a low level of angst, and takes you on a colorful trip through the music world. You go backstage and on tour with the band and each character, including the supporting characters had their own fleshed out story. If you're just looking for a light and easy read, this could be the one for you.


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