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Patrycja's Review: Wicked Innocence by Missy Johnson


Title: Wicked Innocence
Series: Standalone (for now, possibly next book about different couple)
Author: Missy Johnson
Release Date: August 4, 2014
Rating: 2.5 ~ 3 stars
Cliffhanger:. No
Don’t let my petite and innocent appearance fool you, because I’m one person you don’t want to cross. I’m Micah, the youngest member of Resurrection…If only they knew how young. 

My fake ID says I’m twenty-one. And I will be…in four years. 

What can I say? I blossomed early. 

Home sucked, so I left, determined to do something with my life. Landing the gig as lead vocalist in the band was a dream come true. I’ve worked hard to make something of myself and nothing is going to ruin that for me. 

Then He showed up. Saxon Waite, ex bad boy of rock. He’s hot as hell and so into me. But he’s also twenty-five. I don’t want to lie to him, but if the truth comes out I’ll lose everything. Including him. 

Missy Johnson’s novels are usually very original and captivating; they have the strength to catch readers attention with just a title, blurb and few teasers; Wicked Innocence is no exception.

“Pain is life. You can’t avoid it. It’s how you find the strength to go on that shapes you as a person. Without pain you can’t live.”

Micah was only fourteen when she had to ran away from home and change her identity with fake ID, so she could finally break out of the prison her family’s house was. Now, three years later, she just got the gig as the singer in band called Resurrection. Music is all her live so she was over the moon when she won the casting for lead singer and became the youngest member of the band. Although, she’s only seventeen year old teenager, Micah easily pick up the mask of twenty one year old woman. A very charming, sexy woman.

That’s when Micah meets Saxon. A rock star that retired few years ago and now is a manager of her new band. She and this twenty five year old man quickly embark on relationship, that can destroy them both.

“He is a twenty five year old rock god and hot as hell. I’m seventeen…”

The idea of seventeen year old girl having a relationship with older rock god seems way much more than thrilling. That’s why I thought “It sounds naughty, bad and definitely will be sexy, what more is needed to please me?” after reaching the end, though, I must say that I desperately needed something more.

This story felt short and a tad too sweet for my expectations… In my head, Wicked Innocence was you know, completely, totally, out of this world wicked. And yes, while the sex was good, I wasn’t as turned on as I hoped I would be. The angst level was lower than I anticipated. The heroine wasn’t as naughty as I pictured her, nor was she innocent. Micah was just stuck somewhere in the middle; not exactly the fame fatale or sweet virgin. Unfortunately, in my eyes, it made her not realistic character.

On the bright side, there were quite few things that made me smile and enjoy myself. As always Missy managed to captivate me; as soon as I started reading Wicked Innocence I couldn’t stop. Things flew easily, maybe a little too easily. Everything was happening fast and in rock and roll kind of style, which is always a plus if you are looking for a quick read. I laughed and swooned few times too, so it wasn’t completely wasted idea on a plot. I just found it in need of more polishing and maybe adding some more angst.

So if you are looking for light, entertaining story with sexy twist, then Wicked Innocence is just for you!

** ARC kindly provided by Missy Johnson in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! **


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