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Patrycja's Review: Connected by AE Murphy


Title: Connected
Series: Broken Part 2
Author: A E Murphy
Release Date: June
Rating: 4.5 stars
Cliffhanger:. No
Stuck between what feels wrong but should be right and what is definitely wrong but feels so right, Gwen has to deal with her new life and being a single mother to her baby, Dillan. Whilst trying to move on and fill the gaping hole that Caleb left behind, she struggles with the knowledge of what happened to Nathan. She doesn't know how to deal with it, knowing it could be her that saves him, but not wanting to betray Caleb, who still holds the largest piece of her heart. Her mind is a mess and, just as life starts looking better, dark secrets and a past she shouldn't be a part of threaten to rip her bliss into shreds. Who will she choose? And, more importantly, can they survive what is thrown their way? 

This is the final part to the Broken series. Mature readers only (17 +

After reading the ending of the first book in Alexandra Murphy’s duo logy I was devastated. I knew something heartbreaking will happen, but I had no idea what exactly… The final chapters were so full of angst and sorrow I wanted to cry and threw myself on the floor. After trying to figure out what made Nathan a recluse who’s afraid of germs and touch, my heart broke over and over for my favorite character when I finally learnt the true… What’d happened to Nathan was not only horrible and distressing but also shocking.

This cliffhanger ending would have pissed me off for sure but I was feeling okay with it as I already had sequel waiting to be read. So I dived into it almost immediately. I was not disappointed.

Edgy. Gritty. Real. Powerful.

That’s just four adjectives that come to my mind while thinking about Nathan and Gwen’s relationship. Connected shows them seamlessly. I wish I could tell you everything about it but this is a book that has to be read completely, from the first page to the last, and not be read about.

When Nathan threw Gwen and Dillan out of his house, as soon as the young mother broke one of his rules and invaded his privacy, which caused that she learnt about his past, Gwen’s heart broke. She had to get back to living with her mother and ‘bury’ another man that meant much to her. But even though Nathan said he don’t want to know her he still cares about his nephew. He wants to see him regularly, despite being forced by it to see his mother.

When they meet again, it’s like a hurricane. Nathan wants her badly but he knows he can’t have her. Gwen’s ashamed of lusting after her dead fiancé’s brother. The feelings they share are ready to overpower both of them but…

Can Nathan stay away from this beautiful woman? Can he forget she’s seen the deepest of his secrets and how much broken he really is? Can Gwen let go of perfect memory of Caleb? Would they finally give to their feelings and connect?

Connected continued Gwen, Nathan and Dillan’s story perfectly; everything I admired in Broken made an appearance once again and although second part of Gwen and Nathan’s journey was different it was even grittier than before. This emotional roller coaster of want, desire and unforgettable pain squeezed my heart and made it bleed. I loved every second of it. However there were few things I felt weren’t exactly needed, which were distracting, but I decided not to mind them. I closed my eyes on those minor ‘mistakes’ and enjoyed this ride till the sweet end. The epilogue made me smile and I felt warm inside. It was fabulous ending.

And, I am very happy to the explanations of Caleb dead (view spoiler)

Overall, I loved this story! Part one and part two of Broken series had everything I needed in my story. From the tortured characters, unique, unforgettable plot to beautiful ending! A.E Murphy’s done wonderful job!


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