Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Interview with D.W. Carver

Today I got a chance to guest amazing author of Desperation, D. W Carver, who agreed to answer few questions.

Title:  Desperation

Author: D. W Carver
Release Date: 15th June

Kate thought that once her mother died, the pain she had caused would end. Then she discovered that a letter had been sent to a prominent television presenter on her mother’s orders taunting him with the fact that Kate now held photographs which would ruin him and probably lead to his arrest. Suddenly Kate is running for her life. She seeks help from Rob, a much older man whom she has only known for a very short time.
While at his London apartment, she rescues a teenage girl, Vickie, from a street pimp and over the following days finds a bond growing between them that feels like a lot more than friendship; but with both their lives now in danger there is no time for thoughts of anything but escape and survival.

Tell us about yourself
I am married with three sons and two grand-sons. I used to be a mental health community counsellor. Part of my work was to compile self-help books and books, primarily for people who had seen/read it all before or who didn’t read from choice. I met a lot of interesting (and some totally scary) people and much of my fiction writing is based on the problems I encountered.

Is that how ‘Desperation’ developed?
Partly. I wanted to write about a young woman re-inventing herself after a very troubled childhood. All my heroines are feisty, ‘in your face’ and take crap from nobody. Toss in sexual ambivalence and a deep mistrust of adults and ‘Desperation’ was born.
Do you plan your books in great detail before you start to write?
Not really. I have a general idea where we are going but sometimes a character I assumed was going to be a main ‘player’ isn’t as interesting as I had hoped and somebody else steps in. When my sons were younger they used to find it hilarious that I’d say I couldn’t stop writing yet as I wanted to know what was going to happen next.
Do you have any advice for new writers?
Nothing they haven’t heard or read a thousand times before. Writers need to write, it’s as simple as that. They may be hurt by criticism or rejection but they still carry on.
What project are you working on now?
I have a couple of books ‘simmering’ and I look at what there is every day. Sometimes I add a few pages and sometimes I don’t. If there is a lot of interest in ‘Desperation’ I may write a sequel as I would love to know what Kate and Vickie do next.

You can buy Desperation on Amazon, just click here.

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