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Christie's Review: Six Months by Dannika Dark


Title: Six Months
Series: Seven series #2
Author: Dannika Dark
Release Date: March 25, 2014
Rating: Four stars
Cliffhanger: No

Paranormal Romance Series by USA Today Bestselling Author, Dannika Dark

Book 2
April Frost is a compassionate young woman with a steady job and ambitious goals. But the harder she runs away from her past, the more it threatens to destroy her. When three strangers enter her life, April is forced to face her demons and it's a battle she may not win.

Private investigators in the Breed world are men who take risks, and Reno Cole is no exception. As a Shifter, he's expected to control his inner animal. But lately his wolf has been venturing dangerously close to the city, and he's about to discover why. When Reno is reintroduced to a family friend, the attraction is immediate. April captivates him with her secretive eyes and resilient spirit. She's also in trouble, and despite the fact she's a human, Reno can't turn his back on her.

April is caught between two worlds: One that threatens to bury her dreams and another that could fulfill them. Can she trust the wolf at her door and find the courage to overcome her demons?

There's a buzzing sensation when you have chemistry with someone. It's like there are invisible threads connecting your bodies and igniting into sparks, and the residual pulse bounces back in shockwaves, growing stronger with each second.
I felt that with Reno.

I felt it too. Man, did I feel it. This couple's sexual chemistry was unmistakable and exciting. I really wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did the first one, but it was one of those second books that was a delightful surprise. I wouldn't go so far as to say I loved this one, it had it's flaws, but there were so many things I enjoyed. Overall, the author's fantastic storytelling skills completely won me over and I still easily gave this four stars. The dynamic of the wolf pack-their culture, loyalty, and support of one another was amazing and I fell for all the supporting characters almost as much as the MC's. I am really looking forward to reading the rest of the pack's upcoming stories. They were built up so well.

This book continues with Reno's story in the Weston shifter wolf pack. Reno is the quiet and stoic one of the pack. He always seemed a little hard and cold and a little mysterious. He seemed to have a military past based on his extreme neatness and military style buzz cut. It was confirmed that he served in several wars (shifters live longer due to decelerated aging.) His experiences in battle and getting burned by the one woman he was crazy about caused him to be somewhat of a lone wolf. He seems very lonely and when he crosses paths with April, she's a shock to his system and he's unable to stop thinking about her despite the fact that she's human. He knows logically they can never be anything. He knows this. But he wants her, unequivocally, and he's not ashamed to admit it. And to hell with anyone who tries to tell him it could never work. Let me tell you, I loved Reno and his badass, motorcycle riding, take charge, bounty hunter-turned PI self. He was surprisingly sexy as hell. The way he took control yet was sensitive to April and her fears and issues was perfect. I was definitely feeling him.

"Look at me," he said when my head fell back and my eyes closed. "April, look at me when I take you."
A turbulent power rolled in his voice and I wondered how he could sound so in control when his body felt anything but.

He glanced up at me with smoldering brown eyes and I realized what made him so attractive to me-his commanding presence combined with a softness whenever he looked at me.

Now April, I can't say I was enjoying her as much. She had her good points-she was a book addict that was obsessed with old "bodice ripper" romances. (I had to smile at that) She had a great sense of humor, and she was a strong and independent heroine. But in my opinion, independent to the point of recklessness and stubbornness. She constantly turned down help of any kind from her friends forcing her to but her life in danger-repeatedly. This girl had the world on her shoulders. Trouble from everyone in her family that dump their mistakes on her and leave her to clean up the mess. The more she struggled to dig herself out of the trap she was ensnared in, the deeper she sank and the more hopeless things became until she made a series of BAD decisions that had me shaking my head in disbelief. You know the saying, Desperate times call for desperate measures? Well, that about says it all. Reno was there for her no matter what though and he was her rock. He never gave up on her.

Yeah, you fucked up a few times. But I'm not going anywhere. That's what makes me different from every other guy you've met. I'm a shifter, and we don't walk out on our women.

April struggles with accepting any type of relationship with Reno. Not only are they from different worlds and cultures, they won't age at the same rate and she's pretty much the definition of a hot mess for the foreseeable future.

I loved Reno, even though I hadn't declared it aloud to him. But I was the daughter of a drug addict, a traveling circus of debt, and a girl with a rocky past who didn't trust men. I didn't have skeletons in my closet-I had a boneyard.

This book was full of action and hot shifters, great humor and I enjoyed the fact that there was more heat and intensity in this one than the previous book. This is a great paranormal shifter series-I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading these books back to back. If you haven't read book one, it would be helpful to start there, but not necessary. The author reiterates the basic principles of the wolf culture and general events from the previous books. You would get some spoilers though if you read them out of order. They are simply fabulous! I am now impatiently waiting for the next installment.


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