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Christie's review: Six of Hearts by L.H. Cosway


Title: Six of Hearts
Series: Standalone
Author: L.H. Cosway
Release Date: July 26, 2014
Rating:5 stars
Cliffhanger: No

I think in triangles. You think in straight lines.

I show you a table and make you believe it’s a chair.

Smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand, misdirection. I trick and deceive.

But most of all, I put on a good show.

The world thinks I killed a man, but I didn’t. Bear with me. It’s all a part of the plan.

Revenge is what I want. I want it for me and I want it for her. I want it for all six of us.

She doesn’t remember me, but she’s the reason for everything. She’ll be my prize at the end of all this – if I can hold onto my willpower, that is. Maybe I’ll slip up a little, have a taste, just a small one.

So go ahead and pick a card. Come inside and see the show. Look at my hands, look so closely that you can’t see what’s happening while you’re so focused on looking. I’ll be destroying your world from right here in the spotlight.

You’ll never see me coming until it’s too late.

I’ve only got one heart, and after I’ve pulled off my grand deception I’ll hand it right to her.

So, sit back, relax, and let my girl tell you our story. You’re in for one hell of a ride.

How do I ever write a review that properly expresses how special this book is? By now, if you've read an L.H. Cosway book, you know that her books are remarkable because of their distinct individuality. There's nothing else out there like her. They are such a welcome contribution to the romance genre when there are so many books that lack imagination and ingenuity and just follow the trend of what's "hot" at the moment. There are so many "passable" books but few that stick with us and give us chills and thrills we can revisit again and again. I love L.H. Cosway's books for their one of a kind characters-characters you come to care for and stories that are extraordinary. At one point, you kind of wonder... surely every book can't be this good....? So far, I have to say,the only thing that's predictable about her books is that they're unpredictably good. I always think I'm prepared for how much I'll enjoy it, but I always finish feeling slightly dazed. And thrilled.

What I loved about this book? Well, pretty much everything. I'm not going into too much detail with the plot because the best thing about this story is discovering it for yourself. Jay has a mysterious agenda, a razor sharp mind, and sex appeal coming out of his pores. Matilda is absolutely stunned when her world suddenly intersects with this beautiful man. He seems almost too charming and perfect to be real. But is their meeting a coincidence, or something more?

The most surprising thing to her however, is the fact that Jay as worldly and confident as he is, wants to spend all his time with her. After renting the spare room in their house, he seems to genuinely like her sarcastic, offbeat sense of humor and her retro sense of style.

"When I look at you, my head clears. Most times there's a storm up in this brain of mine, but then you walk into a room and I can focus."

She's dating challenged though and she doesn't have a lot of experience or confidence with men. So a man like Jay seems so far out of her league it's laughable. But to him, she means way more to him than she could ever imagine.

There are secrets and half truths, danger and
retribution. There are fantastical tricks and clever, strategic plans. And in order to protect her, he can't be completely honest with her. He tries to back off for her own good, but staying away from this woman is pretty near to impossible. They have this crazy, overpowering attraction and a relaxed fit without even trying.

I loved Matilda so much! She was one of my favorite heroines. She's because of her tragic past, she tends to fear taking chances and stepping outside of the box. But she has a giving heart and she's a true romantic.

I want an epic love, like you see in the movies. I want it so desperately that it fills my heart when I even think of the possibility of it.

Little does she know that her story is only starting to unfold.

He is hers and she is his. And powerful, unswerving Jay isn't going to let anyone or anything come between them. The stakes are high...and they're gambling everything. How will she react when she learns about his past and his true motivations?

I adored this book, cover to cover! To me, it was perfection. I felt so close to these characters I couldn't decide whether I wanted to speed read to get to their happy ending and just inhale the book, or savor it as slowly as possible to make it last. I tried to slow it down, but I was so engrossed, it was impossible. I know that Jay and Matilda will stick with me a long time. They're kind of stuck right there in my heart now. I can't even complain too much about that nasty little book hangover I got. Read this book-I promise you won't regret it.


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  1. I'd say you savored it by the way you expressed your feelings about it so eloquently, Christie! I read it and didn't regret a second of my time with Jay and Matilda!