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Christie's Review: Be With Me (Wait for you #2) by J. Lynn

Be with Me (Wait for You, #2)

Title:Be With Me
Series: Wait for You #2
Author: J. Lynn
Release Date: February 4, 2014
Rating:4 stars

This series is one of my favorite New Adult series so it's kind of baffling to me that this book got buried in my TBR pile. I actually completely forgot about it until I started scrolling through the endless list of books that sit unread on my Kindle. Don't judge. You know you've been guilty of it too! There are too many bright and shiny new books being released every week and sometimes books get lost-well this book is officially on my "why-didn't-I-read-this-earlier" shelf. I thoroughly enjoyed sinking back into these characters and being introduced to several new ones. This author has the ability to create characters that resonate with you long after you've turned the last page of the book and this was no exception. I completely fell for Jase-moody, intense, sweet and gentle, but still able to unleash some carnal passion. Tess was fragile, loveable, funny, and holding on to a crush for years with a certain guy who won't-or can't give her the time of day.

Settling into this book, I quickly found that this story was not going to be a struggle to read-the pace flowed quick and easy. I laughed at Tess' quick wit and smiled and swooned over their "forbidden" attraction that pulled them in while at the same time dragged them apart. Jase was determined to fight his long held feelings for Tess because he's best friends with her brother Cam and his very private past which leads him to believe that he could never have a happily ever after. There was quite a bit of back and forth between putting up a front that he only sees her as a friend, and succumbing to temptation. And I think Tess handled it with maturity and a lot of self respect. I loved her sense of humor and her ability to look on the bright side when things started to deteriorate in her life.

No matter how irritated I was with him or how badly I wanted to karate kick him between the legs, when he laughed, it was like the sun was shining in my eyes.

He put up a good fight. He was doing what he felt was best for her, but eventually, he came to realize that some things were going to happen no matter how much you denied it.

This book deals with some serious issues. It's not your typical college age NA fluff and that's what I liked about it. It focuses on abuse, standing up for others despite your fears, and learning to accept your past in order to open up and free your future. Tess' whole life changed because of her abusive ex-boyfriend-not just her but the people she loved most. She feels as if she hadn't kept silent about what she was going through, she wouldn't have lost what she lost-and Cam never would have made the choices he made. And she has to come to terms with who she was, who she became, and who she wants to be.

The attraction she and Jase had was more than mere lust. There was an absolute trust and tenderness they shared that was unmistakable. Their interactions were sweet, funny, and healing. They both had pasts with a lot of heartache and they were both going through things in the moment as well and trying to accept the hands they were dealt. But together, they were able to face things with strength and hope.

Summing it up: This book held a great, absorbing plot that held my interest throughout the entirety. There were no moments of boredom or skimming and I completely loved this fragile, sweet and funny couple. I loved their sense of humor, their affection and strength and the gave each other. The conflict with Tess' roommate surprised me and kept me on the edge of my seat towards the end and I was fascinated-the were several secrets to unfold. The one thing that bothered me though was the extreme back and forth between Tess and Jase. Because he felt she was off-limits, he was scared when they started getting too close and pushed her away a little too much in my opinion. Overall, it was a very satisfying read and I'm really looking forward to the next books in the series. The new characters were a little mysterious and definitely caught my attention. This was a great addition to the series.


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