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Blog Tour & Eliza's Review: Unlikely Love by Riann Miller

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When Nikole Castro decided to pursue her dream of escaping the small town she grew up in, a once in a lifetime mystery offer whisked her away to California. Desiring to break free of the bonds of neglect and heartache, she chose to take a chance on the unknown to pursue the life she had always imagined. Her goals were set, her dreams within her grasp, until an unexpected encounter altered her life forever.
Every moment of Adam Lane’s life had been decided for him since the day he was born. Growing up wealthy was a privilege he enjoyed, but it came with a price. His future was mapped out for him: which college he would attend, who he would marry, and the inescapable eventuality of taking control of his father’s company.
When an accidental collision brought Nikole and Adam together, both of their worlds were turned upside down. Their love might be compelling, but neither of them could have imagined the repercussions of their unlikely love.
Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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I needed to focus on school and getting my degree, not on the first real guy that asked me out on a date—even if that guy was currently making my heart beat faster and my body pulse in a way no one ever had before. 
“It’s one date. Let me show you around the area and I promise to be on my very best behavior.” This guy didn’t know the first thing about best behavior. That was clear by the way he was looking me over.
“I don’t even know you and I can already tell your best behavior probably isn’t a selling point to the people who know you best.” Again, the sexy and very direct smile he gave me almost made me melt. 
“You’re probably right, but for someone like you, I can promise to be a perfect gentleman. One thing you should know about me is when I make a promise, I always keep it.”
“Someone like me?” I said, looking him directly in the eyes. If he wanted to insult me, then I was not about to let him off the hook. 

“Someone as sweet and beautiful as you,” he quickly amended. “I don’t know if I’m digging a deeper hole here or not, but you don’t appear to be from around here. You have this…” Just when I didn’t think he was going to finish his sentence, he continued, “…innocence. Yeah, that’s what it is. All the girls I know around here have an agenda. They’re either rich and looking to get richer, or they’re rich and looking to spend someone else’s money. Either way, innocent is not a word that would describe the females I normally hang around with.”

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At 18, Nikole 'Kole' Castro has lived a sheltered life, ignored by her parents. More concerned with partying than their own daughter, Kole's resilience saw her determined to make better life for herself. Graduating top of her class, her freedom comes with a scholarship to UCLA. Although LA is the great unknown for Kole, her happiness comes from the knowledge her life now will be lived on her terms.

Unlike Kole, Adam Lane’s life has been mapped out for him. His role is to graduate from Stanford and take up his position at his father's company with the intention of taking the helm after his retirement. A life of privilege sees Adam get what he wants, when he wants. His summers home in LA are usually spent partying, until one day he and Kole's worlds collide and the impact is an Unlikely Love.

Being together is a steep learning curve for them both but ultimately outside influences and interferences have devastating effects. After a 12 year separation some news comes to light which sees Adam fight for the woman he let go. With Kole now living the life she has always dreamed for herself, we witness the angst as Adam tries to find a place for himself in it.

Essentially, Riann C. Miller's debut novel is a second chance romance. I enjoyed the evolution of the couple and supporting characters in the latter part of the novel, in particular Jet. Hopefully there is a story for him in there somewhere. 

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About the author
Riann C. Miller is a wife and a mother of two. She was born and raised in the Mid-West where she still lives today.
Shortly after she discovered her addition to reading romance novels she started writing reviews and it wasn’t long before actively blogging turned to a desire to write her own romance novels.
Her debut novel Unlikely Love is set to release September 20th, 2015.

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