Thursday, July 3, 2014

Christie's Review: Wrecked by Emily Snow


Series: Standalone
Author:Emily Snow
Release Date: , 2014
Rating:2.5 stars

I've been waiting on this book for a while and I thought for sure that it would be something I would enjoy. Both the hero and heroine are musicians, there's seemed to be a little bit of angst in it, and I have enjoyed this author in the past. Unfortunately, this book fell through in grabbing my emotions for the characters. I felt bored through much of the book which led to a lot of skimming. I did think that the basic structure and story were good, but it was a lot of little details that added up to make this less than great. There were several things I did enjoy about it. But honestly, this book was only o.k. and not something I would ever read again.

First of all, I really think Rhys needed a lot more work. The first half of the book is spent primarily on Evie. Her history. Her emotions. Her personality. The only thing we really know about him is:

He's hot.
He's a little older and her music teacher's assistant.
He's now her tutor.
His brother killed her sister in a drunk driving accident.

They only have a couple interactions where she fights her extreme attraction to him because she feels like she's betraying her sister. But I really didn't feel to much about that because I didn't feel to much about him.

What's his personality?
What's his character?
How does he feel about Evie?

I wasn't seeing any clues about that. And my feelings of ambivalence continued. To be fair, I may be a little spoiled reading so many dual POV books, but I still think with more interaction between the two of them and more insight into who he really is, it would have grabbed my interest more.

The other thing that bothered me was the annoying drama with her roommates. It was all:

I don't know, I guess I'm past the point where immature fighting over a guy and gossiping behind backs interests me.

But the biggest thing that bothered me was the fact that even though she realized right away that he was the brother of the guy who killed her sister, he didn't know who SHE was. And she never tells him. I kept waiting for her to just come out and tell him. I waited after they finally got together. I waited after HE told HER about what his brother did and how much it haunted him. I waited. But she decided to continue being dishonest and building their relationship on lies. It bugged me so bad and all it was was unnecessary drama. Maybe she was going for angst...but it wasn't working for me.

What did I like? I liked that they were both talented musicians. He was a singer, he played piano, and guitar and he was a sweet guy who had been dealt a hard life, just like her. I loved the scenes that involved music with them-I wished there could have been more scenes involving that.

I enjoy her writing style and the story had potential but the story wasn't anywhere near what I was expecting. This type of New Adult is not my thing, although, I know that some readers out there may still enjoy it. I prefer New Adult that leans more to the Adult rather than the New.


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