Sunday, September 6, 2015

Eliza's Review: Breaking the Limits/ Seduction & Surrender by C.C. Gibbs

Title: Breaking the Limits/ Seduction & Surrender
Series: Reckless, #2
Author: C.C. Gibbs
Release date: 3rd Sept, 2015 in UK (1st Dec in US)
Cliffhanger: No

The second in a sumptuous series starring Rafe Contini and the object of his desire: Nicole Parrish, niece of Dominic Knight, the infamous hero of CC Gibbs' bestselling Knight trilogy.

Rafe Contini, young billionaire CEO, is on holiday with his girlfriend, Nicole Parrish. He owns the private island in the Adriatic. And it promises to be a week to remember . . . except for fact that he has a war on his hands - fallout from a massive cyber attack on his company's systems. 

He should send Nicole home - he shouldn't even have brought her here. Every moment she stays, the danger increases. With time running out for them to be together, Rafe and Nicole's passion blossoms. They want every embrace - every sensation - to matter. To be brighter and sharper, so if everything is lost, their time together will never fade.

Somewhere deep down, where it hurts to even think about it, Rafe and Nicole want a miracle. They want forever.

 photo C5769A13-C1F0-4A35-AD3B-3B5E2C32BC07_zpszzhcinp9.jpg

C.C. Gibbs is two for two when it comes to her commanding Heroes. First Dominic Knight, and now Rafe Contini. It’s a wonder there is enough space for them to both roam the earth.

At first glance Rafe is the quintessential Playboy. It’s impossible not to be attracted to the confidence he exhumes. Young, rich and handsome, every object and desire is within his means. The exception to this is Nicole Parrish. Having met at one of his infamous parties, they agreed to a two-week liaison.

 photo 25F44A81-8815-44CD-A7B7-02B8B584B7DE_zpso3rm0mdc.jpg
 photo 49476CA8-9CC9-4892-836E-8908FAB86DC0_zpszrecvsr4.gif photo 1CA94748-F4EF-443C-BCEB-1BB65264E4E2_zpsssddl9cl.gif

Far from being one of Rafe’s usually conquests, he finds himself relishing her company far more than he would like to admit or hazard to understand. Nicole drives him crazy challenges him in ways he hasn’t been before and we see their connection mature past it’s original intent. Far from being a get out clause, the intensity is amplified by the knowledge that their time together has an end date.

Their time together is further complicated by the outside threat that has until now been kept at bay. There are further facets to story I will keep shtum about as the book has yet to release for American readers. However the suspense and tension added to proceedings reveals a side to Rafe, that in my eyes, elevate him from Playboy to man.

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