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Patrycja's Review: Broken by A.E. Murphy


Title: Broken
Series: Broken Part 1
Author: A.E Murphy
Release Date: 19 April, 2014
Rating: 5 stars
Cliffhanger:. Yes

Caleb is perfect in every way, almost too perfect and Gwen has never felt so happy. He is hers and she is his. Life can't get much better and their love can't get any stronger. That is until mistakes are made and their world comes crumbling down. She's left alone with no money, no home and a growing person invading her stomach. How will she survive? Forced to leave culinary school, the job she needs and the home they made together. Gwen finds a knight in the most unlikely source. Caleb's brother Nathan. A complex man with a phobia she doesn't understand and mannerisms that aren't of this day and age, will she be able to melt his seemingly frozen heart and become his friend? Or will he forever push her away and wallow in his loneliness and self loathing?

I am so glad I decided to pick A E Murphy’s novel up. The blurb and few reviews I’ve read of Broken were alluring enough, yet I’ve been a little bit hesitant. I didn’t know if it would be a read right up my alley. Boy, was I wrong! I certainly regret waiting so long to finally crack this novel open.

This story focuses on Gwen, a young pretty girl that falls in love with the ‘perfect’ guy. At the beginning of the first chapter, when Gwen fell for Caleb, after five seconds of meeting him, I was sure it was going to be a DNF for me. The cheesy insta-love scenario between the two of them felt like a huge deal breaker. I can’t remember how many times I rolled my eyes in those first chapters, yet for some reasons I kept going. And I don’t regret it. When the ‘real’ action took place and I’ve met my new crush, Broken started to look up. The story started getting better and better till it reached its peak and my heart shattered into tiny little pieces… again.

The thing is Caleb’s family disowned him when he left school to be with Gwen. Despite that obstacle, Gwen and Caleb started their relationship as every normal couple. They dated, kissed, had sex for the first time, moved in with each other and as the two years passed they ‘accidentally’ fell pregnant.

When one night Caleb goes to sleep and never wakes up, Gwen’s life crumbles. Now she has a dead boyfriend, a baby on the way and no way to pay all of the bills. Her mother decided not to help her after she got pregnant, and Caleb’s family is horrible. His parents, even though they are wealthy won’t help her raise the baby. So she has no home, no job and no money.

But there is Nathan. Caleb’s quirky, weird and not exactly normal older brother.Nathan is rude, cold and standoffish. He's an asshole. Yet he decided he will help Gwen with his nephew or niece. He promised to give her shelter and food as long as she will follow easy rules: stay out of his life and never invade his privacy. But for a pregnant heartbroken lady following rules made by a man who’s clearly not right in the head can be a little hard.

“I only gave you two rules. Stay out of my way and don’t invade my privacy.”

With time passing intense feelings between arise and nothing is the same for Gwen. How can she feel something toward Nathan when she lost her fiancé just few months ago?

"Guilt encompasses me in a relentless embrace as I realize I like having my hand there, I like being in Nathans company. I'm nor sure if it's because of some strange attachment issues now his brother's gone but I feel it all the same."

Broken wasn’t a decent read and it wasn’t a book I would call good. Why? Because the only adjectives that come to my mind while thinking of this story are spectacular and heart wrenching. It was so good! Not only did I found the storyline pretty original and exciting; the characters, especially Nathan were amazingly real and I fell in love with them.

Wow, I am still amazed and touched. This story is like no other. If you want to go on a roller coaster ride full of heartbreak, love and need this is a book just for you. This book will shatter you and make you feel!


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