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Patrycja's Review: Breaking Shaun by EM Abel


Title: Breaking Shaun
Series: Yes
Author: E. M Abel
Release Date: May 27, 2014
Rating: 4 stars
Cliffhanger:. No

Some men fall in love and hand their balls over to the first woman who keeps them interested—but not me. Surfing and my freedom are the only two things I’ve ever needed. Meaningless one-night stands are fun, but the drama and jealousy that follows them aren’t worth it.
Until I met Natalie, I never realized there were women who thought like me. She enjoys sex with no strings, and with a body like that, there isn’t a man around who doesn’t want a piece of her—including me.
But our friends and relatives all run in the same circles. And we all know friendship and sex leave a mess. Hearts always end up broken.
I know it.
But I still want her.

Sometimes, the things we want don’t always come easily. Every choice, every action has consequences that can change you.
They can change everything.
And no matter how fiercely guarded, even the strongest hearts can break

I’m a great romance fan who can’t say no to steamy, toe curling story with intense plot. Freeing Asia, a debut novel by E M Abel was definitely that kind of read, so I just had to get my hands on author’s next novel. I had to find out if she can at least reach the same level of good. And yes, she can! E.M drawn me into Shaun’s story very quickly. It was hard not to enjoy reading about this womanizer who finally found a woman created just for him.

Shaun is Asia’s brother who is incredible playboy, he is wham – bam – thank you ma’am kind of man. One day he meets Natalie. A redhead that doesn’t do relationship, just an occasional one night stand. In Shaun’s eyes they are perfect match, they could fuck, have lots of fan and he won’t have to worry about some crazy girl attaching to him. Perfect, right?

But, Natalie doesn’t seem interested in him. Even telling Shaun no several times, Natalie has a hard time to let him go.

“Don’t pretend you don’t want me to fuck you. I can see it in those beautiful eyes of yours. You’ve wondered what it would be like, haven’t you?”

This novel was pure fun. From the beginning to the end you can’t help yourself but be turned on and feel your panties melt of off you. It’s dangerous to read E.M Abel’s book when they are people watching you. What’s more, when I wasn’t turn on, I was laughing or swooning. So kudos for that!

Although, the plot was simple and not very original, banter between the characters and my love for them both made up for it. They were so smokin’ hot together and amusing.

"You wanna play dirty? I'll show you dirty."

I also had an issue with one plot twist at the end. It was something I did not expect and I was very disappointed it happened. In some ways it felt rushed or not very well thought. I wish it could go a different road, but I got what I got.

Anyway, I still liked this book much! It kept me on my toes, made me giggle and melt. Awesome! So be ready for a wonderful roller coaster!

Review copy, provideb by the author, E. M Abel, in exchange for honest review

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