Sunday, May 4, 2014

Eliza's Review: Just One Night 4 by Elle Casey


Title: Just One Night (Just One Night #4)
Series: Yes
Author: Elle Casey
Release Date: 1st May, 2014
Rating: 4 stars
Cliffhanger:. Yes

Jennifer doesn't know who to believe, but the lipstick on William's neck is just a little to red to ignore, much as he might like her to. The more she tries to make sense of the stories, the more it feels like she's repeating mistakes from her past, and that's something she wants to avoid at all costs, no matter how much it might hurt. 
William does what he can to juggle all the secrets, stories, and his brother's antics, but in the end it proves to be his undoing. Following Edward's advice, he takes a chance and reveals things he'd really rather keep to himself. Whether the risk and the fallout will be worth the price he must pay remains to be seen.

Part 4 picks up with the aftermath of Jennifer and William's romp in his office.

I found this part more on the comedic side which was great. We learn a bit more about each of the main characters - Jennifer's vulnerability and the fact that I'm attracted to the fact that Williams kind of a bumbling geek, albeit a sexy geek.

It should be all good from here on out right? Nope, that would be too easy...

In this Edition we get:

The return of Ingrid..Grr

The return of the Ex.. Again, Grr

An emotional heart to heart

A hilarious "bonding" session between William and Edward

And to top it of we finish with a "for the love of Christ" moment.

Let the wait for part 5 commence.


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