Friday, April 17, 2015

A Quickie with SHBB: Penny Reid

We've wrangled some time with our favourite authors and put some questions we've often wondered to them. We've decided  to call it:


We're excited to be cozying up with: Penny Reid

Penny is a bestselling author in the Contemporary and New Adult Romance genres.

PR: No contest, the best thing about being an author is interacting with my readers. For a very long time, I assumed I was quite odd. But then these wonderful, smart, clever, cool people started messaging me and… it makes my heart happy.

Write what you love. 

PR: Make sure your (female) characters who are palatable to a general audience. 

PR: Hmm…. That’s a difficult question.
Right now Cletus (Ashley’s 3rd brother in Beauty and the Mustache; he’ll have his own book in 2017 entitled ‘Beard Science’). He surprised me and makes me laugh. 

PR: O.o
I guess Nikolas/Viv from ‘Painted Faces’ by LH Cosway. Two years later and I don’t think I’ve quite moved on from him. 

PR:Confessions of a Reformed Tom Cat’ by Daisy Prescott. I was in a “mood” and it was the perfect combination of funny, sexy, relaxing, engrossing, heartfelt, and witty. 

PR: “Why do you only write about smart women?”

(Speechless. We don't even know what to say about that.)

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions we hope you had as much fun as we did. One final one for the road: 

PR: Well, let’s see…
Elements of Chemistry parts 2&3 will be releasing soon (HEAT: April 30 and CAPTURE May 16).

After that I’ll be releasing Book#1 in the Winston Brothers Series entitled, ‘Truth or Beard’ (July 23)

After that I’m going to give birth to a person.

Thanks for having me. <3 ☺ 

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