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BLOG TOUR: Choose Us by Caylie Marcoe


Title: Choose Us
Series: No, standalone.
Author: Caylie Marcoe
Release Date: April 4, 2014
Rating: 3.75 stars
Cliffhanger:. No

Riley Logan and Travis Grayson have been best friends for the last fifteen years. She would do anything for him, go anywhere for him…and she has, countless times. Except now. Now he’s asking for too much. Their friendship has reached a breaking point and she doesn’t know how to go back. But as Travis’ personal assistant, Riley spends her every waking moment by his side. 

When a fractured ankle puts Travis’ BMX career on hold he’s given more downtime than he knows what to do with. Always one for excitement, he agrees to become the bachelor on a televised dating show, but only if Riley goes in undercover to help weed through the girls. 

What was supposed to be eight weeks of freedom has turned into eight weeks of hell surrounded by desperate girls all vying for Travis’ attention. He promised her the show would be smooth sailing. He promised he would listen to her advice on which girls should be eliminated. But now he’s breaking those promises and getting way too close to the girl Riley despises the most. 

She shouldn’t care. Except she does. Much to her surprise there is one girl she wants Travis to choose…


Will she get what she wants, or will Riley lose her best friend along with getting her heart broken on national television?

In my opinion, there is nothing better and more refreshing than friends to lovers themed romance. I crave and adore those stories, as there is no insta –love and the connection between main characters usually is deep and meaningful. The heartbreak, desire and caring for one another is usually what make those stories so enticing in my eyes.

That’s why I found Choose Us right up my alley, and I certainly couldn’t wait to dive into it. After finishing it, I must say that I enjoyed this cute novel, but it didn’t knock my socks off, as I hoped. Still, Choose Us is a story worth recommending!

This story is about Riley and Travis; they know each other from the time they were little kids and spent almost every day together till now. It’s been fifteen years since Riley helped ten year old Travis clean his cut knee with all bottle of peroxide; now he is famous pro BMX rider and she is his PA.

When he gets the proposition to be featured as bachelor for the taking in TV show, he agrees but on one condition: Riley will be his spy. What does it mean exactly?

Riley has to pretend to be one of the girls fighting for Trav’s attention, while secretly telling him, her opinion about the girls.

Both of them haven’t thought that this show will bring them closer than fifteen years together. When the show starts there is nothing that could stop the heat between them, besides one bimbo that will do everything to win Travis over.

What did I like?

★✩★ TV show idea definite winner!

★✩★ Travis BMX rider – yummy!

★✩★ The plot was very original and sweet. I wasn’t bored and TV show brought a lot of drama, which I considered nice addition.

★✩★ What’s more, the relationship between Trav and Riley was so cute and adorable. Their constant bickering and teasing was awesome!

What didn’t exactly win me over?

★Even though Riley and Travis were friends for 15 years they haven’t been attracted to each other till the show, and after it started boom! They were all over each other

★ I needed a little bit more sexy times

Summing up, Choose Us was very interesting read. I found myself being entertained and though, the story lacked in some parts there were enough pluses to make me close my eyes on those and enjoy Riley and Travis story.

Review copy provided by author in exhange for honest review

“Riles. Riles wake up!” My shoulder was being shaken so hard I thought it was going to dislocate.
“Mmm, five more minutes.” I groaned, rolling to get out of the horrible grasp.
“Riles, you don’t have five minutes! It’s 7:30. You need to get up and get back to the house!” This time I recognized Travis as the shoulder nudging culprit.
“Trav, go away.” I threw my arm out, hitting him in the jaw.
“Doll, I can’t go away when I have to be at the house in an hour!”
Wait, did he say an hour?
I shot up, rubbing my eyes against the bright light streaming through his bedroom windows.
Shit, I had fallen asleep in his bed. Now I had to find some way to sneak back into the house, with all the girls awake. Double shit.
“Trav, you weren’t supposed to let me fall asleep!” I whined, crawling out of bed. “How am I supposed to get back into the house undetected?” I walked over to his windows, throwing my hair up into a messy bun at the top of my head.
I peeked through his curtains and could see the main house just through the trees. People were moving about throughout the house. I turned to the other window which looked directly out to the pool.
“Nice view you have here.” My voice dripped with sarcasm. I could make out two figures drinking coffee out on the patio.
Crap, getting back there under the radar was going to be next to impossible.
“Trav, how am I going to get back there?” Groaning, I followed him into his kitchen.
“I don’t know. I uh…” Travis glanced around the kitchen trying to come up with a plan. His eyes landed on something and he broke into a smile. “That’s it.”
I looked down to what he was staring at and laughed. “My shoes? What genius plan did you come up with using my shoes?”
“You went for a morning run. You can go out my back door. There is a pathway that leads to the beach and isn’t seen from the house. You can run back up to the house on the beach. No one would know!” He was getting super excited about this plan, except there was one major flaw.
“Travis, I don’t run. You know this!” My arms were flailing wildly around, trying to make the point.
“The old Riley Logan didn’t run. The new Riley Logan, who all these girls know, does.” He popped that damn cocky grin on his face.
“I just want you to know, I hate you,” I mumbled, resigned to putting my shoes on. I really didn’t have an option and he knew it. He came up with the best plan we had, and I’d have to follow through.
“If by hate, you mean love. Then yes, yes I know.” Travis led me to the back door of the house and opened it, making sure the coast was clear.
I punched him in the arm before heading down the path to the beach.
“If I die from this thing you call running, it’s all on you,” I yelled lowly over my shoulder. Travis’ laugh followed me as I made my way down to the beach.

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Caylie Marcoe

Born and raised in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, Caylie fell in love with reading at a young age. With her lively imagination, she created numerous stories in her head throughout her childhood and teenage years. Finally at 16 she sat down at the computer and wrote out her first full length novel. That pacified her for a time. However, the stories kept swimming through her mind. Finally in 2013 she typed out Chapter One of three different novels and sent them off to a close friend for review. At her friends advice, she started exclusively writing Choose Us.

When she isn’t slaving away at the keyboard, Caylie is an avid reader, and lover of coffee… copious amounts of coffee. She also has an unhealthy addiction to tv shows—binge watching is her favorite.

She chases her two kids around the house all day, and has a husband whom she adores. 


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