Monday, May 12, 2014

Patrycja's Review: Nash by Jay Crownover


Title: Nash
Series: Marked Men
Author: Jay Crownover
Release Date: April 29, 2014
Rating: 4 stars
Cliffhanger:. No
Will their past determine their future?

Saint Ford has worked hard to achieve her childhood dream of becoming of nurse. Focused on her work and devoted to her patients, there’s no room for love. She doesn’t need a guy making waves in her calm, serene life—especially when he’s the unforgettable hottie who nearly destroyed her in high school. Dark, brooding Nash Donovan might not remember her or the terrible pain he caused. But he turned her world upside down... and now he’s trying to do it again.
Saint has no idea that Nash isn’t the cocky player he once was. Uncovering a devastating family secret has rocked his world, and now he’s struggling to figure out his future. He can’t be distracted by the pretty nurse he seems to meet everywhere. Still, he can’t ignore the sparks that fly between them —or how she seems so desperate to get away from him. But the funny, sweet, and drop-dead gorgeous Saint is far too amazing to give up on—especially since she’s the only thing in his life that seems to make sense.
When Nash discovers the truth about their past, he realizes he may have lost her heart before he could even fight for it. Now, Saint has to decide: is Nash worth risking herself for all over again?

I wanted to start reading Nash as soon as I finished Rome, third book in Marked Men Series. I think I always have this strong urge to read another book by Jay Crownover immediately after finishing and closing the one I am done with. Her books are just so fast paced and lovely, I’m a fanatic. Her Marked Men novels are very addicting and you can’t help yourself but NEED to follow it. I stopped fighting with myself over this ages ago; now I’m getting Jay’s book as soon as it’s out. No questions asked. I recommend doing the same .

I am glad that Nash was as entertaining and heart fluttering romance as the previous books In this series. Maybe it was not as good as Rule or Rome, yet still I couldn’t stop smiling, shedding a few tears now and then or being completely turned on.

Nash was one of the boys I looked forward to the most; he’s broody, clever and very artistic, so something in him continuously called to me. He’s a good man in bad boy’s skin. I always thought about him as of one of this men that look like grizzly bears but really are sweet teddy bears, awesome to cuddle with. I was not mistaken, Nash really is swoon worthy and very gentle; his rocking tats and piercings are only tats and piercings not bad attitude. So, yep, he made me melt!

Saint was a tough cookie to crack… I wanted to like her, as she definitely was very caring, compassionate person. And I thought I would make good friends with her in real life, but she was very annoying as a woman in love with Nash. Her insecurities and sometimes dumbass actions were giving me serious case of headache. My eyes were rolling, and rolling, and rolling. Fortunately, at the end of the book she finally started to be likeable.

As usual, the sex was steamy but not over the top, so the plot and action were perfectly balanced. I got some heart racing swoony moments, also. I cried a little bit, and I laughed while seeing and reading about the rest of the crew. Overall, solid 4 star read! I cannot wait for more.


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