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Release Blitz with Christie's review: Sacked by Jen Frederick

Title: Sacked
Series: Gridiron #1
Author: Jen Frederick
Genre: New Adult Sports Romance
Release Date: September 6, 2015


What he wants he gets…

Knox Masters is a quarterback’s worst nightmare. Warrior. Champion. And…virgin. Knox knows what he wants–and he gets it. All American Football player? Check. NFL pros scouting him? Check. Now, he’s set his sight on two things. The national title. And Ellie Campbell. Sure, she’s the sister of his fellow teammate, but that’s not going to stop him. Especially not when he’s convinced Ellie is the one.

…but he’s never met her before.

But Ellie isn’t as sure. She’s trying to start a new life and she’s not interested in a relationship…with anyone. Beside it’s not just her cardinal rule of never dating her brother’s teammates that keeps her away, but Ellie has a dark secret that would jeopardize everything Knox is pursuing.

Knox has no intention of losing. Ellie has no intention of giving in.

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I lock my legs to keep from falling over and pull out the biggest barrel I have. “Masters, there are things about me that if you knew you wouldn’t want to spend another minute in my presence.” 

He considers my words, the silence taking on a heaviness and part of me already aches for what I could have if I was just any other girl at Western. “Have you killed anyone?” he finally asks. I can feel his eyes assessing me and I keep my gaze averted afraid of what 

I’ll see in his moss green gaze.


“Have you slept with my brother?”
“What?” I can’t prevent myself from gawking at Masters, who’s smiling as he asks the question. “No! God, I’ve never even met him!”

“Are you catfishing poor athletes from Auburn? Wait, don’t answer that because I don’t think I’d find that objectionable. Oh, I have it—” He snaps his fingers. 

“This isn’t a joke, Masters.”  

He tucks a stray piece of hair behind my ear. “Until you tell me what it is, it’s not a reason to be apart either.”

I suck in my lower lip to prevent throwing myself at him and telling him to take me. 

“Why?” I ask helplessly.

“Because I like you.”

He grips me by the chin and lays down gentlest, sweetest kiss. In that kiss he tells me everything. That he wants me. That he’s willing to take it slow. That he’s not giving up. 

He kisses me as if this is the only thing he wants to do for the next ten hours.

His lips barely move but I can feel everything in me surge toward him. The short wedges 
I shoved on this morning suddenly feel precarious. I grip his shoulders to steady myself and then find myself rising up on my tiptoes to press deeper against him. He hauls me flush against him until I can no longer touch the floor.

His one hand palms nearly my entire back while the other angles my head for better access. He may be a virgin, but the guy knows how to kiss. His tongue is finding places inside my mouth that I didn’t even know would feel good. 

All the pent up desire that has been boiling in me for days comes pouring out of me. I attack him with my next kiss, biting his lower lip, sucking on his tongue.  Against my belly I can feel the hard ridge of his erection. 

“God,” I breathe as he abandons my mouth to trace the line of my jaw with his lips. He growls in response and pushes me back against the bookcases but I don’t even mind that the shelves are biting into my back. I just want more.

And he gives it to me. We cling to each other, feeding off of each other’s seemingly endless need until I hear a gasp and then a muted giggle. And those two faint sounds somehow manage to break through the haze of lust and bring with it the realization that 

I am in a very public place. I wriggle against him and he sets me down reluctantly. 

“We’re in the bookstore,” I say in a scandalized voice. 

“You’ve never kissed a guy in the bookstore before?” He grins, the wicked mischievous one I’m beginning to associate with something tremendously naughty. “There’s a first time for everything.”

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"So you plan to ruin me for all other men?"
"That's the plan."

Where do I even start with this book? You know how it feels when you start reading and all the components of the story click into place like a puzzle piece, and you can sense it almost immediately? There's no forcing of a square peg into a round hole. There's no struggle. Then you get to the end, and it may not have been perfectly executed, but it was perfectly expressed and felt. And that's where I'm at right now. I feel a little slaphappy sitting here thinking about how feel good this story was. I couldn't have wiped the bemused smile off of my face for the majority of the book and sometime after. Because you know what? This book surprised me. I was hoping for the best, but I wasn't expecting it.

I'm not going to lie here, this book has a major no-no for me. Whenever I see this trope in a book, I run far and fast while eye-rolling the entire time.


Yes, this book has insta-love. And it didn't ruin everything for me like it should have. I had a niggling feeling of doubt when the hero becomes instantly sure that the heroine is "the one" after a handful of days. But there was strong foundation of excellent character development underneath that, and the writing was carried out with precision. So ask me if I care? I'll give you two hints: N and O.

This story may seem like something you've seen many times before. A regurgitated NA cliche about the star college jock and the regular girl finding love. Of course, she wants nothing to do with him and he has to pursue her and convince her of his sincerity. There's just one thing about that picture that's askew. One of the characters is the definition of an oxymoron. College football star and virgin. You know what's even more contradictory about it? He's not like your typical virgin. (Thank god!) When I think virgin, I picture someone shy, nervous, unskilled, awkward, or a million other similar synonyms. Not Knox Masters.

"I know that shoving your face between my legs is not cool but, holy hell, Knox, what you're doing to me..."
She sounds amazed. I love that. She's having her own first. Both my heads swell bigger.
"No, baby. This is awesome. Fuck my face," I order her.
"Are you sure?"
"I've never been more sure than anything."

His skill on the football field has given him confidence, and a ripped 6'6 body that moves with power and strength. His charm could melt the panties right off his choice of girls at school. Yet, he practices self-restraint and pushes himself to wait to share his body with the girl who's worth it. And that's like dangling a carrot in front of a mob of rabid rabbits. They all want to be the one to catch the elusive Knox.

Ellie's brother Jack is on Knox's team and she has a policy of not dipping her toe in the football player pool. She got burned in high school trying it and the consequences were disastrous. She's determined never to repeat that mistake again. To top it all off, Ellie's harboring a deep dark secret that stands to ruin lives if it's ever uncovered. Something that wracks her with guilt and makes her feel unworthy of Knox and everything he wants to build with her. How could she ever drag him into the corner she's backed herself into? He's destined for stardom and the NFL. She's floundering in the deep end just trying to survive. She soon realizes that Knox is a force to be reckoned with and he isn't taking her refusals laying down.

Is there anything more tempting than a man who not only tells you how much he respects you, but shows you your value in the most clear and concise way possible? A man who treats you as someone who deserves to be cherished rather than seen as dispensable?

All my life, I've never been anything but Jack's sister. To Knox, I'm the person he waited for his entire life.

This. Couple. Hooked. Me. The sexual tension was so strong between these two it was it's own tangible entity in the story. The anxiety and anticipation caused from Knox's bottled up sexuality is so gripping. I was restless and itchy waiting for them to do the deed.

I can't even. Holy fuck were they blistering hot together. All of that expectant angst crashed in a feverish crescendo. It was perfect.

He's wrecking me, in long licks and tiny bites, one tender and scorching hot kiss at a time.

The dizzying amount of literal laugh out loud moments pushed my rating over the final hurdle to 5 stars. His teammates were a bunch of ball busters, I was eating it up. And Ellie and Knox's bantering was exceptional. From their very first meeting, they were trading barbs and bouncing cheekiness off of each other. This is the kind of sexy/playful combination I'm always searching for and hardly ever find.

"Running these steps is good for my heart. As a bonus it sweats the stupid out of me."
"Do you have a lot of stupid to sweat out?" She holds back a laugh.
I grin back. "It regenerates every day."

How can you nitpick about the finer details when you've been totally and unconditionally entertained from cover to cover? This book was fun, frisky, and re-read worthy. There was something comforting about this couple that effortlessly wrapped itself around me like a cozy blanket. It has to be my favorite New Adult from this author yet. Take the risk and pick this one up. It could be the most pleasant surprise you've come across in this genre in some time.


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