Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Save by Ella Col

About the Book:

Title: Save
Author: Ella Col

Twenty-two year old, Bree Jensen is a survivor who managed to break free from her abuser and start a new life.

Bree fights to live a normal life. She does not want to be a victim or survivor. Bree just wants to forget.

Falling in love is the last thing on her mind, now that Bree has the chance to start over.

That is…until she meets her neighbor, Josh. Josh oozes sexual charm. He’s confident, talented, and he adores her. Bree finds everything about Josh hard to resist right down to his decorated body of tattoos, piercings and shag haircut. Don’t forget about those damn green eyes.

Josh has endured his own personal hell and meeting Bree has triggered emotions he thought were buried deep.

Can they SAVE each other from their chilling pasts and begin the fairytale both so desperately want?


“Now that you know where I stand is it fair enough to ask where you stand, Bree?”
Another sigh. It was a risky question. I know it. After all, we just met each other. But, I’m nothing if I’m not honest. I like Bree. A lot. To be honest, I never saw the point in hiding my feelings for someone. Putting each other through the agony of not knowing where a relationship is going seems pointless.
“You’re too good to be true. You say the right things at the right time. You’re a gentleman but you ooze a dangerous sexy vibe. You’re confident and honest. And if that isn’t enough you’re driven and talented. Wait. Did I mention that you’re crazy cute? It scares the living hell out of me.”
“If I’m all those things, why does it scare you? They are good qualities. Right?” Hell, my head should be swelling at this point. But, she sounds so frightened.
“They are awesome qualities. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better guy. But…ugh…we are being honest with each other, right?”
Shit. This didn’t sound good. “Right.”
“Maybe…I just…maybe I have been programmed in to thinking that I will screw this up. What if we have to see each other when I’m working and you don’t like me anymore? What if you get tired of me being around? What if I fall for you? But…you don’t fall for me?”
I hate the guy who did this to her. Her head is filled with self-doubt and jaded memories of a toxic relationship. If she could just see that I am the guy who is about to change all that. “I want you to fall for me, Bree. That’s the plan. Don’t worry about me falling for you. I’m already tripping my way to you…just a couple more clumsy steps.”


Thanks to Ella Col, I you can win one of three ebook copies of Save!
To win it, you have to:

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I'll pick  three winners (my little brother will pick some random numbers) next week.

About The Author:

Ella Col currently lives on the outskirts of Philadelphia, in a wooded, suburban community situated in New Jersey. The author recently celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary with her husband, Mike. In her spare time, she keeps busy with her two human boys, Ryan, who is 10 years old and Chase, who is 5 years old and her one fur child, Nugget, who is 2 years old. She holds a full-time position in Education Administration and writes New Adult Romance and Young Adult Romance in her spare time.

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