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Christie's review: Addicted to You by Serena Grey


Title: Addicted to You
Series: Swanson Court #2
Author: Serena Grey
Release Date: September 24, 2015
Rating:2 stars
Cliffhanger: no

She is in love with him.

He doesn’t want commitment.

Rachel and Landon’s story continues in this sequel to Drawn to You.

After walking away from Landon, Rachel tries to forget the man with whom, despite her best intentions and her better judgement, she has fallen hopelessly in love.

But Landon is not going to make it so easy for her. He wants her and he’s not willing to let her go.

One week changed everything for her, but how can she love him, knowing that he’ll never feel the same.

After reading Drawn to You back in December, I was very excited-not to mention fascinated with where the story would continue in Addicted to You. Although the CEO erotica trope has been well used by authors, there were elements to the story that sharpened my interest and kept things from becoming boring. Considering the amount of books I've read about the mysterious businessman who sweeps the heroine away on an erotic journey of pleasure, I was pretty surprised that nothing about that story felt stale.

The angle the author used was that the hero/heroine met and had a passion filled night based on mistaken identity. He believed that she was a prostitute sent to him and she let him believe it. But what happens after the mask is removed? To see their obsession grow for one another from that unorthodox beginning, I was easily held captive with this couple.

What we get in this book is something completely different and I'm sad to say, something that didn't sit well with me. Everything in this book revolves around two emotions. Jealousy and insecurity. Then there was the absolute lack of communication from the heroine leading to ridiculous patterns of self-doubt filled crying jags. This was followed by the hero begging her to open up to him. With no results multiple times, I might add. It was a never ending maze of madness that ate up the first 40% of the book.

Finally we came to the heroine's capitulation to the hero's pursuit. After telling him numerous times to stay away from her with without ANY explanation, she finally decides to let him back in. Not because she made the decision to look past her fears and take a chance on love. No. Her belief that he could never fall in love for her at any point in the future held strong. Her surrender was with this thought in the forefront of her mind:

If I'm going to be with him, then I have to take advantage of the one way I know to control the pain and uncertainty.

What's her plan to control the pain of unrequited love? Sex of course.

So in other words, Let's ignore everything that's bothering you, not communicate any of that, and just smother everything with an orgasm or two. No, she felt much better keeping quiet and deciding for herself what he was thinking and feeling. Another big issue with that was the fact that she was letting meddling outsiders feed her jealousy and distrust.

Instead of talking to him.

All of this erratic behavior sucked the enjoyment out of most of the book for me. Because of the feeling of a lack of direction or point to any of it, it just completely fell flat. I saw no reason for her to push him away over and over and never tell him what she needed from him. I saw no reason for her entering back into their sexual relationship so abruptly.

Once again, I saw no reason for her continued communication with her ex. This same ex who dumped her years ago and kept her hopes up afterwards. She swears she has no love left for him and isn't allowing him to walk all over her anymore. So then, why does she keep agreeing to meet up with him when she's with another man?? It. Made. No. Sense. Other than to be a catalyst to more unnecessary drama.

I would love to be able to say that this was an angst-filled book that evoked an emotional roller coaster of giddiness out of me. I would love to have hope for this couple in the conclusion, but sadly, I don't have it in me to care much for them at this point. After the way things left off, my feeling was that the story took every direction imaginable only to come right back where we started. I have a high regard for this author's writing ability, but in this case, I was not able to find that same sexy and consuming story as I found before in these pages.


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