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Eliza's Review: Addicted to You (Swanson Court, #2) by Serena Grey

Title: Addicted to You
Series: Swanson Court,#2
Author: Serena Grey
Release date: 24th September, 2015
Cliffhanger: Yes

She is in love with him.

He doesn’t want commitment. 

Rachel and Landon’s story continues in this sequel to Drawn to You.

It was supposed to be just one week. Just sex. No commitment.

But somewhere along that overwhelmingly sexy ride, Rachel fell in love with Landon, the man who does not commit.

The best thing would be to walk away, and stay away, but Landon is not the kind of man to back down, not when he's found what he wants.

One week changed everything for her, but how can she love him, knowing that he’ll never feel the same.

Addicted to You is a novel I've been looking forward to ever since its highly enjoyable predecessor Drawn to You. The state in which Rachel and Landon's relationship was left meant I was keenly anticipating which direction the story would take.

To briefly recap, after a rather unique encounter, magazine writer Rachel and billionaire hotelier and businessman Landon Court embark on passionate affair. The self imposed time limit they put on their affair takes takes a backseat seat when feelings neither intended come to the forefront. Recognising the enormity of pain and hurt she faces at losing Landon, Rachel walks away. It's here that we begin our story in Addicted to You.

Rachel's reasoning for walking away based on something Landon said in the earliest stages of their relationship:

"As soon as a woman starts to demand more than I can give, I walk away."

While initially I understood Rachel's fear of opening up, I may have been more sympathetic if she had simply given him more credit. Rather than saving herself from what she perceived as future heartache of his rejection, she should have afforded him the opportunity to make a choice. I don't think I can recall a time when Landon's behaviour towards her at that point would have warranted this thinking, and his repeated appeals to her should have served as a clear indication to otherwise.

Her repeated jealousies and insecurities throughout the novel were a disappointment. There were moments I felt she was purposefully and unnecessarily vague causing herself and Landon undue distress. When she does see sense (of sorts) she fools herself into thinking she can rekindle her physical relationship with Landon whilst emotionally keeping him at arms length. Needles to say her plan fails and again she finds herself in a situation she makes the decision to walk away from.

When he’s like this, when we’re like this, I don’t have to think about what the future holds.

From the moment I read my first Serena Grey novel, I knew I'd found an author that would make avid follower of me. She manages to tell a story in a way that appeals to me as a reader and a romantic.

The dedication at the front of the novel reads:

"To everyone who ever picked up a book, and was lost in the magic within."

It was very difficult to rate this. Whilst I enjoy Serena's writing and read it cover to cover, Rachel's merry go round emotion were an unwanted distraction. That said, I still eagerly await the next novel in the series, which I think is testament enough to the spell Serena cast.

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