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Eliza's Review: Last Call by Emma Hart


Title: late Call (Call #1)
Series: Yes
Author: Emma Hart
Release Date: 28th April, 2014
Rating: 3 stars
Cliffhanger:. Yes

She’s a high class call girl. He’s taking over his father’s business. Seven years ago, they fell in love in Paris. They walked away at the end of the summer, never imagining they’d meet again. Now he’s her client. 

We fell in love the way you jump from a cliff. Hard and fast with a reckless sense of abandon. The six weeks we spent together changed my life, but at seventeen, I was naive. I was a dreamer. A believer.

Now I’m twenty-four and cynical. I don’t believe in love. There’s no place for such emotions as a high class escort. The only things I’m allowed to feel are physical – and that’s why it’s so damn hard when the client of a last minute job turns out to be the man I left in France seven years ago. When he buys me for six weeks at triple my rate, my agent makes it clear I have no choice but to take the job despite our previous relationship. And my heart makes it very clear I have to stay firmly on top of the cliff this time.

Because for six weeks, I once again belong to Aaron Stone.

What do you get when you mix a high class call girl who is unapologetic, upfront and feisty? Mia Lopez, that's who. Well, her persona at least, her real name is Dayton Black. Told from a single point of view her dialogue was somewhat reminiscent of Drew from the Tangled series she's honest, sometimes crude with a lot of sass.

She does her job and she does it well, that is until one night when she gets a chance late call that changes everything. Unbeknownst to her, her latest client happens to be her first and only love Aaron Stone. He unknowingly hires her as his escort for the evening to keep his parents and prying vultures at bay for a work event.

when you walked into the hotel and sat in front of me, I remembered everything. Looking at you catapulted my into the past again, and when you left a few hours later, I couldn't let you go... I couldn't just go on this trip and leave you there."

So he decides to hire her for six weeks as he travels for company business.

Aaron still sees the girl he fell in love with seven years ago and automatically reconnects with the woman she has become.

"I"ll pay for you to accompany me to dinners and functions and all the fancy shit. I'm not paying you for your body because you'll give that to me freely"

Dayton struggles to separate the two versions of herself, the charade she has kept up for so long so well starts to crumble - she tries to battle the love she felt for him all those years ago by concentrating on keeping up appearances and convincing herself he's just another client and this is just another job.

They start to rekindle their chemistry and the back and forth banter - filled with sexual tension that can't help but boil over.

Without giving too much away, the story ends on a cliff hanger. Like most a totally unexpected twist to the story.

So why 3 stars?

If I'm honest it's more to do with me and my enjoyment of the story. I couldn't relate with the way the Dayton would need to be a call girl, she wasn't forced into it it was a conscious and willing decision. It's far easier to swallow (ahem) as a reader if you feel she had no choice, rather than along the lines of Girl Power. For her then to get upset when Aaron in my eyes, makes a fair comment was contradictory... Or maybe I'm being too judgy.


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